Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Back to our MC.

Zhihao held Verushka's hand lovingly as they awaited the arrival of the three great beings.

immediately three Space ships were nearing them, there were four sword like things floating beside the ships, when it came a hundred meters away from them, It finally stopped.

after the ship stopped the Crystalic capsule opened. One by one, there are beings getting out of the ship. three of them.

One of them spoke, :"Greetings inhabitants of this world, We're Derkados hmm In your terms, It should be supreme ruler or something? as we have the same power level as you. My name is Zer"

Then another one Spoke, :"I am Tul"

Then another one followed up :"I am Rah"

Zer made a happy smile with his eyes then said :"We're the invader's of your planet, I hope you don't mind our impoliteness" saying that while Shrugging his head.

Zhihao replied immediate :"Then, you wouldn't mind if I chase you out of our planet too right?, well your builds seemed like usable to us, I might have further uses for it in the future"

Tul and Rah immediately snorted then said :"hmmp, an arrogant fellow, If an Archon had descended onto this plain, you would`ve already perished you inso...." but before Finishing Zhihao cut him out.

Zhihao snorted back and smiled, then he said :"luckily there are only you three no? Lucky for us here then! they sent weaklings!"

Tul, Zer, and Rah immediately shouted :"STOP!"

Zer continued :"Let's just fight, inhabitant, let's do some warm up!"

Zhihao snorted and shrugged his shoulders then said :"Well, that was why I waited here!, but you guys talked too much!" Verushka giggled when she heard Zhihao said it, he's becoming good day by day for bad mouthing his enemies.

The three derkados immediately frowned, Zer replied :"Good, let us have a warm up then!"

Immediately after saying that, Zer, and Tul rushed towards Zhihao, as Rah charged at Verushka.

Zhihao noticing this, immediately said :"Don't get hurt, I can't stop worrying if you get pushed back"

Verushka blushed then nodded, she replied :"Okay"

Zhihao immediately casted his active skills then activated one more : "[HANDSOME CIRCLE SKILL]!." Luckily for verushka, There were no grounds, as she face planted in mid air! after just a second, she immediately calmed down and focus on Rah.

Zhihao held the hilt of his sword and immediately : "[Heavenly Flash Sword]!"

Zer Blocked Zhihao's skill, immediately Tul brought out his weapon, a Scythe, He rushed to hit Zhihao's head.

Zhihao Blocked immediately then said :"Ehh? directly hitting the vital point? that's wicked!"

Tul smiled then said :"I know, right?" then he immediately followed up with a barrage of hits aiming at his head, Zer followed up immediately and drew his Scythe too, but it has a weird shape, as It's has a blade in both of its ends!.

Zer immediately followed up as he let his Scythe dance in his hand coming to Zhihao.

Zhihao saw it as a bad omen. He withdrew another sword from his inventory and immediately equipped it. but before he could counter attack. they heard a Wild scream.


it was Rah, His arms had been dismembered! and its already falling out. Zer and Tul immediately noticed this, as they looked at each other then decided to retreat for now, If they lose Rah too early, they might be in trouble later.

Zer and Tul immediately said to Zhihao :"We would like to continue this inhabitant of this world, but I guess we've underestimated your companion." after saying that, They both went to Rah as fast as they could and pulled him back.

Zhihao wanted to stop them and say something, but they already went inside their ships. and immediately went to south.

Zhihao said lowly in his voice, :"But I haven't started yet..." then he looked at Verushka with a puppy eyes, then he saw Verushka was shocked as well.

Zhihao sighed then said :"What happened?"

Verushka woke up from his call, then said :"I don't really know, he was blocking my axe with his arms, it was like his 10th time already, but, then i noticed that the Great ax shone darkly then it just went straight through his arms, like a hot knife, to a cold butter thingy"

Zhihao sighed then said, :"That's the skill of your weapon, it's called [Severing blow], it has a random chance of severing anything, when you hit it, a random chance. well let's go to the sacred ground, they are waiting."

Verushka nodded then they flew back immediately to the sacred grounds.


After entering, the Citizens Zhihao bought immediately clasped their hands and said :"Lord! thank you for being safe!, Long live the lord!"

Zhihao only nodded, but what Zhihao did first was to find his wives, he immediately Shouted :"Ning'er!, Xiao'er! where are you! Zhong Clan!, Shen Clan!, Ling Clan!"

The survivors looked at Each other then one of them spoke out. :"There are no Zhong, Ling and Shen clan that came here when we first arrived the first time!" they replied as this is a strong person. it would be rude if none replied.

Zhihao was shocked and felt down... Verushka noticing this Summoned the Floating Fortress immediately as she said :"Don't worry, I Think my 1st and 2nd sister are alright!, if they went north, They must've been the first ones, and since they didn't know that Demon race and Beast kin's are helping the human race, I think they just dodged this route, we'll search for them tomorrow, it's getting dark! i`ll help you! I PROMISE! Just, let us rest first Okay? we'll go to the floating Fortress for now."

Zhihao hearing calmed down a bit, then nodded, he immediately said :"To All the inhabitants, we'll announce something tomorrow, rest early and tomorrow morning we'll start our discussion, It's getting dark now!."

after going inside Verushka said :"Honey, I`ll try my best to lift your mood up tonight, so why won't you rest and let me help you ease your pain a little?" Verushka asked in a charming and caring voice.

Zhihao noticing this, immediately felt warm, she's doing this for him, because he is currently down. he smiled then said :"Don't worry, after we find them we can join together!, but tonight i`ll spoil you a lot!" Zhihao smiled sadly first, then finally easen up as he moved to Verushka.

Within that Floating fortress, two bodies were joined together as one.

A fragrant aroma formed from the mixture of sweat and juices was being emanated from the house, causing a weird scent to float around the room as they started their business.

Verushka was shocked by the sudden event then said gently : "O!!..OUCH…!"

Zhihao was shocked, wasn't the 3rd time suppose to not hurt as much? then he said :"Ah, I'll be gentler then."

Verushka blushed, and tried to cover her face with the cover, then said :"N...NO!! Do it like…just now…"

Zhihao was bothered, then he said : "Wasn't it painful?"

Verushka blushed again from her neck to forehead as she said : "Not anymore… Idiot! stop making me say weird things!"

Zhihao was shocked again, then he smiled as he said :"Yes' Milady!"

Plak! plak! plak! Piak! Piak! Piak! Plap! plap! plap!

You can Hear different kinds of sound thunder clapping in the heavens!


The Citizens of Sacred grounds Demon Race, Human Race, and Beast kin were ready to enter their Sleeping mode and recharge themselves for the challenges of the next day. But just as they were about to fall asleep, a series of weird noises permeated their ears.

a random citizen said as they were bewildered :"What was that sound?"

It was a combination of a male and female voice…

And it seemed to be coming from the direction of Floating Fortress…

Even though the sound was a little dull, there was a mysterious force behind it that seemed to be causing them to feel a little…hot inside.

Wu Tianwu and the other sacred ground Masters were at their own lodges right now. It was their first time hearing these sounds, But as time went on, the sounds seemed to be growing more and more outrageous.

They might have been able to hide it off at the start. But right now, the sounds were absolutely unbridled, as if everyone within the world had disappeared in the eyes of those two.

"It's been 2 hours…!" Ying Mai was blushing from her neck to her forehead then she continued :"At least they should rest, or if they don't want to rest, Let us rest! Urggg, Maybe i should find a husband soon too...."

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