Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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In only a month's time, everything that Zhihao had ordered was finished immediately. and every post has been occupied, he set up some taxes, and such.

All the able citizens had been given a job, and children and elderly can live peacefully.

Zhihao woke up early, He saw Verushka's face then kissed her forehead, and then he went to the terrace to see the empire's development.

Zhihao noticed that the Children are being too free, Zhihao thought of things that they could do, in a children state to help the empire in the future. he thought of a lot of possibilities. Like building a sect, to nurture them, or maybe an academy, or training ground.... he pondered deeply for this.

Verushka woke up and stretched her tiny arms. She immediately noticed that Zhihao is in the terrace, thinking about something. Verushka smiled then wrapped her body with the silk bed sheet. and went to Zhihao.

Zhihao noticed that Verushka is coming, so he smiled then stopped all his thoughts immediately.

Verushka started a conversation, when he noticed Zhihao smiling at him :"So what are you thinking?."

Zhihao smiled then replied to her :"Just thinking, what kind of thing should I do with the children."

Verushka tilted her head then said :"Just let them do what they want, right? when they become an adult, they'll lose the privilege of freedom and will be locked down by responsibility, so just let them enjoy it while they can."

Zhihao was shocked! Although he was also considering what's good for the children, what Verushka said definitely made sense! then like a bolt of lightning an idea struck his head!

Zhihao exclaimed :"A PARK!" Verushka was bewildered with it, but she just smiled and hugged his arms.

Immediately, Zhihao announced :"I`d like to build something! Someone come to the castle."

although millions wanted to participate, only a thousand men was chosen, in a first come first serve basis.

Zhihao explained everything to them in a giffy of what he wanted to do. the flattening and molding of the ground was immediately made. and Zhihao placed a sign here too, saying "Freedom is for you, and you can come here to play!, play, until one day you can't! Responsibility is a big word, for all the people in this world, As such. please treasure all those that you have gained while you still have freedom."


The rest of Zhihao's Quest points was spend on buying Alchemist low level recipe, Inscription low level recipe, Weaponry recipe, and a lot more, He even bought grains to start his productions. Leaving him with 200k Points left!.

Then Zhihao wanted to talk to Verushka about something, but Verushka halted him, and said :"We should find your wives and family now, The people can already manage this, so let's leave them be for now, Let them do everything on their own, just think of it as letting them handle the matters and judge if you see it fit., so we should start now, let us search for them, I want to see first and second sisters now, and be introduced to your family."

Zhihao nodded then they immediately went away without warning the whole Empire.


Somewhere in the far north. There was a Cultivator in Legendary Mights Realm, Rushing!, he detected the strong spiritual fluctuation here, and traveled thousands of miles just to come here, he is Han Wentian, He felt that the energy came from someone not from their world! and whats worst, there are five of them.

But as Han Wentian was rushing further south, He found people walking in the mountains! Finally the first people he saw after 1 month of flying!, and what's more there are atleast 800,000 of them! or more!.

Immediately Han Wentian went down and said :"Hello, I`ve came from the Other continent, uhhm, its harder to explain, but, for about 420,000 miles there is like, uhhh, ahh! an Island as big as yours! We call it continent! ahh wait, can you guys understand me?"

Then a woman, holding a child spoke, :"Yes we can understand you, but I hope you won't block our way, as we seek refuge to a safer place."

Han Wentian was shocked! What a beautiful lady!, but he has responsibilities! and that is to save as many people as he can!. he immediately replied :"I`m trying to help you guys!, i`ll just ask then, what happened to your continent? how come I can feel foreign energies, that doesn't belong to our world"

The woman spoke again :"Because there are invaders, and we're already safe, so no thanks" then another woman spoke :"Please don't bother us further, as we're also waiting for our husband"

Han Wentian sighed, he really wanted to get along with them, but he's a man of just, So he can't really force anyone, It's against his codes of conduct!, then he said :"Please, just take this stone, then if anyone's in at least Sky Establishment realm, you guys can crush it, then I can choose wether or not to go to your location, so if you crush it, I can immediately know you guys are in trouble, At least let me do something like this."

The two ladies sighed then said :"Ok, Just please don't bother us further, we'll ask for help when we need one okay?" the two ladies immediately walked away from him and continued their journey.

Han Wentian smiled then said :"Thank you." after saying that he immediately continued south.

a semingly fat man, but was well built, spoke to the two ladies :"My Ladies!, you should've at least made him search for Master!, then say we'll destroy the stone in a month of half a year!, so if he have a news, we can know!"

The two Ladies spoke in unison, :"We trust our husband Butler Ma!, he can't die without seeing his children!, so we trust him with all our might" an Aura of two Divine spirit realm exuded immediately out of their bodies,

Then one of the Ladies continued :"Butler ma, We know you worry about our husband, the same as we do, but sadly you don't trust him much," she paused then continued :"He'll just come out one day and say 'Yo! what's up, It's been a long time!' then asked about our child"

the muscled fatty replied immediately :"My apologies Madames, I couldn't see your views yet with Master, but i`ll try harder in the future!" boom immediately an Aura was unlished from that fat man, the aura of Divine origin body, then he continued :"I`ll train harder, so that next time, Master needs my help, I could lend a hand!"

The two ladies nodded and proceeded towards north. The Wives and the In-Laws was told the young master that they were heading north, so they won't change it unless they find a sanctuary for them and wait for him, IN THE NORTH.

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