Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao browsed the quest store, then found something he felt that Verushka would want.

[Void Slip] (Movement technique)

[Shattering Void Smash] (Attack skill)

[Shadow Duplication] (Active skill)

[Gravity Blast] (Attack skill)

[Black Hole] (Attack skill)

[Linear Void] (Attack skill)

[Timely Dodge] (Life Preserving skill)

Zhihao smiled seeing this skills, he's waiting for Verushka to come out now, as he's too excited to give it to Verushka.

1 hour later.....

Zhihao got tired, while dragging the floating Forward. He want to do something.

Then he remembered that he haven't rewarded his subordinates yet!

Zhihao thought about the System, then he thought 'System, which items should i gift those two?' after thinking about Lu Piao and Mo Ying, the system immediately calculated.


=Host, Pills, that can help them, It costs more than ingredients, as It is already a finished product

Lists of Pills :

-Concentrated Cultivation Pill - 1000 points

Helps the Cultivator gather 6x the yield with half the effort

-Harmonization Pill - 1000 points

Blends into the surrounding, and immediately helps the cultivator, to cultivate faster.

-Azure Mesmerizing Pill - 1000 points

Helps Cultivator enter 'Life Meditation Mode' increasing cultivation speed by 5x.

-Cultivating Marks Pill - 100 points

Gives additional Bonus for cultivators. (Same as high level stone in this world)

-Golden Pill - 10 points

Makes cultivator, cultivate faster through this pill for 1 month.

Seeing this, Zhihao got amazed, Why not give other people too right?

Zhihao bought

-Concentrated Cultivation Pill - 1,000 pcs

-Harmonization Pill - 1,000 pcs

-Azure Mesmerizing Pill - 1,000 pcs

-Cultivating Marks Pill -50,000 pcs

-Golden Pill - 1,000,000 pcs

Immediately Zhihao spent around 18m points! He spent 1.5m for Verushka's set and Skills, +100k from the floating castle! then he checked his Quest points left. 1,635,117 LEFT!

Zhihao pondered again, then thought clearly, immediately he smiled, well it's the reward he promised, why be stingy about it.

Zhihao immediately thought, and asked the system. 'System, can you distribute this pills to the cultivators? above Earth Establishment realm only'


=Host's order Acceptable. where to place the pills?.

Zhihao smiled then said, after they opened all their hands!, after thinking about that, Zhihao immediately Shouted :"ALL CULTIVATORS! ABOVE EARTH ESTABLISHMENT REALM! OPEN YOUR HANDS, YOUR PALM POINTING THE SKY!"

immediately, one by one, pills ran down from their hands, a golden colored pill, while the Cultivating Marks Pill was handed to the Heavenly Establishment Realm experts.

Zhihao smiled then said : "You can take those pills, you can either go under me! or you can also have freedom! In the Kingdom i`ll be making. It is your choice, freedom means you can still go to my kingdom, but don't expect me to nurture you, you can live freely inside the kingdom! the only thing unacceptable there, Would be any kind of Heavy Crimes!"

After hearing what Zhihao said, all the cultivators immediately smiled, even the one below Earth Establishment realm smiled! This means they also have a chance to get the resources!, and what's great! they are doing the things for the Good of many!

All of them immediately made a resolution.

Zhihao smiled again seeing their reaction, then he said :"These things that i have given you, we're for the time, where you guys protected the normal Citizens, and the Weak cultivator! Everything has a reward, and also has a punishment!"

Verushka heard everything from the floating Fortress, she immediately descended from the fortress, after dressing up for 1 hour and more. she smiled and came closer to Zhihao's side and leaned on him.

Zhihao smiled back then said :"Everything i`ll be doing is for the benefit of our world!"

immediately all the cultivators, even the citizens shouted in unison! :"HOAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

That earth shaking shout made a lot of the citizens and weak cultivators immediately lost consciousness.

Zhihao didn't expect this outcome, then he scratched his head then said :"Uhh, you guys, the strong cultivators, carry them up while traveling, seriously, I didn't even tell you guys to shout that loudly," Zhihao coughed three times then continued :"All of you can continue your registration when I established the Kingdom!"

Everyone laughed heartily as they nodded, The bearing of this Supreme ruler of theirs is Supreme, but he still treat them not as a slave or pawns that can be thrown to the battle field and die, but instead Citizens for his kingdom.

Zhihao smiled then nodded to them, they continued their travel.

Remembering something Zhihao pulled out the skills and handed it to Verushka.

Verushka was bewildered and said. :"What's these strange things?"

Zhihao smiled then replied :"Those are skills, come here, i`ll tell you how to use it"

After hearing how to use it, Verushka tried it one by one, every time, a warm current flowed through her body, and immediately the skill was already memorized inside her brain. Verushka was more baffled right now and looked at Zhihao.

Zhihao shrugged his shoulder then said :"Something I can't tell you yet"

Verushka sighed, then nodded, but she still asked a question :"Are you from God's realm?"

Zhihao smiled then said :"Nope!, hahaha if I can describe it, I`m from a planet where there is only mortals and no cultivation!, hahahaha"

Verushka pouted, but seeing that Zhihao is not lying, she's quite shocked!, a powerful man like this, came from a planet full of mortals and not a single cultivator? then how'd you became strong? Verushka removed the thought and sighed, she'll just wait until Zhihao opens up on his own, she's got a lot of time for her own, a few thousand years is not long.

Zhihao smiled then comforted the bewildered Verushka then said :"It's cool, I`m not hiding anything bad from you."

Verushka smiled then replied :"I know, you're not that type of person" she paused and pondered for a bit, then continued :"If you ever dared that is"

Zhihao looked at Verushka, as he smiled.

After 5 seconds, Verushka and Zhihao laughed together, like a cute high school couple having a sweet conversation.
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    《Supreme Martial System》