Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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when Mo Ying said it, he wasn't expecting much, since it is a bother for someone strong to help a very weak one to be powerful. but still expecting something is better than expecting nothing, so he still looked at Zhihao. but to his expectation.

Zhihao replied calmly :" I said, go back to the City" then he walked away then entered the city.

within the city, there was a girl smiling towards Zhihao, :"oh hoo, not bad for a kid, he had that kind of power, with just being in the Earth establishment realm..." the girl was Verushka, she smiled then next smirked.

as Zhihao entered the city, he thought, 'I need to cultivate fast, so i can have the system back as fast as i can' then he saw Verushka was there waiting for him, then he said :"what're you doing here? you should play with the your balls"(Sounds shitty LOL)

Verushka snorted, then :"Hey virgin boy, wanna have fun with this sister here ? Hohohoho, it would be your honor"

Zhihao glared at Verushka then spoke :"first of all, i'm neither a kid nor a toy, so you can find someone else, I have no time for you" after saying these Zhihao was about to leave.

then Verushka smiled then said, "if you dont, they will all die, hohohoho" Verushka placed an Evil smile on her face, Killing intent flooded the whole area.

Zhihao felt the killing intent and sweated, even the weak cultivators within the city felt it too. then Zhihao was preparing to draw his sword, but remembering how powerful this little loli showed, he knew he can't save them, or even save himself. He wanted to see his wives so much but if he died today, he wouldn't be able to.

Zhihao sighed then nodded :"Ok. where?"

Verushka smiled and released her powerful aura and killing intent, then smiled brightly, :"Let us go outside since there are people here, and they might die, hihihi"

Zhihao nodded then went with her, 'How much position would we even do for them to die, are Demon race like this? damn it, am i in so much trouble? should i had thought about death instead? they do things this rough? holy cow!'

Verushka led the way, then stopped at a plain 1 km away from city. :"This is wide enough, you can unleash everything you have here, hohoho, I just wish you dont finish so soon, it would be a pity, i haven't done this for a very, very, very long time you know" verushka smiled then looked at Zhihao seductively.

Zhihao nodded then started taking of his robe then inner shirt. then Verushka shouted.

Verushka :"What the hell are you doing?!" she blushed while saying it, then continued "You are such a pervert! STOP!"

Zhihao was dazed then shocked, then dazed again, then spoke :"ehh? what do you mean?, uhh you said you wanted to do it since you haven't done it in a while, you kept teasing me into submission too right? what are you saying all of a sudden"

Verushka said bashfully and angrily :"IDIOT! I MEANT FIGHTING! FIGHTING!"

Zhihao was stunned then said :"You wanted to fight? then why'd you have to make it sound so misleading!"

Verushka thought about it, then remembered everything she had said, immediately, her face blushed from her neck until her forehead!, like a color of a cherry. then Verushka glared at him then shouted :"IDIOT! WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME THAT AFTER YOU HEARD IT!!" then immediately Threw a punch to Zhihao POW!

Zhihao was stunned, but couldn't do anything receiving the punch, he flew up very high then he said :"B.. bu.. but.. we're continuesly TALKING! I DIDNT EVEN HAVE A CHANCE TO TALK!"

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