Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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the weak cultivators of the Mountain Kingdom's side

noob #1 said :"We lost them, but there are only a few of us left, should we go proceed to north?"

noob #2 said :"Wouldn't we be endangering them instead?"

noob #1 :"if we`ll be careful it would be okay, but if we are spotted by the enemies, we go south again!, even if we die!"

All of them nodded, the wet eyes they had never dried up, thinking to the thousands of comrades that died together with them, out of all of them, only less than 2,000 had survived. they also want to return to their families, but responsibility is something they cant remove from them, as such they are also willing to die for the rest. they would take care of the families of the dead.

they all headed north, continuesly checking every sides, they cautiously ran towards the north. after a few hours of running, they finally saw a clear city.

but then they saw something behind them and from the sides, ENEMIES!

noob #751 :"we're surrounded! the only path is to the north!"

Noob #555 :"I`ve scanned the city, there are two life signs, they might die if we brought the enemies there!"

Noob #1 said :"Let us go to the city, hide those two, they might be elders, that wished to stay in their city, let us hide them in a safe place, then those that made it into the city, encircle the enemies and drag them again to the south! the further they go south , the more dangerous it is for the survivors!"

Noob #2 said :"half of you guys! to me! no! 900 of you guys go to the city, then quickly hide the elders, after that go to the south while luring the enemies, the remaining guys, to me! WE SHALL DIE TODAY! HOLD THE ENEMIES AT BAY! EVERY SECOND COUNTS!"

Noob #1 said :"Brother, lets meet in the after life after this!, let us meet with all our brothers!"

everyone nodded, they had made the plan. now to act the part.

immediately around 900 people rushed to the city, while more than 1,000 people held their grounds.

The brave 900 people rushed to the city, tears and will power filling their faces and heart. then they saw someone, coming to them from the city, it was a young man! they immediately shouted, "NO! GO BACK! GO BACK! ENEMIES! GO BA...." but before they finished speaking, the young man held to his sword's hilt then shouted.

Zhihao :" you all go to the city! i`ll rescue the others" He immediately activated all his passives then shouted :"[Heavenly Flash draw]!"

The enemies looked at Zhihao immediately, as they detected the strong enegy coming from him. immediately they rushed to Him, drew their energy blades and charged!

the Enemies, immediately formed a defensive stance. then more than 50 of them died, but there are still less than 10,000 enemies left.

Zhihao looked at the situation, the enemies had come straight to him, passing the weak cultivators.

Zhihao smiled, the cultivators seemed safe, Zhihao activated the skill he haven't used yet. He shouted :"[Burning Path of the flame sovereign]!" immediately, the surrounding air turned hot, then like Shadow fiend's SS the flames erupted from within him causing the enemies, to back out immediately.

The enemies detected the strong power coming out of Zhihao they wanted to try and retreat, but since they are near him, they cant escape. they concentrated on their barriers, as the heat rushed passed them, they looked at each other.

one of them spoke :"!*%$%&!@# !@#!#%????" (With that kind of powerful energy, it only dealt damage that weakly?) but after saying that they realized something, the heat continued, draining their life force.

for the first time, they sweated, there are no paths of retreat, so the only thing they can do is rush to Zhihao. they immediately charged. but the closer they get to Zhihao, the more intense the heat is. one by one, comrades they had together, fell to the ground. as closer as he goes, the more intense it was.

to Zhihao's view he kept seeing them dying, but on his left side they can see alot.

-85,450 Experience received

-85,450 Experience received

-85,450 Experience received

-85,450 Experi....


Then when he was infront of Zhihao, he was preparing to strike, but failed to strike, as he find it hard to even walk now, then he slumped down the ground, and looked at Zhihao, he nodded his head slowly, acknowledging this Man as someone strong.

Zhihao was shocked. 'Spirit attacks like this are strong? why didn't i used it before, once the system goes back i`ll immediately get some fire skills, but, shit i have negative points! i need to grind more points!" Zhihao was dazed, then he saw the weak cultivators then he said :"Go to the city, i`ll explain everything there"

Noob #2 said :"Thank you for saving us great ancestor" when cultivators became strong, they can retain their young appearance, so they misunderstood.


Noob #2 was shocked and immediately replied, :"Yes young master, I am Mo Ying, please let me follow you!" he wanted to be strong, to avenge his fellow Mountain Citizens,

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