Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao nodded to Mo Ying, then went straight to his resting place.

Arriving at his resting place, he saw Verushka playing with the ball. he looked at her then sighed, its like she's not even making a big deal out of what happened earlier.

Verushka noticed his gaze, then glared back, then asked :"What? you got a problem!?"

Zhihao sighed yet again, gaining this type of wife, is sadder than sad. then he went to talk to her. :"Hey, do you even know what a husband and wife do?"

Verushka smirked then said :"Ofcourse!, my father and mother said that, when a man and a woman goes to bed! We can make babies! hmmp! such simple things! and you had to ask about it" Verushka held her head up high, pointing her nose in the sky.

Zhihao sighed then went to her and said :"Actually ...." Zhihao explained everything to Verushka.

Immediately, Verushka glared at him then exclaimed :"NO!, You are lying!"

Zhihao smiled then said :"So we should remove this idea of you being my wife. and me being your husband, right?"

Verushka glared at him then said :"NO! My mother said that after a man took my chastity, it should only be that man! or else i wont get married!" Verushka looked fiercely at Zhihao.

Zhihao couldn't do anything but just sigh, then he said :"Alright, but dont do anything like killing my wives, ok?"

Verushka glared at him then said :"A guy that isn't content with one is the worst, DEFINITELY!"

Zhihao sighed then said :"Then why are you still pursuing us being husband and wife?"

Verushka was speechless, and then said :"Hmmmp! Just take care of me from now on!, I`ll take on all the enemies for you"

Zhihao smiled then nodded :"Okay, i`ll take care of you, together with the other two of my wives, i`ll equally treat you all the same, ok?"

Verushka smiled inside then said :"Hmmmp! You better be!" then continued "You should live with me starting today!, and you`ll be the head of the Demon Race. Be a proper guy for them."

Zhihao couldn't help but sigh, he gained a race instead of gaining followers, then he just nodded his head.

Verushka then looked at Zhihao then said :"Zhihao, as my husband you should call me wife from now on!" Verushka stated in a matter of fact matter.

since Zhihao wouldn't be able to fight with his new wifes thinking, he just tried to tease Verushka, :"Then wife, since i Am your husband, you should call me husband or something sweet right?"

Verushka Hearing this immediately blushed then glared at Zhihao, but Zhihao only shrugged his shoulders to pass by the death glare. then Zhihao said :"Why? Cant? hahahaha" then Zhihao walked away saying :"I`ll be going to pass time for now, i`m going to look for some foods to eat."

Verushka saw Zhihao's leaving figure then was a bit reluctant. then she said in a low voice. "h.. hon...honey!" Zhihao heard a sound coming from verushka then turned back to look at verushka then said :"Did you said something?"

Verushka nodded with a blush full of face then said :"Honey, take care"

Zhihao was shocked then shoutingly replied "Whaa?"

Verushka was blushing then shouted :"HONEY! TAKE CARE! RETURN BEFORE THE NIGHT!"

Zhihao was shocked again, then went to his normal state then said :"Okay honey, hahaha i`ll be back" Zhihao walked away, but then a silhoutte appeared infront of him then handed something It was Verushka, :"Take this pill, it can help us dual cultivate, forever, no matter how much cultivation power i receive, half of it will come to you. TAKE IT!"

Zhihao was shocked, then said :"Eh? Why?"

Verushka said while blushing :"As my husband, you need to catch up to me fast. so that i dont need to hurry, its name is AZURE ETERNAL MARKS PILL, it can be used by husband and wife, to share cultivation energy with each other."

Zhihao was shocked again, giving that much just from a verbal agreement, she might look like a very strict person, but she can also me stupid sometimes. he thought, 'if some random guy picked her up, and it was a bad guy, she sure will suffer alot, well im not really any good guy, but i`ll try my best to help her too. i guess this can make things easier."

Zhihao nodded then said :"Okay, i`ll take it" then Zhihao immediately swallowed it,

then Verushka said :"Now kiss me, it is to seal the vow, and make me your shared partner" Verushka blushed as she looked at her right. then followed up "Hurry up!"

Zhihao thought inside, she is a very innocent supreme lord, i think i`ll take care of her for all eternity, then Zhihao said :"Until death, do us part milady" Zhihao lowered his head and kissed Verushka.

Verushka was nervous but immediately calmed down as Verushka took Zhihao's neck and further enclosed the gap within their bodies.

Zhihao and Verushka immediately noticed something. Zhihao immediately asked something :"Where are we in the first place?"

Verushka widened her eyes, then immediately realized something! They we're in the middle of the town!.

the weak cultivators that was there clapped all together, what a performance indeed!

plak plak plak! Claps were thundering in the surrounding, some even whistling and laughing.

Verushka hearing got so embarrassed that she immediately blushed, then said, :"If you guys want to die you stay here, and keep our loving memories, but if you all treasure your lives, you should go and leave and forget about everything that you`ve seen" after saying that, Verushka released her killing intent and Spiritual energy, ready to strike at anytime.

Zhihao sighed, as he saw everyone immediately scattered away from all direction. Zhihao smiled then lifted Verushka in a princess carry. then said :"Take this Yin willow pill swallow it, it gives you 6 times the yield with half the effort."

Verushka was shocked, but still, calmly said it, she'll already give all her wealth to Zhihao, but still, receiving something from the human she said was weak, was a new feeling to her, it was not something unpleasant, but something warm,

then Verushka followed up, :"Ti`ll death do us part"Then swallowed the yin willow pill Zhihao smiled then said :"Yes, ti`ll death do us part"

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