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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Fluctuations of two different kinds of energy were shooting out violently clashing with one another.

the twenty beings, versus the three beings from this world.

Zhihao immediately provoked :"I can't see that other one, that my wife dealt with, the one that is missing the arm, you know him right? uhh his name should be rash?" Zhihao snickered after saying those words.

Immediately the twenty got enraged. and charged at them immediately.

Zer shouted :"The mistakes we made that time would never be repeated!" he charged directly to Zhihao's direction as he Wielded his spear, and within his back, there are 12 that is following his charge.

Zhihao smirked as he wielded his swords, he charged forward and cut off the path of the other 7 that was aiming at Verushka's and Wentian's direction.

Zhihao wanted a 20 vs 1 confrontation, while Verushka and Wentian are covering his back with their skills.

Zhihao engaged and tried his best to block their path.

Zer and Tul got enraged as they said :"You are getting too arrogant inhabitant! You can't take us all alone!"

Zhihao smirked then rebuked :"Less Barking! More Actions!" he immediately charged forward as he strike and defend at the same time with his dual swords.


In the sky, three concealed silhouettes are watching the fight.

The matriarch spoke :"Ohh, not bad for a kid, he looked nice too, I can feel the god realm's power within him, is that the kid that the empress has chosen? or is it the princess'?"

The man beside her spoke :"Matriarch, I think that kid is not likely the one that the Empress has chosen, Most likely it was the princess that Chose that kid" the other man nodded when he saw the Matriarch glanced at him.

The Matriarch spoke :"You!, I didn't bring you here to nod at whatever he says! why aren't you suggesting anything? you`re being too useless"

That silent man scratch his head awkwardly as he stared at the man that spoke before.

That Man sighed as he didn't even know how to get on the good side of the matriarch, then said :"Matriarch, this Fen Duan has little words, so I Fen Mo Shan begs Matriarch in his stead"

The Matriarch sighed then said :" Forget it, Forget it, Let's just watch this fun"


Zhihao immediately focused his powers within his sword and immediately attacked the three enemies.

Zhihao's wild attack was not expected by the enemies and couldn't immediately go to their defensive position.

One of them was hit immediately at the head, as it sliced half of his body from head to toe like a hot knife slicing a cold butter.

Zer and the others immediately shouted :"KER! NO!" Although they are invaders, they too have camaraderie between them. They fought countless numbers of battles as a soldier and to where they are now.

All of them immediately exploded, their expressions are darkened to the extreme as killing intent filled the surroundings.

Zhihao smiled as he provoked :"One down! Next!"

Tul immediately dashed forward with eyes widely open looking at Zhihao like a pig ready to be chopped down!

Zhihao dodged to the side as he looked at the other enemies,

Tul saw that zhihao wasn't paying attention to him, He was immediately enraged as he prepared to charge towards Zhihao again. But he heard the others shouting at him :"TUL! RUN!"

Then Tul noticed a shadow forming in his Scythe, then he looked at his back. an Inhabitant is there slowly descending her great big battle ax downwards.

Tul sweated for the first time in his life. and tried to block the ax with his Scythe. but it was too late!

Verushka smiled as her Great Ax had descended to Tul`s face, immediately cutting Tul in half.

Zhihao spoke :"Two down, 18 to go" Zhihao smirked as Verushka went behind him and held his hands.

Verushka made a reaction, She pulled the skin below her eyes, and showed her tongue then said :"Bleeee! 18 more left!"

Immediately Zer and the others rushed madly, as blue colored fluids ran down from their eyes, it was their blood. they are totally enraged now!

Zhihao only smirked then said :"Oi, oi? mad now? well you`ve killed more people than we've killed from yours. why you mad bruh?"

Verushka immediately went a few meters away from Zhihao waiting to strike another one of them.

Zer didn`t understand much of Zhihao's words, but every time Zhihao spoke, He got mad, and that's the only thing that matters, he's mad, he attacks!

Zer and the others clash with Zhihao, as Tech based realm like them, they lacked skills so much. they only know fighting style, as such, their energy was all focused on their physical bodies.

Zer kept pushing himself and the others to their utter limits, just to land one of their blows to deal damage to Zhihao.

But to the true fact, Zhihao's spiritual energy is running fast. With the continues usage of his [Handsome circle skill] continuesly draining his spiritual energy.

he's on the edge too.


Outside the battle up in the sky the silhouettes spoke again.

The Matriarch spoke :"That guy, He has the same cultivation level as them, All of which is Legendary Mights Realm, but he can deal with twenty of them, thats weird even with the help of god's blood coursing through his veins."

The other two nodded then Fen Mo Shan replied :"Matriarch, I think it's his equipment and his skills, he's dodging the enemies just 0.1 seconds before his enemies' weapon closes at him. avoiding the danger from the other 18,"

The Matriarch nodded then said :"That's good, but how long can he keep up" she paused then said :"There are a group of people heading towards that direction(North), Fen Duan go checked at them, see if there are any good people that has a good bodily constitution that suits me to have a dual cultivation with"

Fen Duan nodded and went straight to the north part of the continent.

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