Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao took a rest, immediately after entering the manor. He immediately went into a meditation position, and harnest the energy to enter him.

Zhihao looked at Verushka then said :"Can you, call Mo Ying for me?" Zhihao smiled with pleading eyes.

Verushka seeing Zhihao's expression blushed a little, then said :"Hmmp! you have the balls to order me around now huh!" even with that said, she still went outside to call Mo Ying.

After a few seconds, Mo Ying entered the Manor, and said :"Master!, Mo Ying has come!"

Zhihao nodded then said :"Tell everyone to prepare, tomorrow we will be leaving to the demon continent"

Mo Ying was shocked! then nodded, :"Yes master"

After giving the task, Zhihao looked at Verushka, she was already playing with the energy ball.

Zhihao sighed then said :"I`ll meditate for now, to restore my spiritual energy" waiting for Verushka's reply, he kept looking at her.

Verushka nodded then said :"You should be faster, seriously going there to fight alone, why'd you even have me"

Zhihao said :"A wife, is taken because of love, Having a wife, doesn't mean i can use you guys as a tool, but actually, As a man, I wanted to protect you guys more, than seeing you all in battle."

Verushka smiled, and blushed a little, then she looked in the other way then said :"Hmmmp! you and your tongue!" then she continued playing with her energy ball.

Zhihao smiled then continued to meditate.


Outside the manor,

Mo Ying immediately gathered the cultivators and said :"Master said, that all citizens and cultivators to be prepared by tomorrow! We are heading to the Demon Continent!"

immediately, after finishing his words a lot of ruckus was circling around. then someone spoke :"Is the master going to sell us to the Demon Continent for cultivation resources? will we be slaves?"

Mo Ying was gonna say something but was interrupted by someone, It was Lu Piao, He said :"Nope!, as the strongest guy between you guys, i can vow this! Master is not bad! maybe he wants to steal the Demon Continent's living space so that we can already have a new Home!"

After finishing what he said, The citizens heaved a sigh of relief then immediately chatted happily with each other.

Mo Ying glared at Lu Piao then continued what he was about to say :"Master, is forming a new Kingdom!, where Demon race, Beast kin, and Human race can co-exists together, master also said that if you can't take that idea into heart, you guys are free to go!, It will be a country, where people will have to share, live, and work together with the other races!"

After finishing those words, the Citizens immediately came into a ruckus.

Mo Ying continued :"The first people of the Human continents had already gone there, When we we're getting pushed by the invaders, and the sacred grounds are getting pushed back, the Demon race, and Beast kin went and help us to delay them, even the Beast Kin's leader died protecting humanity, why are you guys even going mad at something so simple?"

The Mountain people immediately nodded, they saw everything that happened that day, they were the first to see the epic battle between their planet and the invaders.

the citizens want to rebuke, but seeing that they can't even come up with anything, they stayed silent.

Mo Ying then ended his words :"That is all that master had said, If you have anything else to say, say it now" Mo Ying waited, but there were no response, only sad emotions can be seen,

Mo Ying sighed as he said :"The pride of the weak, definitely" Mo ying immediately walked out and headed to his own tent.

But He was blocked by someone, yes, It is Lu Piao, Lu Piao immediately said :"I am the 3rd subordinate of master! Lu Piao, you should respect me messanger"

Hearing his words, Mo Ying popped a vein in his head, but he immediately calmed down then he said :"I`m the 2nd" then immediately walked past Lu Piao.

Lu Piao was dazed, then asked himself 'a Sky establishment realm? 2nd? subordinate?' he was going mad, with rage, then he suddenly realized 'WAIT! Master also has a normal human's aura before! maybe senior brother is cultivating it also! so that's it! he's hiding his cultivation level but haven't perfected it yet! OHHHH THAT GLAMOUR! THAT DIGNITY! I WANT IT TOO!, Ahh i need to prove, what I can do to Master, sooner or later'

With that misunderstanding, Lu Piao immediately went behind Mo Ying then said :"Senior brother, I Apologize for my previous manners, I hope to earn your forgiveness!"

Mo Ying was shocked 'this guy can have a good character after all, haha guess I can't be stubborn, he's still a kid after all' after thinking like that, Mo Ying replied :"Ok, Good personality, just don't show off your powers to people, It's a good thing to be strong, but you need to put it to something, Like master, protecting the weak."

Lu Piao's eyes brightened up !, he thought he had guessed it correctly!, 2nd senior brother is AWESOME!' then he bowed then said :"Thank you senior brother, I hope that you take care of me in the future"

Mo Ying smiled then said :"Good, go and continue cultivating, until master gives you something. i`ve already received something from master, It was a heavenly gift!, you wait for yours, but until then, just be good and cultivate" with that said Mo Ying immediately walked to his tent with happy feeling, he thought 'having a little brother is also good, hohohoho'

Lu Piao seeing the walking dignity of his powerful senior brother smiled brightly, as he returned to his tent, and immediately cultivated.

Mo Ying smiled as he held a piece of Mid Level stone, then proceeded to cultivate too.

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