Supreme Martial System
60 20 VS 3
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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60 20 VS 3

Zhihao immediately prepared and set out north together with Verushka. after immediately leaving Verushka's Sacredground, they searched the grounds for possible clues.

After searching the ground for a few minute, Zhihao and Verushka felt an energy coming to them at a fast phase, although this energy comes from a Legendary Might Realm cultivator, it's far weaker than the three guys Zhihao and Verushka fought, so they didn`t think much about him and just wants to see who it is.

After a few more minutes, a black dot that's getting bigger and bigger showed itself on the horizon,

Zhihao and Verushka waited until the figure was close enough.

When it entered 10 meters away from the both of them, It finally stopped. then he said :"Good day to you all, I am Han Wentian! I came from the other side of this world, the next continent after your."

Hearing his words, Zhihao and Verushka looked at each other then looked at Wentian without speaking anything.

This reaction made Wentian really awkward as he's a very friendly person, he continued :"I felt the fluctuation of five spiritual energy from your continent, well that's when I figured out that there will definitely be a continent here. I guess my intuition is right on spot"

still there are no reaction but the strange look in their eyes, then Wentian continued :"The other three seemed foreign, so I rushed here, thinking that I could help, Do you know where those five energies are now?"

Zhihao finally gave up then said :"Well, we're two of those five energies, but we don't really need anymore help, I think we can deal with them, You coming here might ruin your own continent though, what if they invade it while you are gone?"

Han Wentian smirked then said :"Don't worry about it, Our continents were originally connected, but the ancestors of our land wanted to keep peace as his top priority, so he dislocated your continents to ours, and two more, also he left us with a defensive array that even 500 of me together can't leave a dent to it."

Zhihao was shocked, then recovered, he continued :"well thats good then, I`ll be going and search for some people" Zhihao was preparing to leave with Verushka.

then Han Wentian spoke :"Wait! Are you guys....." Before finishing his words, they all felt extreme fluctuations of energy! the foreign energies of the enemies! and an additional 18 of them!

Zhihao sighed then said :"Honey, I think we`ll be staying after all, They are already on their way here"

Verushka smiled then lean onto Zhihao's shoulders.

Han Wentian was bewildered, there are 18 new foreign energies, the same strength that the first three from before have!, if you total it up there are 21 of them!, so why are they so calm! he thought that he could at the very least even the odds of 3 vs 3, but now it became 21 vs 3.

Han Wentian was falling into a dillemma then he noticed the two still flirting with each other waiting for their arrival. then Zhihao spoke :"If you are afraid, you can return to your safe haven, that way, it can prevent them from breaking through"

Han Wentian woke up, yeah! he came here to support not to even the numbers now! then he said :"Hmmmp! You belittle me friend, I am a man of honor, If I die here today, then so be it! but i`ll die protecting this world!, It goes with my principle after all"

Zhihao smiled then thought to himself 'Not a bad character there.' then he looked at Verushka then said :"Let's be ready"

Verushka nodded then pulled out her Great ax out of the spatial ring she have.

Han Wentian was shocked, the energy coming from that weapon is too oppressing even for him! he smiled and shook his head, but after thinking that the surprise is over, Zhihao pulled another sword other than his Flame Emperor sovereign sword, and the aura it released was not much different from Verushka's.

[Meteoric Heavenly Sacred Sword] (Mythical)

Han Wentian's jaws were hitting his feet immediately! two sacred treasured weapons!

Han Wentian couldn't do anything but sigh with envy. then he said :"Let us die or live after this! Lets drink afterwards, is that ok for you both?"

Verushka ignored him and positioned herself to Zhihao's right side.

Zhihao nodded then said :"Sure, let's settle that after we survive this."

With that Wentian nodded, and pulled his Moon star out, its a spiky type weapon.

Zhihao smiled then said :"Not bad, a heavenly rate weapon."

Wentian sighed, well you guys got a weapon that is 100 times more better than mine. he sighed then smiled at Zhihao.

immediately 20 spaceships approached them and immediately stopped at 30 meters away from Zhihao's group. one by one they got out of the ships they were in. then one of them spoke.

It was Zer, the one they fought before :"Hello Inhabitants, as you know, our friend Rah wouldn't be able to attend today, we'd like to fight it out today, Would it be possible?" then he looked at Han Wentian, as he saw the weirdly shaped weapon, he pondered if it has some kind of effects itself.

Zhihao snorted then replied :"So long as this time, you leave your lives here, that would be fine, I can't let you running like the last time." After saying that, Zhihao threw a Sacred Origin pill to Han Wentian then said :"You can only use it once, and that's when you`re about to die. save it because that's the only time you that medicine will be effective"

Zhihao immediately casted his [Burning path of the Flame Sovereign] then he charged directly to Zer's position.

Immediately some of the enemies started their defensive formation, while some of them immediately came to the back and prepared to attack.


Outside the cultivation realm there were three silhouettes roaming through the galaxies.

then they noticed a weak fluctuation inside one of the planets close by.

One of them spoke :"Oh! isn't that the empress' chosen planet? she sent her daughter there and planted a seed right?" It was a seductive voice, with alluring tone.

another one of the silhouettes replied then said :"I think so too Matriarch" the tone was too heavy as such, this voice definitely came from an old man.

then the Matriarch spoke again :"Ohh, Interesting, Want to watch?" she spoke flirtatiously as she said those words.

The other two silhouettes sighed, even if they didn't want to, what can they even do.

The two Silhouettes nodded and followed the Matriarch to the Direction of Zhihao's World!

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