Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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After the memorable night, Zhihao and Verushka went outside. but after a few seconds, their eyes widened in astonishment!.

There were almost a sea of people, they can even see that outside the city, there were already people out there setting quarters.

Zhihao was astonished, there are at least millions of people here!.

Zhihao smiled then said :"Oh hoo, a year and a half gone, and everything has its own growth!"

Verushka smiled seeing Zhihao was energetic but she rebutted :"Ahh, more people to feed"

Zhihao smiled at Verushka then said :"I`ll handle the foods and their protection my wife, don't worry about it"

Verushka looked at Zhihao tenderly then :"Hmmp! talking big will do you no good, neither will they going to bore fruit, they`ll only get lazy if you kept feeding them!"

Zhihao thought it for a second then said :"I`ll make a Human Kingdom!"

Verushka looked at Zhihao then said "You are the King of my Demon Kingdom!"

Zhihao was shocked, then pondered for a bit, then he replied :"Why not make a combined kingdom? Human, Beast kin and Demon races?"

Verushka looked at Zhihao then said :"Our Demon race and Beast kin would definitely allow humans to stand equally with you lowly humans!"

Zhihao replied, :"Then why are you standing together with me? this lowly human, milady?"

Verushka blushed and then :"Hmmmp! do whatever you want!, you already got three wives, so you should be man enough to take that kind of responsilibity"

Zhihao smiled then hugged Verushka from behind, then said :"Let's go then", after hearing Zhihao's words, Verushka nodded.

Zhihao immediately called out to his subordinate :"MO YING! GO TO THE GOVERNOR'S MANOR" the voice sounded like a thunderous clap from the heavens, all normal citizens and weak cultivators shook in Nervousness.

Mo Ying immediately came in front of Zhihao, but seeing that Verushka was being hugged by Zhihao from behind, Mo Ying immediately bowed down and dared not to look then said :"Mo Ying, Reporting to master, waiting for your commands!"

Zhihao scanned Mo ying then smiled then said :"Ohh, you`ve already gone to Sky establishment realm, good job" After hearing Zhihao's praise Mo Ying smiled from ear to ear. then he said :"Thanks to you master"

Zhihao nodded then said :"Tell me, how many people are cultivators, and how many are normal people, and tell me their total numbers, or just the quotation"

Mo Ying didn't dare delay as he searched his mind, :"Master, Outside the city are the cultivators whom came one by one, or by groups, the total number of cultivators are about 1.5 million, while the number of normal citizens are about 40 million citizens."

Zhihao nodded then said :"Ok, are there any problems?"

Mo Ying said :"Master, the enemies' base are getting closer and closer to the village. and there is this troublesome young man that wishes to meet you, i think its Either acknowledging you as his master, or challenging your authority."

Zhihao nodded then said :"Oh? someone wants to challenge my authority?" Zhihao stopped, because what he said shocked him most then exclaimed :"but wait? since when did I have an authority. I only saved you guys."

Mo Ying replied, :"Master, all the citizens here asked whom is protecting this city, and since all of us know, but don't have your permission, we only said 'someone supreme that can match the aliens'"

Zhihao frowned then said :"You sure, you don't want to cause me some trouble?"

Mo Ying was about to reply but Verushka immediately cut in. :"Don't you want to build a kingdom?, just go with the flow, i`ll help you until you grow into a good leader" after finished saying what she wanted to say Verushka immediately removed Zhihao's hand from her stomach then walked away.

Following up Verushka said :"Just try to handle things here first, I want to take a bath first and sleep some more" after saying that, she immediately went inside the Manor.

Zhihao waved his hand then said :"Rest well my love, recover fast!, we`ll be heading to your sacred grounds sooner or later" Verushka nodded then went inside.

Zhihao then said :"Come, let me welcome the new inhabitants of this city" Mo Ying nodded then said :"Yes master" then walked behind Zhihao as he talk about the matters in the city.

Mo Ying led Zhihao to the citizens. The Citizens immediately noticed this and followed them closely, the resources here are almost out, all of their stuck had been drained. although the only thing they ate are rice porridge it was equally divided to the families for 1 year and 6 months. as such it quickly was disposed to their stomach.

After arriving outside the City. someone immediately shouted at Zhihao then said :"So you are the ruler of this city? I, Lu Piao is a prodigy and is already at Divine Origin realm! Hand over the rights of these City to me!"

Zhihao looked at Lu Piao in a weird manner, this kid sure knows how to talk, but Zhihao still ignored him, as it won't be good bullying a 16 year old kid (well you are 15).

Noticing that Zhihao was ignoring him, Lu Piao already got enraged! then he said :"HAND OVER THE CITY TO ME NOW! OR A CRIPPLE!"

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