Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao was in a Vegetable state, as he used all his spiritual energy and would be like the same as normal humans until he recovered 0.0000000000000000000000000001% of his energy.

Zhihao sighed then walked with Verushka back to the City.

But suddenly someone was running towards them at the speed of light! It was Lu Piao!

Lu Piao was so excited!, he can barely face of with the soldiers of the invaders, but this guy fought with their leaders! and made them retreat!

Lu Piao was in Ecstasy as he finally found someone strong! then he called out :"MASTER! GOODWORK!" he rushed as he wanted to Hug Zhihao with his full strength.

Lu Piao was so excited and he didn't know that Zhihao was in his Human Strength right now, hugging Zhihao would result in certain death! is what Verushka thought. but Zhihao has the System's Leveling up! which means even if he's cultivation realm is drained, he has a same state of Physical body as a Divine Mights' realm Cultivator.

Verushka snorted then waved her hands, immediately Lu Piao was thrown a kilometer away!. then said :"Nobody touch my husband!, only me!" then continued in a low tone "and the other two wives" Verushka walked in front of Zhihao as she hmmped!

Zhihao can't do anything but sigh, this is really handful, now he knew why in Earth, it has a law that stated every man can only have one wife.

Lu Piao was getting more excited!, His master is OP! and his wife is OP too! Damn fortunate to have a master like him!, 3rd subordinate?! NO PROBLEM! then he said :"My master and Mistress is strong, I can't wait to see my two senior brothers! They can teach me alot!" (Eldest brother -Butler Ma, 2nd Eldest Brother -Mo Ying)

Lu Piao immediately floated and descended behind Zhihao and Verushka, following like a good pet.

Zhihao was sighing in his heart, he was truly wasted in his current state. as such he can't do anything.

Then a Notification came


=Host, you have received external help in your internal body, sounds fun hohoho. Wanna check your stats?

Zhihao was shocked, then calmed down as he said : 'sure'.

Immediately the System showed his stats.

Status information :

Name : Zhong Zhihao (Awakened God Blood 5% Completion)

Age : 16 Years Old

HP : (1,845,583/1,845,583)

MP : (690,480/690,480)

Host's Level : 999 (MAX)

Cultivation Level : Legendary Might Realm 10th stage(1,480,942/1,480,942) - Specific condition to break through.

Cultivation Power : +22,320 (Damage of Cultivation type skills like Frost arrow, flame scourge, and such)

Cultivation Technique :

Divine Might cultivation Technique. (Grand Master)

Ephemeral Cultivation Formation (Grand Master)

Cultivation Skills :

Heavenly Sword Flash (Heavenly) Lv : 10

Heavenly Gale Steps -Movement Technique- (Heavenly) Lv : 10

Thunder Iron Body -Defensive skill- (Heavenly) Lv : 10

Demonic Life Leech -Life Preserving skill- (Epic) Lv : 5

Strength : 88,943 (+81,870)

Agility : 83,853 (+97,439)

Stamina : 104,123(+132,752)

Wisdom : 73,550(+88,438)

Intelligence : 66,180 (+79,580)

Virtue : 11,100 (+1,110)

Attribute Points : 9,999

Skill Points : 1280

Current Quest points : 21,235,117

Self Created skill :

[Handsome Circle Skill]

[Wind Circle Ball]

Zhihao smiled then said to the system 'Thanks!'


=Your welcome, i`ve already deducted your previous credits.

Zhihao smiled then nodded, but he immediately paused, then asked 'system, why was there only half the points?, nobody died!'


=Explanations are below this words :

-Verushka Woke up from you releasing your Awakened state (Consequences for Failing)

-The Sudden power up removed the balance, of power, thus the system has marked it as a (Consequence that can fail the quest) but since there was no specifics for that, the System deemed it Invalid.

the system then continued.

=If I, was selfish, I would've voided your quest reward, but since I have something to do, i`d like the credits you owed me back.

Zhihao was shocked, and then he smiled and thought 'Thanks system,'


=You are welcome host.

Zhihao wanted to brows the store, but he's too tired.

The citizens and cultivators welcomed Zhihao as if they were their gods!

Everyone shouted at the same time :"THANK YOU LORD!, AND WELCOME BACK!"

Zhihao looked at them in shock, then he smiled as they waved at them, then he continued walking together with Verushka.

The Citizens and cultivators made way.

Different shouts were heard from the Citizens as both Zhihao, and Verushka walked to the governor's manner.









All types. after hearing this, Verushka glared at Zhihao then said :"I Guess you`re all popular now huh, you can actually pick anyone out there and they'd immediately pull up their skirts for you."

Zhihao smiled and said :"If i can be moved like that, i`d already have millions of ladies by my side, I actually am a meticulous person, and I am in-love with the three of you, although it wasn't that much love, but it kept developing through time"

Verushka hearing those words blushed and looked at the left, then said :"You sure can be a smooth talker huh, Hmmmp!"


In the other side of the Realm. the Mecha Realm.

Archon, A news had arrived from the vanguards we sent to the Cultivation realm.

The Archon looked at the reporter, then said :"Continue"

The report spoke :"they are within the first planet in that Realm, but there were already three beings that can match against a Zorkras(Captain) But one of them was actually much stronger, as he dealt with 25 Zorkas but still killed 6. They estimated that, that person has the same power as our Derkados, so, The vanguards are requesting for one or two reinforcement of Derkados(Major).

The Archon frowned then said :"Send them three, Just to make sure, and make sure to receive all their important reports, make it delivered to me as fast as you guys can, we can't let the High Mardaros(Colonel) know of this failure."

The reporter immediately replied :"Markara Azule!(A form of salute) Archon(Lt. Col). the reporter immediately vanished to the void.

The Archon smiled then said :"Hoo, an interesting planet indeed!"

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