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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao deactivated his [Handsome Circle skill] and immediately drew out his swords.

Zhihao spoke :"Well, Aren't you guys exhausted too? want to brawl it out?"

When Zer and the others heard his provocation, They immediately got enraged and charged.

Zer said :"Let's see how long can you last!"

Zer and the others immediately went for the kill. Seeing this, Zhihao kept dodging. Verushka noticed that Zhihao's spiritual energy is running out. She immediately dragged 4 enemies to her to fight.

Han Wentian finally woke up, he immediately went and helped Zhihao, but with his equipments and weapon he only dragged out two of the enemies.

Zer immediately informed two of his comrades :"Go back to the HQ, tell them of the situation, If we don't come back, Just conclude that we're already dead." after saying that, he immediately focused dealing with Zhihao.

The other two nodded with gritted teeth, they were comrades too, but they don't want their sacrifices to be in vain. as such they went back to their ships, and returned to the HQ.


In the farther sky, the figure looked at the retreating figures.

Matriarch just snorted then said :"Give me a pebble"

Fen Mo Shan nodded, he blurred for half a second and said :"Here it is Matriarch" handing two pieces of pebbles, Mo shan retreated to her back.

Matriarch harrumphed then said :"hmmp, Running while your numbers are in your favor, you guys should just die" after finishing her words, she flicked the pebbles straight to the two ships.

The two ships immediately exploded. like they were hit by a very strong projectile.

Zer immediately felt that his comrades had died again. as such. he focused with Zhihao with everything he got. he imagined that Zhihao did something to his two comrades.

the Matriarch smiled then said :"Oh, They want to end it after I killed their comrades? that's hot d*mn!"

Fen Mo Shan just coughed hearing her words and looked at the fight.

Zhihao's becoming desperate, and when he saw that Verushka is also having trouble, he immediately took another Sacred Origin Pill, and Activated his [Handsome Circle Skill]. recovering his HP and Mp, He immediately casted all his skills and spammed [Heavenly Flash sword].

Zhihao took out another 5 of them within a minute, but Zhihao was once again exhausted, he looked at Zer then spoke :"Let's finish this" Zhihao smiled like the devil itself.

Zhihao immediately launched himself to Zer and the rest as he exchanged blows with them.

Verushka had already dealt with the three enemies, all three times activating her Great Ax's special skills. But she's already too exhausted. She looked at Zhihao as she sighed. She might die today. but the only thought in her mind right now is to ease her husband's trouble. She sighed at how a living creature can do anything for love.

Verushka then said :"Okay! Last 2!" she smiled as she wielded her ax waiting for her opponent to come.

Han Wentian is almost at his limits, but so are his two opponents, by some luck, he dragged the two weakest enemies with him. he sighed inside :"Ahh, what kind of monsters did I come to help" he swallowed a Qi Recovering pill as he prepared to engage with the enemies again. although it's effects are minimal, Its still a helpful resources when he's in a fight.

Zhihao was already breaking Zer and his comrade's will as he charged forward recklessly, on the other hand, Wentian and Verushka are getting pushed back.

Zhihao is rushing so that he could immediately help them.

Zhihao rushed toward's Zer focusing all his physical power's weight in the point of his sword, and immediately stabbed it forward.

Zer wanted too dodge, but he's too exhausted, he tried to block, but Zhihao's strike was too fast for his current condition to react to. he just focused all his energy to his chest. but he secretly saved some energy on his arms.

Zhihao's Sword immediately pierced through, and directly went outside of Zer's body.

Zer coughed out blue colored blood, but he smiled, then said :"This is our last meeting while living" immediately grabbed Zhihao's body, then hugged it tightly. :"Sorry for my behavior oh warrior of this plane. but I need to do this, I have things to protect too. Let us die together honorable warrior"

After finishing his words, he immediately shouted :"Hurry and kill him NOW! Mar, Kul, Zak! Tar!"


Far in the north, a group of people were traveling.

Fen Duan kept muttering to himself 'Good Dual cultivation resources!, Good Dual cultivation resources!, Good Dual cultivation resources!, Good Dual cultivation resources!.' then finally seeing the people, he immediately rushed in front of them as stopped in front of the crowd.

He immediately said :"I Need to check all of you guy's body constitution! no resist! or i`ll force!, I use force!" he doesn't speak well, that's why he barely talked. after that, he immediately scanned everyone.

The strong pressure immediately was felt by everyone of them. Ning'er and Xiao'er immediately prepared to battle it out. then Butler Ma charged up his spiritual energy preparing to assist the two of his mistresses.

Fen Duan continued scanning. then he immediately exclaimed!

Fen Duan Exclaimed happily! :"Found two! I HAVE FOUND TWO!"

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