Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Ying Mai and the other heads of the sacred grounds met, then went to Verushka. at the same time, they all bowed deeply then said "Verushka, we thank you so much for lending us a hand, if you didn't come we would've already been dead a long time ago, and condolences for the Beast kin's ruler, a supreme being like him died helping us."

Verushka crisp her eyebrows and said :"You noticed? how dare you even enter the battle without checking your enemies background, that`s why I and Azmorath only played with your race ones in a while, if we charged seriously, you would've been extinct for how many years."

"at first, we tried to come into agreement with your race, but you guys are extreme hypocrites, you thought your race is above all, and immediately attacked our messengers"

"but since we are too kind to bully kids like you, we kept giving you guys resources, when playing with you, and you guys are entertaining to watch"

"when we have compiled alot of people volunteering to have fun with you guys, and ready to die fighting, then we would send them to you guys to play with you."

"seriously you guys are annoyingly prideful, even after being too weak. you guys go and believe yourselves as superiors,"

Verushka finished her words them hmmped! noticing that the five of them are all smiling sadly, she knew they already know the meaning within her words, Verushka walked away to her Race's area.

Mountain Kingdom's cultivators had gone south, if they tried to searcho those men, it would only mean death for more than half of them, in a third might be lost, with a heavy heart, every normal survivors could only grit their teeth as they marched forward.

after five hours of walking they finally had the view of a clear city, it was the first city that was evacuated by the Demon race, and the Beast Kin. a total of more than 480,000,000 Citizens was saved by the them.

They all went inside, then Verushka Announced : "You all, shall go to my "SACRED GROUND" even 100 of me can't break through to it, it was build by our great great great great... The first lord of the demon race had build it! it is called sacred because "IT" is Sacred, and couldn't be breached by invaders, Easily, unlike the "SACRED GROUNDS" you guys knew of.

The patriarchs of the 5 Sacred Grounds laughed mockingly at themselves after hearing it, yes, that kind of place really is to be called sacred ground.

Verushka continued :"I Think you guys are wondering, why we of the demon race and beast kin saved you? well it was because of the will left behind by our first great lord, it was this words 'do not make the humans go extinct, they may be weak, but we can learn alot of things from them, they only have 50 to 100 years to live, but instead of just enjoying their little time, they continued to strive, doing some things just so that they could feel that they are alive, we on the other hand, can do nothing for 100 years, but dont feel the changes, let the humans teach us something, in return for us to protect them' yep our Great lord said, that although you guys are "WEAK" we can learn something from you guys, but i doubt it cause alot of you guys became a little strong, and became immediate hypocrites! even elementary realm are hypocrites just because they had a simple background"

After hearing this, the Human race wanted to rebuke what she said, but can't find the words to reply, they had to only admit, that what she said was right, which young master of their race was not arrogant to normal people?

Verushka continued :"Even our new borns are born with elementary realm powers, and you guys are so happy just getting those power, i dont even know what to learn from you guys! but unlike you guys, we respect our ancestors, so i`ll just have to watch over you all, and waste my time until i die. dont worry though i have atleast 100,000 years left to live! so you guys have alot of time to waste" verushka hmmped again as she glared at them then said.

"You guys go now, i`ll stay here within this place to wait for others to return, atleast we could add some more slaves to have you guys feed yourselves!" after saying that she went to a corner then summoned a ball, then played with it. (Still looked like a child playing).

"It is your honor that i even went and saved your race from extinction! Hmmp! IT IS YOUR HONOR!" then continued playing with the ball.

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