Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao looked at Lu Piao weirdly then said :"If I gave it to you, would you be able to protect them?"

Lu Piao was stunned, then said :"I`ll try my best!, Unlike a supreme being like you who's not even a cultivator, I can do more!, Supreme Being of Kindness!"

Zhihao looked at Lu Piao then a notification popped up.


=Host would you like a quest?

Zhihao was shocked then said in his mind 'Sure'


=Host, there will be a massive invasion coming from the Lokratiz Soaran, The Arrogant race from the Mech Realm.

=Quest details, Save as much Human as host can.

-Specifics - Don't wake Verushka up or the quest will be invalid. if she wokes up on her own, without your intervention, it would be exempted.

Quest 43,851,882 Human lives.

Quest Failure Human lives turn to 0.

Quest Reward : 1 Quest Point per saved Human Life.

Quest Failure Punishment : Decreasing cultivation level by 1.

Zhihao smirked. then thought 'Quest failure? i`ll just order them to hide inside the city.' then said in his mind ' Proceed'.


=Host's quest has been activated!, and just a warning, there are two Transcendent beings with the same cultivation as you. Goodluck!.

Zhihao's mood immediately went down!, 'WTF?! Are you serious here system? why didn`t you tell me that sooner than later! damn it!'

then Zhihao Calmed down, as he looked at Lu Piao then he said :"Would you like to help me?"

Lu Piao was shocked, he waited for his response for 3 minutes only to hear those words! He got enraged. but when he was preparing to Hurt Zhihao, he felt some vibration. then he looked at south. he saw a dust forming upwards with somethings below.

Lu Piao immediately shuddered. the enemies!, he sighed, he only wanted to bring the people here to safety, but he guessed it was already too late, he wasted too much time, waiting for this Supreme being of kindness of theirs.

Lu Piao glared at Zhihao then shouted :"TAKE ALL OF THE PEOPLE OUT OF HERE!, I`ll DELAY THEM AS LONG AS I COULD!"

Zhihao was shocked and his eyes widened too, then thought ' oh hoo, so this guy wanted to save this people by being their ruler, and since the citizens here believed that i can save them, i was their only hope, why would they believe a kid, right? hohoho an interesting guy indeed.'

Zhihao nodded his head, after seeing this, Lu Piao immediately rushed towards the enemies, but every single one of them is a match for Lu Piao, so he could only evade them and lead them to west.

Zhihao saw this and smirked, then thought 'this kid is brave', then he immediately said to Mo Ying :"Mo Ying bring all the cultivators to the back side of the City, and also bring the normal citizens further back."

Mo Ying nodded then replied :"Yes master" Mo Ying has a blind faith to Zhihao, he immediately gathered everyone and went back to the city.

Zhihao was preparing to go but stopped, he saw some people, blocking his way smiling at him.

Zhihao scanned them, then found out that they are all in Heavenly Establishment realm. 24,000 of them!. They are the hermits that only wanted to cultivate without bothering for worldly affairs, they are the ones that helped the normal citizens from escaping the invaders. at first there was 180,000 of them, but after helping for more than a year. they had declined alot.

One of them said :"City lord, you should return, do not sacrifice yourself and lead the people to safety, you are kind, with your kindness, I think the human Race would flourish." after saying that they all walked slowly as they reminisced their times living.

Zhihao was shocked yet again!, this people! then he laughed at them :"HAHAHAHAHAHA HA HA HA HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Zhihao laughed as he saw a lot of good willed people like this, ready to die for a cause.

when the Hermits heard this. they looked at Zhihao in bewilderment then asked :"Whats wrong lord, we can hold this for a bit more than you can atleast" They were starting to get enraged, that laugh was like stepping to their pride.

Zhihao said :"You guys, stay with the citizens" immediately after saying that. Zhihao pulled out his aura. The heavens changed color like someone was Descending from it. then Zhihao continued :"Hahahaha, I need you guys, I`ll create a kingdom with all Beast kin, Human Race, and Demon Race can co-exist, so you guys go and protect the Citizens, Following me will be a blessing for you guys in the future. but I haven't thought of it as I have only decided it today!, so you guys go protect the citizens for any stray enemies coming."

After exuding that type of aura, they all knew that this guy, is Supreme! not in Kindness, but POWER!.

Immediately, All the nodded then said :"Yes", they went back to the city and formed a defensive formation around the Citizens.

Zhihao formed a grabbing motion, then grabbed Lu Piao that was running for his life to west, immediately to his side.

Lu Piao was dazed, as he thought 'What the hell happened? was that the legendary fortune telling?'

Then he saw something on his left Zhihao was there. then he thought 'I`m Time travelling!? wait! where are the others' then he saw Zhihao looking at him while smiling.

Lu Piao asked, :"What happened?"

Zhihao smiled then said :"You are brave, and have a good will, Follow me from now on! Be one of my subordinates, you are the 3rd one"

Lu Piao was bewildered then he asked :"are you hurt in the head?"

Zhihao replied with :"Watch me, and tell me if you ever want to follow me, i`ll only give you this chance. oh! and tell me if there are any enemies coming to the Citizens"

Lu Piao asked again :"Are you? really powerful?"

Zhihao smiled but changed the topic :"They are already starting their massive invasion, so i`ll also start", then looked at Lu Piao then said : "THEY ARE STARTING, SO AM I!" immediately Zhihao rushed towards the enemies.

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