Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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After the two of them had made their vows, Verushka told Zhihao :"We should start cultivating now, so that you`d be able to protect yourself, while i fight those things." though Verushka sounded proud, It cant change the fact that, she's worried for Zhihao's sake.

Zhihao nodded then said :"Let's go cultivate! i know a way to enter the "Enlightenment", it would help us cultivate fast!."

Verushka looked at Zhihao then sighed. This guy kept making things pop out everywhere.

Zhihao called Mo Ying : "Mo Ying!" then he looked around, after a few seconds a silhouette appeared in front of him.

Mo Ying : "Master!, sorry for the delay, Your subordinate Mo Ying is here, ready for your orders" Mo Ying bowed them immediately clasped his hand ready to accept any orders.

Zhihao nodded then said :"Verushka and I are entering a "Enlightenment" stage. do well as to not bother us, only warn us ahead of time, if there are is going to be a crisis, or if the enemies are attacking " After finishing, Zhihao looked at Mo Yin.

Mo Ying immediately nodded and said :"Yes master, this subordinate obeys"

after seeing Mo Ying's action, Zhihao nodded, then looked at Verushka then said :"Let us go, we can cultivate now, i just wish there are no more enemies."


Then Zhihao Fixed his setting to 1 year and six months, under the special waking up call from someone.

Zhihao dragged Verushka to the highest part of the City's Mayor villa.

Zhihao told Verushka to repeat this chant for them to enter the 'Enlightenment' state. :"I want to be as rich as ball gits! and i want to own alot of Restaurant like Chef Rosy!" (Yep!)

Zhihao followed up, you can only use it while we're together, if in other times it wont work, as i am the creator of this "Chant", after that Zhihao handed another 500 pieces of Mid Level stones, then proceeded to their rooms.

Zhihao clicked proceed to the cultivation system.

The System prompted

Level Exp gain : 891,419,532

Cultivation realm gains : 499.999.718 (Host Needs himself to break Through to Mythical King Realm himself, After breaking through host will receive the exp that wasn't added :1,948,177)

3rd powers assisting :

Yin and Yang Willow Pills

Azure Eternal Marks Pill (Verushka)

Mid Level stones : x2,000

Zhihao closed his eyes, at the same time told Verushka too :"Close your eyes"

Verushka nodded then closed her eyes. then she repeatedly said the chat Zhihao told her inside her mind. :'I want to be as rich as ball gits! and i want to own a lot of Restaurant like Chef Rosy!' She felt something warm came inside her body as soon as she said those words inside her head. she wanted to continue. but after a few moments.

Zhihao opened his eyes then patted Verushka, then he said :"Hey!, wake up! lets go outside to check everything!"

Verushka frowned her brows, then said :"Is that how you cultivate? for a mere few seconds?" she was angry as to how lazy Zhihao is, she just started to feel the energy coming to around her. but Zhihao woke her up immediately, She glared at Zhihao then said"Let us continue!"

Zhihao smiled then said :"A few seconds? just look around you if its a few seconds. Your aura helped us in preventing dusts from coming into contact with our clothes and skin, but the surrounding wasn't covered by your aura, now, just take a look around."

After hearing Zhihao talked, Verushka was bewildered, then frowned, but then she still looked around. then she opened her eyes widely, 'dusts were forming like mountains already! how long has it been!?' she exclaimed inside her head then looked at Zhihao.

Zhihao smiled then said :"Let us take a bath together then. It's been 1 year and a half, so we probably smelled badly"

Verushka nodded, while she was still dazed. she tried to feel her energy

Zhihao smiled as he held Verushka's hands.

Then a notification popped up inside his head.


=Host, i thought you`d at least take a few more months, but sadly, you`ve cultivated already to Divi.. ohh! Congrats host for being in the Legendary Might Realm!

=after i was gone, Host has created two skills, Rewarded with 120 (60 each) stats in all of Host's stats as a reward.

Zhihao smiled then checked his stats.

Status information :

Name : Zhong Zhihao

Age : 16 Years Old

HP : (1,845,583/1,845,583)

MP : (690,480/690,480)

Host's Level : 788 (198,940/1,989,740)

Cultivation Level : Legendary Might Realm 10th stage(1,480,942/1,480,942) - Specific condition to break through.

Cultivation Power : +12,320 (Damage of Cultivation type skills like Frost arrow, flame scourge, and such)

Cultivation Technique :

Divine Might cultivation Technique. (Grand Master)

Ephemeral Cultivation Formation (Grand Master)

Cultivation Skills :

Heavenly Sword Flash (Heavenly) Lv : 10

Heavenly Gale Steps -Movement Technique- (Heavenly) Lv : 10

Thunder Iron Body -Defensive skill- (Heavenly) Lv : 10

Demonic Life Leech -Life Preserving skill- (Epic) Lv : 5

Strength : 18,943 (+21,870)

Agility : 23,853 (+27,439)

Stamina : 34,123(+42,752)

Wisdom : 13,550(+18,438)

Intelligence : 16,180 (+24,580)

Virtue : 1,100 (+110)

Attribute Points : 6830

Skill Points : 780

Current Quest points : 129

[Sword Master] (Active) (Lv 10)

[Eagle Eye] (Active) (Lv 10)

[Foresight] (Active) (Lv 15)

[Moment's Delayed] (Active) (Lv 20)

[Swordsmanship Mastery] (Passive) (Lv 10)

[Sword Wielding Technique] (Passive) (Lv 10)

[Ancient Sword Techinique] (Passive) (Lv 10)

Zhihao said in his thought : 'System! I missed you so much!"


=It might've been a long time for host, but it only took 1 hour for me, so no need for missing me host.

Zhihao sighed in his mind, while they both kept on walking. Verushka suddenly exclaimed :" I'm at Legendary Might's realm! and im about to break through too!"

Zhihao smiled then said :"Me too" then kept walking towards the bath.

Verushka suddenly was awaken from her daze again, then said :"You're at Legendary Might's Realm too? How fast?!"

Zhihao smiled then replied, :"As your husband, it is only natural that I Do so, right? milady"

Verushka was shocked then remembered something and spoke loudly :"Why are you coming to the bath with me!"

Zhihao looked at Verushka like she's weird, then said :"Aren't you my wife, and you've been my wife for a year and a half, so taking a bath between husband and wife is a common thing in our world, your mother didn't tell you?"

Verushka was embarrassed then nodded, :"Yes she did"

Zhihao continued :" Then let us continue to our bath."

Verushka nodded and smiled weakly then said :"BUT NO PEAKING!"

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