Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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after 4 more hours, two demon beast immediately looked at the Floating Fortress, its Val'Kizar, and his second hand man, Val'Kraz.

Val'Kizar spoke sadly :"Our lord, has finally found a leader, but I wish she could let our subordinates sleep, they've been doing it for a long while now, and the weak humans haven't even slept yet. It Pains me to see this."

Val'Kraz smiled sadly too :"Well, Our princess has finally became a butterfly I guess, well, Let us just wait for the announcement." after saying that, Val'Kraz smiled and shrugged his shoulders'

Val'Kizar replied and said :"well, lets just wait."


After 10 hours, the war finally stopped, and when the Humans noticed it, they immediately fell asleep, as It was already 4 AM in the morning,

One after the other. The lights inside the houses vanished as they sleep.

Verushka and Zhihao also followed up as they sleep as well, Zhihao was holding Verushka's waist, while Verushka is having an Arm pillow.


Morning had come It was 9 AM in the morning. Zhihao and Verushka took their baths, and immediately dressed up to welcome the crowds.

They both had Descended from the Floating fortress down to Verushka's Castle. but Verushka noticed that only a few came, as all of them are powerful cultivators with the minimum of Divine Origin realm(Because they don't need much sleep, Sleeping is just a form of habit, and relaxation for them).

Verushka called out :"Val'Kizar!"

Immediately, A silhouette formed besides her and replied :"Lord, This one is here for your commands"

Verushka nodded and looked at him sternly, then said :"Where are the citizens!, TELL ME NOW!"

Val'Kizar was shocked and was happy at the same time! Their master had grown stronger! much, much stronger than before!, then he replied :"Master!, uhh, this....well"

Verushka frowned then said :"Why are you stuttering? since when did you become like that! Tell me now!"

Val'Kizar immediately smiled then nodded, he replied :"Master! replying to you! because of the noises that Master and uhh, your husband last night! the Citizen's couldn't sleep until It was almost dawn!"

Verushka frowned, and like a stone, didn't move for a few seconds, then a slightly as it seems, her face and neck started to be pink, until it became red! she immediately looked at Zhihao with tears in her eyes.

Zhihao also blushed, and thought 'were they that loud? well it was silent outside, and we're in the air so i thought it wouldn't sound below" then Zhihao sighed then said to Val'Kizar :"please reschedule the announcement in the afternoon, when the sun is at its highest point."

Val'Kizar wanted to rebuke but remembering that this is their Master's husband, he replied :"Yes!"

Zhihao dragged the frozen Verushka back to the Floating castle.

After reaching their room, Verushka immediately became unfrozen, as she cried to Zhihao :"NOOO!!!, My image! my image as a ruler!"

Zhihao don't know how to comfort her then he just said :"Well, i`ll be the one ruling from now on, so you could just relax right?" Zhihao patted her head as he tried to comfort her.

Verushka thought for a while then said :"Okay!, lets do that then!"


Within the Afternoon, the Citizens and cultivators, Demon Race and Beast kin alike had gathered outside the castle, an astounding number of people! Close to 5billion!.

Zhihao started his words :"First of all, those that don't wanna come under my Empire!, can also build cities nearby!, and you would also be free to enter my Empire!, with the Addition of entrance Fee, but you`ll need to pay us tax for protection, until you guys can protect yourselves. As such, I`ll establish My Empire Today!

alot of the Kings from their continents immediately wanted to establish their own kingdoms, but seeing their followers staying within the empire. what can they even offer, they like to ask their ancestors how they established their kingdoms before. but there were lots of King's that are already going out readying themselves to establish a new kingdom of their own, and having thousands of followers too, at that.

Zhihao followed up with :"Don't go too far, or else we might be late in protecting your Kingdom when the enemies had arrived!"

Hearing this, the Kings immediately bowed their heads and thanked Zhihao from the bottom of their hearts.

Zhihao informed them another news :"Alright! now that, that issue has been resolve, We shall now start ourselves with some establishment! First off build buildings! for Alchemist guild, Weapon guild, Market, Adventure's guild, and build Boards of Notifications and quest within every streets of the empire!, Also some Inscription guild, Appraisal guild, and Auction houses!"

after hearing the words of Zhihao, the normal Citizens immediately sighed as they shook their heads, they don't have anything to do, to help him.

after saying those, Zhihao added some things for the Normal Citizens.

Zhihao immediately shouted :"Normal cultivators! Clean some fields! for production uses! assign people that like to occupy those spaces, and Also, normal citizens can work through the facilities that would be established!"

The citizen's eyes suddenly brightened, they thought that they would be left out to die!, but the lord seriously cared for all of them, they silently vowed from the bottom of their hearts, to follow this lord.

Zhihao continued :"Check for all the rivers and forest nearby for Monsters, and clear them if there are any. check if there is any edible food for the citizens to hunt, oh, and also Make a lumber mill besides the forest, and also start creating ways, paths connecting each other to this city.


Back within the South.

Lokratiz Soaran's HQ.

There is a silhouette in the dark, It is Zer , he spoke :"Archon, I think we're not enough, That two person is stronger than their report, if It's a false report, i would`ve been glad, but I think, that, every time that passes by, Their power is growing strong"

Archon frowned as he shook his head, he said :"I`ll make ten more Derkados immediately, or more, Just keep sending me updates now and then"

Zer immediately sighed and said :"Markara Azule! Archon"

Archon sighed, "is this the end of me, for me to be blocked by what I thought was a minor problem, If I leave my post, i`ll immediately be questioned."
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    《Supreme Martial System》