Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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after the second ball hit Zhihao, Zhihao kept dodging the following balls, as he got used to the speed. Verushka witnessing this got enraged further, (Although it was her fault to begin with),

Verushka hmmped and stopped then she concentrated her aura inside here after that :"Hmmmp! TAKE THIS! [ETERNAL DARKNESS]!" Immediately, after activating her skill, thousands and thousands of energy ball was floating besides her. blocking the light coming from behind, she smirked :"See if you can dodge this!"

Zhihao was shocked one ball was enough to make him suffer a little, but thousands of it, that would be a pain, Zhihao immediately exclaimed :"Wa wa wawawa wait!, i already got two balls! receiving more is invalid!" He was hit by two balls earlier, which caused him to be hurting on the spots it hit, after witnessing the mass of balls he got sweats all.

Verushka blushed, after the first blunder, she became extremely sensitive to such words, immediately she threw all the energy balls to Zhihao and said :"You BULGAR PERSON! TAKE THIS AND DIE!" shame was overwhelming within her as she hurriedly threw the balls.

Zhihao was still sweating but immediately activating all his passives. Zhihao with eagle sight and heavenly gale steps dodged the balls, one by one, ten by ten, eighty by one hundred, 20 balls hit Zhihao, as he lost his focus, then another 100.

Zhihao was nervous now, if this continue he'll die! he'll definitely die!, he stood up quickly, then quickly concentrated again. he dodged them one by one, ten by ten, hundreds by hundreds, although the balls are still grazing him, it wasn't as painful as before since it wasn't hitting anymore. as Zhihao continued, he had a sudden enlightenment. "this!" he exclaimed!.

Zhihao focused now, then immediately, didn't make a retreating movement, but was standing in the ground. then suddenly Zhihao had a notification. and was hit by the remaining ten balls.


-Host has self created an existing skill

Skill name [ ] Host can create the name, as it was created.

please Set a name for it host.

Skill grade : Mythical

Skill Type : Active

Skill Definition : Using minimum movements, and evading alot of projectiles and magic.

-Detecting all movements within a certain space of 5 meters outside host area (Lv 1).

Zhihao was laying flat on the ground as he smiled.

Verushka went closer, then he saw Zhihao smiling then shouted :"PERVERT! [HEAVEN PRESSURING VOID]!" Immediately ten refrigirator sized balls emerged within the ground, and went straight to Zhihao, then Verushka exclaimed :"OH NO! he'll die!" but a bullet shot was not to be retrieved easily. but then she was suddenly surprised.

Zhihao smiled then he thought 'Upgrade [HANDSOME CIRCLE SKILL]!


-Host has self created an existing skill


Skill grade : Mythical

Skill Type : Active

Skill Definition : Using minimum movements, and evading alot of projectiles and magic.

-Detecting all movements within a certain space of 15 meters where the host used the skill (Lv 10).

Level 10 Skill Effect : Slows down the time by two folds.

Mana need per minute 539

Zhihao quickly got up, then he quickly activated the skill :"[HANDSOME CIRCLE SKILL]!"

when the energy passed by the 15 meters inside the barrier. Zhihao felt amazing! Everything turned so slow! then Zhihao moved, using minimum movements, Zhihao and evaded the Refrigerated sized energy balls! one by one, he evaded everything. then Zhihao smiled.

Verushka was shocked! then she thought of the skill again then walked closer to Zhihao.

Zhihao smiled, then she suddenly noticed Verushka walking closer to him, He immediately put up his guard.

Verushka frowned, then said :"Do you really want me to beat you so much? you do know that i still have alot of skills that you wont even be able to see, until it was past you like this [Piercing Darkness]!," a needle like thing came out then skip passed Zhihao's face, blood flowed out from his cheeks. Verushka smiled then immediately continued :"See? i`m just giving you a hand because i was bored."

Zhihao calmed himself then asked, "Can you create things like that? just by practicing ?"

Verushka smiled then said :"Isn't everything like that? what? you are telling this lord that you can create a skill and suddenly learn it out of nothing? are you stupid?"

Zhihao wanted to nod, but urged himself to stop. then continued :" Can you teach me how to learn magic?"

Verushka was shocked, then nodded, :"Sure! atleast i won't be that bored." she continued :"Try imagining the element you wanted to create, then focus your energy there until it comes out"

Zhihao nodded then opened his hands, he tried to imagine 'hmm how about wind?'(Seriously? you are wearing a fucking flame elemental set!), Zhihao imagined something that he watched as a kid before in the orphanage then shouted :"RAZENGAN!" Immediately the air around his palm circled around, then wildly clashed together, then immediately formed alot of circular motions then, it smoothly went one by one, forming a wild wind that isn't clashing together.

-Host has self created an existing skill

Skill name [ ] Host can create the name, as it was created.

please Set a name for it host.

Skill grade : Mythical

Skill Type : Attack skill

Skill Description : Wild winds forming but was serene and not clashing together

its penetration power is weak, while its shattering power is strong.

Verushka was shocked. :"uhh you seriously just tried now right? that's not your skill? how come you can actually imagine something so bizarre and serene at the same time, and it was actually working?"

Zhihao smiled then nodded, he was gonna say it was something he watched from his previous world, and naming it Razengan, but he bit his lips, yeah! it was copy write, so i`ll just use it two times, then he said :"Isn't imagine something and making it happen the basics of magic? why are you surprised?"

Verushka was shocked yet again! shocks kept happening here, but there was no elemental lightning or pikachu, so it was weird. then she thought 'is this kid actually a genius?'.

Zhihao was happy witnessing his newly formed skill. then he said :" I'm gonna name it [WIND CIRCLING BALL].

Verushka face planted immediately, then asked, :"That's your skill's name?"

Zhihao nodded then replied, "the first skill i used was [HANDSOME CIRCLE SKILL] and now this is the 2nd one i had made! [WIND CIRCLING BALL]. I am so happy."

Verushka has black lines coming out of her forehead :"What kind of naming sense is that?"

Zhihao smiled then replied :"Isn't it good? its a legendary name! or better even godly!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》