Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Morning came to the city.

One by one, the citizens, woke up. they were getting ready to leave, some we're even indignant about it, but what can they do? if they stay here, they'll only die.

Zhihao and Verushka came out of the manor, after a good nights' battle,

Zhihao immediately placed his spiritual energy to his vocals and said :"If you don't want to come, you can stay, if you want to follow, we shall go."

After waiting for a while, Zhihao nodded, so no one wants to split up, but seriously, more than 40 million people marching, well that's a laugh.

Cultivators from Sky establishment realm or higher are floating in the sky, guarding the normal citizens.

Some cultivators from the pack took to their own will to scout in the front, as it would be dangerous if a sudden enemy raid happened.

Zhihao led the way with Verushka in front of him, well certainly because he don't know the way.

Zhihao checked for things inside the Shop as they were floating in the sky to their destination.

Zhihao looked at Verushka then asked :"Hey, Verushka...." Verushka immediately cut down his words then looked at Zhihao then said :"Call me honey...."

Zhihao smiled then said :"Ok, honey, what would you like to use as a weapon? which ones you`d like? sword? fencing sword?"

Verushka pondered for a bit, then replied :"I`d like a battle axe, a big one !"

Zhihao was shocked, then asked :"Are you sure? not sword? or anything else?"

Verushka pouted then said :"Why'd you even ask me if you want to change it into your own preference? Hmmmp!"

Zhihao scratched his head and smiled awkwardly, she definitely hit a point. then he said :"Ok, wait up for a bit."

Zhihao searched through his quest stores, looking for something good, he kept seeing revealing sets, so he bypassed them quickly, Only he can see his wife's naked body.

after 10 minutes of searching Zhihao finally found something for Verushka.\

Mercurial Apostle Death set (11/11)

Merciarial Apostle's Great Battle axe & Giant strength Gauntlets (Combined effectiveness)

Mercurial Apostle's Battle Dreass

Mercurial Apostle's Chest plate

Mercurial Apostle's Fitness Belt

Mercurial Apostle's Necklace

Mercurial Apostle's Ring

Mercurial Apostle's Boots

Mercurial Apostle's Ribbon

Mercurial Apostle's Gloves

Mercurial Apostle's Striped Undergarment

Combined Apostle's Set effect and attributes :

Item Level : 1st grade

Grade : Legendary

Damage : 7924 - 24,850

Defense : 6,850

Option Granted : When Dealing a critical hit, Leeching 50% of damage dealt

Option Granted : Causes bleeding on the spot and deals 2% of User's current attack power per second.

Option Granted : Deals additional 200% damage to Divine type Creatures.

Option Granted : Critical rate increases when HP is below 50% by 99%

Stength : 12,980

Agility : 7,502

Stamina : 6,340

Wisdom : 8,550

Intelligence : 7,500

Bonus Option : gives a shield that absorbs 50% of the damage taken.

Bonus Option : Receives Mana from dark energy 50 per second.

Bonus Option : Has a 2% Chance to nullify any kind of damage

Set's skill : Severing blow(Passive) Random chance of activating.

Zhihao smiled after seeing the stats, then he looked at Verushka then said :"Honey, come here."

Verushka frowned then came closer.

Zhihao immediately summoned the set and placed it into Verushka 1 by 1. then he said :"Wear this, It's my wedding gift to you"

Verushka blushed immediately after hearing this, then she said :"I can't"

Zhihao sighed, thinking 'you can't receive a gift from your husband?' then he said :"Go on, don't be shy, just equipped them" Zhihao smiled brightly as was a kind angel from the heavens.

Verushka smiled then said :"No, I mean, I can't cha..." but before finishing what she's saying, she was cut off by Zhihao again.

Zhihao said :"Don't worry about it as I can already buy you something more! even more expensive!"

Verushka frowned then shouted, she picked up the great axe and lifted it up with one hand. then she said :"Can't you wait until I finish speaking!? I CAN'T CHANGE IN THE OPEN STUPID!, why'd you have to ruin the mood, and atmosphere STUPID!"

Zhihao was shocked, then yeah, he remembered they we're flying in the sky. he immediately apologized :"Ahh! honey, I`m sorry, uhh, wait a minute! put down the axe!, uh wait i`ll check for a solution"

Zhihao immediately contacted the system then said 'hey! anything i can use? like a portable house?'


=Ofcourse, it costs 1,000,000 Quest points, Proceed?

Zhihao was exasperated, but he got no choice at the moment, then he went and proceeded.

Zhihao smiled then said :"Honey! here, I got somewhere you can change!" Zhihao immediately Activated the item he bought, didn't even read the description.

immediately, A floating island with a great big mansion bigger than any castles they have seen before has appeared before their eyes.

The Citizens was shocked, Zhihao and Verushka too.

Verushka asked :"I just needed a little space to change though, why'd you have to put something that big here!"

Zhihao scratched his head as he thought of an excuse :"Well, everything I have to give my Wife must be of something with great quality!"

Verushka asked :"You`re giving that to me?!"

Zhihao was shocked again his words seriously! but he can't take it back anymore so he nodded and said :"Ofcourse honey!"

Verushka was glad but immediately realized something, then asked :"Where'd you get something like this?"

Zhihao racked his brain then the system said.


=Host can't let other people discover me yet.

Zhihao was shocked then said :'Yet?' the System didn't respond, leaving Zhihao bewildered.

Zhihao felt sadder, the system can definitely read his mind, and so he said :"Well, I got it in some ruins from some dungeon, from somewhere, when I risked my life that time, Well, I was too pre-occupied with the adventure and found this by accident!, so I forgot where It came from!"

Verushka frowned, then said :"If you`re gonna lie, make it believable atleast" Verushka pondered for a bit :"If its something you can't tell me, just say it, and I already can understand you."

Zhihao sighed then smiled, he replied :"Well, yeah, I can't tell you that yet, but, I guess in the future I will."

Verushka removed the pout on her face, then smiled. after that She hugged Zhihao then said :"I`ll go get dressed first."

Zhihao stopped her and said :"Honey! which skills would you like to learn?"

Verushka frowned again then said :"Now you can actually craft skills for others?"

Zhihao scratched her head then just nodded weakly :"Well, something I can't tell you yet too"

Verushka nodded then said :"Okay, Just something to fit me I guess, I don't have any specifics." Verushka smiled then said :"I`ll go get dressed then!" Verushka Skipped in the air, like there were stairs.

Zhihao smiled seeing her figure entering the floating fortress. then immediately continued his search.

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