Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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It's been around 3 months already when they started the journey going to the Demon city. some people are getting tired, but once in a while, they can see the bases of the enemies stretching out to the sky, the only thing they can do is be resolute enough and not give up.

After a while, Zhihao can already see the borders of the demon continent. Zhihao asked Verushka ,:"How long ti`ll we reach the grounds?"

Verushka thought for a bit then said :"At least for an hour? or two?, well I haven't gone there before, with this type of slow pace. So I really can't measure it."

Zhihao pondered for a while then said :" Okay!"

Zhihao immediately shouted to the people :"We're almost there!" then he thought for a while, their rations of food are already almost used up. Zhihao is starting to worry.

the Citizens gritted their teeth. they are eating 1/10 of food for themselves, and giving the children and elderly the foods instead. they wanted to make it through, even with water.

The cultivators can last longer without food, and thought about giving their foods to the citizens.

Immediately one by one, the cultivators summoned their stacks of rice to the normal citizens as they smiled.

Every Citizens smiled and cried tears when they saw the foods, and said :"Great lords! please, just a tiny bit, we can't take everything."

The cultivators smiled then said :"It's ok, its only half of our Rations, and we can last much longer than you guys."

The citizens wept tears as they thanked the cultivators. the cultivators are actually giving them all the food they had, which would make them hungry in time too if they don't reach their destinations yet.

Seeing this, Zhihao was full of smiles, seriously, this guys. but after a while, Zhihao felt a strong fluctuation of energy!, three of them, Zhihao looked at Verushka,

Verushka noticing Zhihao's gaze, smiled and nodded, :"Three beings as strong as me, or even stronger." Verushka smiled worriedly.

Zhihao nodded then estimated, then he spoke :"I think its to the furthest south. I`m guessing its reinforcements coming from their main planets."

Verushka nodded then she replied :"Don't even think of leaving me here!, if you are thinking like that, just come with me and protect the kingdom!, or just bring me along to cause some major trouble for them." Verushka made a stern face, with full of resolution of not making Zhihao go alone to face the enemies.

Zhihao smiled then nodded.

Zhihao immediately announced, he focused his spiritual energy to his vocals then said :"We need to rush, and double the phase for a bit, the cultivators should carry the children and elderly" he paused for a bit then continued :"There are Three beings that had descended to our world, at the very least, they are as strong as us. so we need to go double our phase!"

Both citizens and cultivators was shocked, the thought that 'beings as strong as their lord? and what's worst is there is three of them,' they all witnessed how Zhihao fought with the enemies, but three of those as strong as Zhihao and adding the other strong ones, their heart shuddered as they thought what if their lord was 1v50ed by those enemies and in addition the three strong enemies!. they are doomed!.

Zhihao noticing their emotions continued :"Don't worry, so long as we can go there, we can fend them off!" Zhihao giving them a slight hope is better than nothing, so he just said that.

The cultivators immediately lifted the children, and elderly, the female cultivators lifted the women. everyone immediately nodded as they rushed straight forward.

Zhihao checked the store for something he can use. after a few minutes he'd searched he found a few things.

[Flaming road of destruction] (Attack skill)

[Fire ball] (Attack skill)

[Heavenly Flame Descend] (Attack skill)

[Record of the Burning world] (Attack skill)

[Linear ray] (Attack skill)

[Nine tailed Lazer] (Attack skill)

Zhihao immediately learned all of it and maxed their levels. Verushka just looked at him, then turned around again.


Within the southern part of the Human Continent.

-Markara Azule! Derkados!

The Derkados was not satisfied with their performances, they needed to be summoned to a low realm just because the subordinates faced a problem.

The HQ Didn't verify it as there were existance of the same levels as a Derkados so they couldn't confirm why they'd have to come to a lower realm. They were just asked to go there and confirm the details on spot.

One of the Derkados immediately spoke :"WHY!?"

One of the Transcendent being replied immediately :"There are two existence of the same level as a Derkados, Markara Azule!"

When the Derkados' heard it, they looked at each other, yeah their superior would definitely be demoted if news got out that an Archon can't even conquer a lower realm.

One of them said :"No news of this should be reported anymore to the HQ, we'll handle the reports ourselves."

The Descended beings nodded and said :"Yes!"

One of the Derkados asked :"Where are they ? Where were they headed to?"

The Transcendent being replied :"All the survivors of their race had been heading for north"

The three Derkados nodded with each other then said :"We'll check it out now, prepare a stellar ship for us, we`ll need to use it"

The Transcendent being replied immediately :"Yes!"

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