Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Verushka was red from her neck to her forehead, and tears were flowing out and kept repeating "Take responsibility!" like a child, she was even pouting as a bonus.

Zhihao tried to calm her down and said :"There was nothing that we could do that time! and we haven't done anything too! it was just all an accident! and i already have two wives, so i know that a noble lord like you can't take that. we can just forget about it as if nothing happened!"

Verushka glared and said :"oh! That's simple! We can just kill them! then there wont be anymore wives!" Verushka was still crying but she smiled as if what she had said was a fact.

Zhihao's eyes immediately went fiery, then said :"YOU DARE?!" after saying that, Zhihao held on to his sword's hilt with all the killing intent he can muster.

Verushka exclaimed :"Ohh hoo, so you think you can go against me now? after taking my chastity? you are too bold!" Verushka summoned all her power and surrounded here immediately. :"Let me see what you can show off now!" Verushka turned into a beautiful woman that looked like a 21 year old woman, with hourglass figure, and smooth silky skin, the once cute and lovely beauty, was now a Hot and graceful devilish woman. Verushka slowly placed pressure on Zhihao's location. (with a wife like this, you can pick any type of age you`d like! Me likey toooooo)

Zhihao sweated but didn't budge then he said :"i'd rather die first than them! if you ever touch even a hair in their head, i`d use all i can to kill you!" Zhihao glared, but he is getting weak by the second. as a man, he really wanted to take responsibility, even if he hadn't done anything.








Zhihao was losing his consciousness as time passed by. then he heard a weeping sound, Zhihao looked at where it was coming from. then he saw Verushka crying so much that her face was distorted beautifully. the pressure immediately vanished.

Then Verushka immediately said while crying :"You`d rather die than to take responsibility for what you did to me?! WAAAAAAAAAAH! I'm already divorced before i get married! NO! WAAAAAAAA"

Zhihao was shocked with the sudden 180 degree turn, then said :"When'd that even happened? I held my ground because you threatened to kill my wife!"

Verushka immediately said :"But you dont want me! WAAAAAAA"

Zhihao replied immediately :"I DIDN'T EVEN SAY THAT!, where did it suddenly came out from!"

Verushka replied too :"Then you`d take care of me and be responsible? sniff sniff"

Zhihao :"Yeah, i will."

Verush :" Really?"

Zhihao :"Yeah really"

Verushka immediately returned to normal with her 15 years old body and the tears vanished immediately then said :"Ok good, just remember what you said!"

Zhihao immediately exclaimed :"wha? what? what did just happened?" Zhihao felt something wrong and that he had played from some kind of trick.

Verushka laughed then said :"Oh that? that was my mother's teaching, she said good natured men tend to give in whenever they see beautiful women crying, thats her research with human's emotion. my mother said that if the man didn't give in, just kill him immediately because thsoe kinds of guys are bad ones." Verushka immediately sneered, then flew out of the crater, while smiling cheerfully.

Zhihao was shocked, did he just avoided death? and what? researched humans? then asked :"What?"

Verushka replied :"Well it was more like my mother took to her heart our ancestor's teaching, thats why she researched human behaviors and stuffs."

Zhihao's head was full of black lines, he sighed these demons, really, if they had already done research on human behaviors, what were their behaviors before they started learning? (hey MC, from the word DEMON at least you should be able to get something out of that.) after thinking that thinking isn't going to solve anymore things, he thought that he should already go out, and head back to the city.

Zhihao immediately entered the city, but as soon as he did, Mo Ying greeted him immediately like welcoming a lord,

Mo Ying :"Master! Welcome back, Your wife had already came back!" Mo Ying bowed immediately, not showing any emotions.

Zhihao was shocked again, this guy is terribly persistant, but then again he pondered, Butler ma i hope you are okay. then he nodded :"I can take you as subordinate, but no mistakes!"

Mo Ying :"Yes Master!"

Zhihao nodded then threw 2 pieces of Mid level stone, :"Those are Mid level stones, cultivate first,"

Mo Ying's eyes shown, only their great cultivators can use Low level stones, but just being a servant gave him 2 mid level stones! he immediately replied :"Yes MASTER!" with full respect and power he nodded. he liked it or not, but as a subordinate, he can only nob his head, .
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    《Supreme Martial System》