Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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The Derkados, immediately ordered :"Get me us a chip for their language, We'll set out immediate"

The Transcendent Being immediateny nodded and got the chip and handed it to the Derkados


Zhihao and the rest immediately rushed towards the direction of the Sacred ground.

After a few minutes, they can already see the Sacred ground's silhouette, the cultivators in the sky was also excited!.

Zhihao announced immediately :"The Sacred ground is just a few kilometers away! We need to make haste!"

But after just saying that Zhihao felt something, three energy fluctuations can be sensed from the distance coming from south!.

Zhihao shouted :"Be Desperate! the enemies are coming, I`ll hold those three, Cultivators! do your best and get reinforcements inside to help the normal citizens go to the Sacred Grounds! IMMEDIATELY!"

the cultivators wanted to stay and help, but what kind of help, can a weak being like them do?, they prided themselves as one of the standing pillars of the continent, but witnessing their powerlessness even against the soldiers, they woke up from their dreams.

The cultivators teared up, and nodded before answering :"Yes, My lord!"

Zhihao sensed it and was preparing to go, but someone held his sleeves. It was Verushka, She immediately said :"Bring Me ALONG." saying this in a single stone. Zhihao sighed and knew he can't leave her, and definitely she won't like it if he further disagreed.

Zhihao immediately kissed Verushka's forehead then said :"Just stay close to me, I cant have you get hurt!" Zhihao sincerely warned her.

Verushka blushed then said :"What are you worrying about? I was stronger than you months ago!"

Zhihao smiled then said :"That's months ago", after saying that, Zhihao smiled towards Verushka, He held her in her waist, then flew towards the south.

Seeing their lord's figure had disappeared, the cultivators immediately rushed towards the Sacred grounds.


The Sacred grounds (Verushka's)

Wu Tianwu and the rest of the Sacred ground Heads looked at the south, They immediately noticed thousands of thousands of cultivators flying towards them at their maximum speed.

Wu Tianwu was bewildered, then was surprised the next instant! then said :"HUMANS!, HUMAN CULTIVATORS!"

The other head of the sacred grounds in the human continent, was cheering inside, 'more of their brothers and sisters have come!'

but immediately all of them frowned, as they saw the faces of the cultivators. although it was a few kilometers away yet, but as a cultivator in a divine realm, his senses were already enhanced. specially when they can focus their spiritual energy to parts of their bodies.

But Wu Tianwu saw as they were giving everything they got, when he saw one of the Sky Establishment fell from the sky, he immediately prepared to rush to them!, but one of his comrade caught him and lend him a hand!, that's extreme exhaustion due to forcefully consumming their spiritual energy!

Lu Piao came first to the sacred grounds, and he said :"Pant... pant.. pant... The... Pant... Lord!...." before saying anything else, Ying Mai approached Lu Piao and handed him something to drink. then she said :"Drink first, and try to calm down before speaking!" then she continued "Calm down the incoming Cultivators immediately! Receive them!" after speaking, Thousands of divine origin realm cultivators stopped the rushing cultivators from outside. trying to calm them up!

one of the Divine origin realm caught and stopped one then said :"Brothers! stop! you`re already safe!, calm down, one of your brothers is already there trying to explain things!."

The cultivators cried and tried to gain more spiritual energy, preparing to go back, and help the cultivators, as such all of them even the exhausted ones meditated while slowly descending to the land.

Lu Piao immediately said :"Please help! we need help! citizens! 40million citizens! our Lord and mistress is supressing the chaser, while giving us time to get here! they are holding the enemy! please i beg you! help the citizens! that's our lord's wish!"

Wu Tianwu, Ying Mai, Xiao, Long Sun, Xiong, and Lu Xioutan immediately ordered everyone. :"All Divine Origin realm and above! quickly help the citizens! sky and heavenly establishment realm! follow them through your own speed! BE SURE TO SAVE THOSE CITIZENS, AND TRY TO DO IT WITH CALM! WE CAN'T LET ANYONE BE EXHAUSTED IN MID FLIGHT!"

immediately all the subordinates answered :"Yes!" then immediately went to fly in the direction of south.

The Citizens inside are cheering, More of their race are coming! HurraH!.

immediately Lu Piao, was going to be left alone , as Ying Mai and the rest would also help out too. Lu Piao sighed with a relieved expression, but suddenly someone approached him, and looked at him directly.

It was Mengkou, he said :"Kid, what happened to our Lord?"

Lu Piao asked questioningly :"Lord?"

Mengkou lightly lifted his brows, then asked again :"The one protecting the city when you arrived, the a woman, in human's age is about 13 or 14, i think."

Lu Piao, thought to himself ' OH! the mistress!, eh? wait? The mistress? Isn't she human? Whaa? then the lord? Is he human or Demon? they? tricked me? wait, This guy said that he only had one Lord, and it's the woman, then our Lord definitely is not with them, and definitely not the beast kin!' then he remembered something, then he immediately said to mengkou :"She's fighting together with our lord!, there were three of them, and they said that those three are as strong as she is, or even stronger!"

Mengkou's eyes widened in shock stronger than their master? then? is it the end?

Lu Piao saw his eyes, then patted his shoulder and said :"Don't worry, your master and my master are strong, they said they can handle it, they'll only hold out until the civilians are safe and rush back to here!"

Mengkou hearing this has his eyes brightened up then shouted at Lu Piao :"Why'd you didn't say that earlier!" Mengkou hearing those, immediately went and flew towards the strongest one of them, and clarify the information with him.

A shout was heard within a minutes time.


Immediately millions of silhouette flew towards south, as they were desperate to save the citizens, if its an order from their lord, there must be something about it.

then in the Corner of the castle within the a silhouette opened her eyes, and her ears kept going "Puchik! Puchik!" as it moved up and down then she said :"Ahh! Sis Veru is back!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》