Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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As Zhihao and Verushka headed to the bath. Verushka took her hands out of Zhihao then said :"You go the other way, i`ll use these here."

Zhihao looked at Verushka then said :"We aren't going to bath together? it's pretty huge right? and your my wife already, whats wrong with it?"

Verushka blushed then said :"Because I said so!"

Zhihao said :"Ohhhh, i thought that if you get married you have to always take a bath together" then pondered then said :"Oh well, you guys from the demon race has different culture, i`ll wait for my wives, then we can take a bath together"

when Verushka heard it she was shocked and said :"WAIT!, you guys bathe together? well my mom and dad also does that....." then she blushed then said :"Okay, you can have a bath with me, But nothing else! NO PEEKING TOO!"

Zhihao pondered for a bit, what kind of reaction was that, then he replied :"Uhhh, okay?"

Verushka led Zhihao to the bathroom then undressed themselves.

After putting the towels around her body, Verushka immediately dove in the bath. then looked at Zhihao, seeing Zhihao's half naked body she blushed then exclaimed :"What are you showing your ugly body for! go put a towel and dove in!"

Zhihao sighed then walked towards the bath. he did an acrobatic dive! but sadly it is only 3 feet tall. his head ached as he scratched it.

Verushka laughed at this display. then said :"Thats what you get for showing off!"

Zhihao sighed and put on some soup, and shampoo on his body.

after a few minutes, Zhihao was going to go out already, but Verushka called out

Verushka :"Uhh hey? are you finished already? that's like 2 minutes? do novels on human continent Bathe that fast?"

Zhihao answered :"Not really, but if you`re uncomfortable with me being here, while you take your bath, I'm feeling guilty, so I decided that i shouldn't linger on here"

Verushka blushed then said :"Umn, just stay here! That's an order from your wife!"

Zhihao sighed then just stayed inside the bath.

Verushka kept peeking at Zhihao, but Zhihao can't peek at Verushka such a sad reality.

Verushka then started a conversation :"How's your wife doing?"

Zhihao smiled then said :"I let them escape first when I encountered this strange beings, I wanted them to save mine and their clans, also my family, that's why I pushed them to escape" Zhihao sighed then continued :"I guess they are already in your sacred grounds hahahaha"

Verushka smiled but deeply pondered and thought 'some people leading some clans? haven't seen them, maybe they're there but since the sacred grounds of the human continent went there maybe they handed the authority to them'

then Zhihao said :"I miss them already"

Verushka pouted then glared at Zhihao thinking 'this guy already got me and he keeps thinking of other woman' then she paused 'he was thinking of doing babies!'

Verushka looked at Zhihao in a awkward manner. this guy is a baby making machine!

Zhihao noticing Verushka's glance sighed then turned his back.

Verushka nervously said :"I`m already here, ummm you should focus yourself to me first! before others!"

Zhihao smiled then nodded.

Seeing that Zhihao wasn't much interested in her, she already pouted.

Zhihao looked at Verushka then smiled, he said :"After all this things had ended, i`ll introduce you to them, you can have a talk like sisters."

Verushka nodded then she spoke :"Ummn, Husband, can you teach me?"

Zhihao smiled then said :"Teach you? uhh well I'm not really that good at anything except cultivating right now."

Verushka pouted then said :"That!, you know! how to make babies, I want to learn them"

Zhihao immediately choked on his own saliva then said :"What the hell? You serious?"

Verushka glared at Zhihao then said :"What?! Do I look that young to you? as you know i can change my body!" (NO NO NO NO! Readers like it that way)

Zhihao calmed down then went straight to Verushka, then he said :"You should prepare yourself. as Both you and I Don't know much about it, but still i`m experienced. now close your eyes"

Verushka nodded nervously then closed her eyes waiting. but what happened was something she didn't expect.

Zhihao filled a pail of water and smacked it down to Verushka.(Like putting a pail in your head)

Verushka was enraged, Seeing this, Zhihao made a run to the other side of the bath.

Verushka chased after him as fast as she could in a normal way. but then Verushka tripped on a smooth surface of the pool then collided with Zhihao.

Verushka fell into Zhihao's embrace but immediately wanted to get up, but stopped immediately. then she looked at Zhihao nervously then closed her eyes waiting for Zhihao's reaction.

Zhihao was first happy as they were playing chase, but got nervous instantly. then he calmed himself and approached Verushka's face with his.

Verushka imagining that Zhihao would insert her head in another pail got annoyed, but suddenly something warm was entwined with her lips, when she opened her eyes. Zhihao face was already in hers.

Verushka closed her eyes then let instinct move her body, immediately she hugged Zhihao as she rode his body.

Zhihao felt the movement from Verushka then he followed up, one of his hand wrapped around Verushka's back while the other one was traveling behind Verushka as it slowly descended from her back to bottom until it reached her tights,

Zhihao immediately searched the forest then he heard a sound.


Zhihao opened his eyes then looked at Verushka then smiled. the hand that was hugging from behind Verushka immediately went to her front, and massaged the small peaks and the pinched the top of the peak. Another sound was heard after that.


Verushka opened her eyes then said :"I`m feeling weird,"

Zhihao replied saying :"Its normal, people in love do this kind of things a lot" then followed up "Continue"

Verushka nodded as she placed her hands on Zhihao's chest.

Zhihao felt that she's ready, then asked :"Are you ready? i`m gonna do it now"

Verushka nodded obediently this time, her whole face and neck is red that blood might come out.

Zhihao didn't hesitate anymore as he inserted his manliness inside Verushka. Verushka smiled innocently and said :"You and I are forever after this right?"

Zhihao smiled then said :"Haven't I promised that to you already?" Verushka smiled after hearing that then said :"Let me have your baby"

Zhihao pulled out as he wanted to do some more foreplay, she has a tiny paper slit.

Meanwhile, inside the bath, Verushka was standing in the bath's corner while Zhihao licked her! Zhihao was crouching as he licked her. Verushka's hands were clutching Zhihao's hairs as she tried to control her moans.

Verushka was getting more turned on than she initially thought. She found she actually enjoyed the thrill!

Zhihao could feel the taste of both the water and Verushka's love juice!

Zhihao stood up and pulled Verushka. Soon they were in standing 69 position! Zhihao was standing by himself while his shoulders supported Verushka's legs. her private part was visibly on Zhihao's face!

Zhihao continued to lick Verushka's private part while Verushka thought of doing something with Zhihao's donkers.

She took his private part to her mouth almost a minute. She only let it go when she was about to choke.

Then they fixed their position in a front to front way. then Zhihao laid Verushka on the floor then inserted his into Verushka's private part.

Zhihao continued and reached her deepest part. Verushka was shocked as this time, it finally reached the end part of her privates.

Verushka made a sound of ecstasy :"Ahhhnn! Its inside of me!"

Verushka kept moaning and moaning when they had started.

Immediately Zhihao turned to his wild instincts and led Verushka to heavens. as the world around them can hear a sound of "Piak! piak! piak! plop! plop plop!"


After 10 hours of fighting, Zhihao laid on the floor, while Verushka placed her head in Zhihao's chest.

in Verushka's life, this was the first time that she had ever felt something like that!

Verushka looked at Zhihao then kissed him.

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