Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Verushka immediately paled. then she continued :"Legendary? Godly? what kind of pills have you been using? do you even think before naming it? everyone that makes a skill, think of the name for atleast a year, creating a skill isn't something that you can do with a whim!"

Zhihao blinked three times then said :"Can't be created in a whim? didn't i just did that? why do you even have to have a hard time thinking about it?, wouldn't that just mean you guys are stupid?"

Verushka immediately popped some veins, then angrily shouted."YOU !! YOUU!! YOU!! then are you telling me that out of 100% of the population in this world you are the only normal person!?!" Verushka stomped her feet as she madly pointed at Zhihao.

Zhihao just shrugged his shoulders, oh and yeah, he forgot she is speaking to a supreme sovereign. then he walked 50 minutes away then said :"i`ll try this skill first" Zhihao thought inside his brain, then maxed its skills, then aimed at the ground at the same time shouted :"[WIND CIRCLING BALL]"


The skill created a crater bigger than meteorite did!, and whats worst, they cant see it! since the damage was inside the ground! not outside!, all they heard was noise of twisting, breaking, and shattering!. the ground was Floored!(and it was a floor to begin with!).

Verushka said :"It created a burst of wind inside the ground? ohoo. let me see how big the damage was! let me see! let me see!" Verushka skipped happily closer to Zhihao.

Zhihao noticed Verushka skipping like a child, Zhihao found this innocent movements likable, and such he smiled.

The ground shook, and then collapse, before Verushka can maintain her footsteps, they already fell down, as such Zhihao tried to catch Verushka but, the inevitable happened, a falling stone of cupid hit Zhihao's back and made him lose his center of gravity.

= Author's Mighty Translation : Then, the author summoned an Earth Quake! the author shouted [ECHO SLAM]! Bam!

before Verushka could react and steady her footsteps, so that she could fly, the author made another summon! [AFTER SHOCK]! immediately the ground below collapsed, she was rendered stunned for .5 seconds, she falled together with Zhihao, but the crater was formed inside in a Circle manner, which dragged them to the middle. Blang!

Verushka and Zhihao are in a position most Readers 99.99% of them would definitely love to see, but this is not a manga nor an anime, so the author can only describe it as a 69 position! : End of Author's Mighty Translation =

After a while Zhihao's mind came back to reality. then all she can see is black, white covered with black, a good combination indeed, White like your lovelife and black like your life.

then Zhihao heard Verushka talked :"ahnnn! Dont move! STUPID! IDIOT!"

Zhihao tried to reply but his mouth was blocked :"UHAY BHU AH KEN MGWHUB! BBHLIZ BHET BHOUT! BHO BHOBE!" (okay but i cant move, please get out! you move :Author is a magician, he can read doc's writing and mute's word, so a blocked mouth is easy")

Verushka blushed then shouted :"DONT TALK! DONT TALK! DONT TALK! I`LL MOVE!"

Zhihao nodded and said :"Ohbhei" then he heard another sound "Ahhnn!!! Nnnnn," then Verushka spoke :"I SAID DONT TALK AND DONT MOVE! NOW! PLEASE STOP RIGHT NOW!"

Zhihao didnt move and talked, and also didn't nod, he just sighed motionlessly then thought, 'i guess i`ll just accept death today.'

after a fixing themselves, Zhihao and Verushka didn't move. for about 18minutes they where just sitting across each other.

Zhihao sighed, as he reminisced the time when both Ning'er and Xiao'er was with him, spending time together, a long time that they had been together, for like 9 and 14days, excluding the fastforward of 59days. and all the things that he havent done yet,

the minutes went by so slowly, that he even remembered things that he haven't done yet. then he imagined, 'WHAT IF?!'... what if i have a baby! or BABIES! I CANT DIE! I CANT BECOME THE SAME AS MY PREVIOUS PARENTS!. I CANT DIE! MY BABIES!' then he heard something.


Zhihao : "Huh? " he heard the voice, but can't point out where it came from. then he thought and said in his mind 'System are you back?' but no one responded.

"ou... ake...bility....."

Zhihao heard it the next time then looked at Verushka then shook his head, she's still lowering her head, then he scanned his surrounding, then he heard the third one


Zhihao definitely heard it from Verushka's direction so he asked :"Verushka, was it you? did you just say something" Zhihao looked at Verushka after saying that.

Verushka heard Zhihao then glared at him then shouted :"YOU! TAKE! RESPONSIBILITY! FOR!! WHAT!! YOU! DID! TO! ME!" Verushka glared, then tears flowed out of her death glare.

Zhihao was shocked then asked "RESPONSIBILITY?! For what? i can't restore the earth!" (Sorry guys, i cant really fix MC's stupidity with love, sorry, i am trying my best already, but i guess, i made him too perfect to be stupid. this author bows to you with great sincerity in apologizing)

Verushka glared with tears flowing out of her eyes, then shouted again :"TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME!"

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