Supreme Martial System
50 Awakening
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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50 Awakening

Zhihao immediately activated his buffs,

and casted [Burning Path of the Flame Sovereign] with the additional Spiritual energy that Zhihao is mustering. the effect was tripled!

Zhihao was now at Legendary Might Realm 10th stage, so the power he can unleash is definitely top notched.

The enemies noticed it. and immediately wanted to retreat.

Zhihao casted [Heavenly Gale steps] and [Heavenly Sword Flash], Cutting them to pieces, before it could only kill 5 or 10 of the enemies, but with his realm evolved. he was killing 400~1,000 of them in a sword skill.

This Massive invasion was consisted with 25 Transcendent beings, 850,000 Soldiers, 240,000 Four legged Aliens, and 100,000 boxed flying objects.

Zhihao calculated everything, then he used his awesome skill [WIND CIRCLING BALL], He threw it to the middle of the escaping enemies,

The Razengan hit the enemies, and immediately the enemies were getting shattered, some were twisting, some were crumbling, some were being torn to pieces, and some were getting nowhere.

Immediately the Transcendent beings descended from the sky, as they looked at Zhihao,

The highest rank of them spoke :"Greetings human, we're the Lokratiz Soaran, Our orders are to invade this planet, as this is the first Planet we need to invade before we could enter the Cultivation realm, We from the Mecha Realm are invaders, and we're already 94% successful in invading the Mecha realm, we're aiming at your Planet now, as such. you will be the stepping stone in our plan for further Civilization."

After finishing their words, Zhihao immediately replied and said :"Sorry, can`t let you touch my new world, this is my second life already, so I Can't let you guys ruin it before I can enjoy it!"

the Transcendent Being replied :"Do not worry though human, if we fail this invasion, we wont be invading this cultivation realm anymore, until we're more prepared, that is if 'WE' fail" immediately the eyes on that Transcendent being flickered as he shot out powerful concentrated energy to Zhihao.

Zhihao immediately repelled it with a slap. SLAP!

The Energy bounced to the allies of the Transcendent beings. then he said :"Brothers, KILL"

Immediately the rest of the Transcendent Beings Gang Banged(Gaming term, not some other industry, Clear your thoughts) Zhihao, Zhihao smirked, then he drew his sword.

The Transcendent Beings fought with their hands covered with barriers and energy.

Zhihao was slightly struggling, then he Focused one of his attack to a Transcendent being. Immediately the Transcendent being died, and fell to the ground.

Seeing this, the other Transcendent beings immediately glared at Zhihao and attacked Zhihao.

The two Transcended being looked at Each other as they signaled each other. the both of them contacted something.


After an Hour, Zhihao had killed 6 Transcendent beings. and His [Burning Path of the Flame Sovereign] Had already runned out, his level kept increasing and increasing, as there are only 58k total of the enemies army. Zhihao smirked Its his 2nd use of the Sacred Origin Pill.

Zhihao looked at the Transcendent being, as if Looking at a rival. but then he was shocked

Within the West and East, another army of the Lokratiz Soaran numbering in 800,000 each!

Zhihao looked worried. Then he looked at the two transcendent being that haven't joined yet.

Zhihao spoke to one :"Retreat!", But the Transcendent being immediately replied :"Why?"

Zhihao replied :"I can fight you all alone"

The Transcendent being replied again, :"I know, but why should we retreat? it is our advantage"

Zhihao replied :"I have a comrade there that has the same power there, my wife can handle it"

the Transcendent being frowned, then said :"The woman that killed Zak'Marizu?, Yes i guess she can handle it" the Transcendent being answered in a half guessing manner. then continued :"But our orders are to kill, never retreat, and fight to the death, With NO NEGOTIATION"

Zhihao was getting ready to wake up Verushka, But something on his stomach hurt him, in an incredibly twisted way!.

His stomach felt like twisting inside, there was something coming up! and making its way to his heart!


The Transcendent being was looking at Zhihao weirdly, then he looked at his comrades. he prepared to join the fun, they are sensing that Zhihao is growing strong per second, so they immediately rushed towards them.

Zhihao was burning inside, then he saw that the Transcendent beings are charging to him at a fast face. Zhihao activated his [HANDSOME CIRCLE SKILL]. everything turned slow, then he heard a voice inside his head,

that voice spoke softly and charmingly :"Hello, man in the lower realm, I am one of the Gods in the Gods' Realm in our cultivation realm, This stone was planted by my daughter in your stomach for it to grow, it is called 'Innate Blood Awakening Stone' It awakens your blood's true potential, i tasked my daughter to find a suitable candidate for this stone, as it is one of a kind, If you can hear this, it means that you are alive, and the stone has activated." the woman paused then continued :"If not, then you had died", a few more seconds, nothing followed up.

He noticed then that the Transcendent beings are already within his attacking zone, he used his skill [Heavenly Sword Flash].

Zhihao was shocked, as all of them was wounded deeply! some are even missing limbs,

Zhihao smiled then said :"Leave, Quickly! and Retreat! I`ll only show mercy! ONCE!

The Transcendent Beings wanted to reply, but the current power Zhihao had, is definitely something they can't handle.

Immediately the Transcendent beings backed out. and called a retreat for their armies, that was about to start a massacre.

They sent telepathy to one another and one of them said :"We need a general in this Cultivation world, Ask for reinforcements and tell them our situation" everyone nodded then headed back, halting their invasion.

Zhihao smiled as he was looking at their Retreating figure. then he smiled as he slowly descendent to the ground. after falling someone caught him, It was Verushka.

Zhihao was gonna use his Sacred Origin pill, but descarded the idea. as he was only limited in using them, Zhihao was limited to 50 use, and he already used it more than 15 times!, and he's only been in this world for like 2 years!

Zhihao laughed as he thought, 'I wish i don't get more powerful enemies, I might really die next time' he made the Lokratiz Soaran retreat because he wanted to stabilize his power, he just leveled up and realmed upped today, so he wasn't used to his power yet, he was over exerting himself earlier, using too much energy on the soldiers.

Zhihao smiled at Verushka, and was gonna embrace her. Verushka immediately noticed Zhihao's action then dropped him, then said :"Aren't you ashamed? the role was totally REVERSED!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》