Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Mountain king did his best to delay the enemies, evading them and leading them further away.

The Citizens was already out of sight, so the mountain king was finally at ease, his stomach was open, two of his arm was out already, and blood was floating out, the subordinates that are persisting to delay the enemies shouted, :"Our King! you go first! We'll follow you later!" Mountain king smiled, but couldn't say anything, he nodded within his mind, as his vision blurred. but suddenly, he opened his eyes, he can see feel the warmth, but he couldn't move, he was dumbfounded, then he can hear people talking.

"Congratulations your majesty, for getting a child! may the empire be blessed a thousand years with your child as its pillar!"

alot of people followed up :"May the king and her majesty the queen proper for hundreds of years! Long live the king ! Long live the Empire!"

(But that is another story for another novel, so let us skip it now)

The Citizens was running with all their might, but after a long while of running, they are still normal people, they cant be like cultivators that can run for a long time, they felt exhausted one by one then said :"Please leave us here, and continue forward! dont let the King and our Clans men death be forgotten!" all the citizens kept repeating it to the Cultivators, as they plead for them to live on, while they go and leave themselves, for the enemy to get more time.

the Cultivators smiled while tears was still flowing out of their eyes, all of them nodded at the same time. one of the cultivators said :"Rest for a while! then continue heading north! I need volunteers! I Will go and delay the enemies chasing us! we'll head south!"

After hearing that, the cultivators all smiled and wiped the tears in their eyes, it is their turn to protect the citizens, why would they sacrifice them, and almost all the cultivators have family within the citizens, sister, father, brother, mother, cousins, child, etc.

They immediately stood up and nodded together. the Citizens cried tears while gripping their hands, they'd rather die than let these cultivators die for nothing, but they are giving their lives for their safety, it would be disrespect for to the cultivators' resolution.

The Weak cultivators numbering 90,000s immediately set fort to south!

The citizens gripped their hands and gritted their teeth. the cultivators and citizens parted ways.


Back to the sacred grounds.

Verushka was sweating alot, as she finally dealt a killing blow to the Descendant being, but she was already wounded terribly too, then she looked at the Beast kin's Ruler Azmorath, he was smiling fully, while his sword was deep within the Descendant being's heart, Verushka said :"Do you have any last will? i`ll help you fulfill it"

Azmorath smiled then said :"Just protect my Kin, and also, please help my daughter, she'll be the next ruler, but still lack experience." Azmorath has been stabbed in front to the stomach and went straight outside from the back with the hand of the descendant being. he smiled and said :"Atleast, just keep her alive until she fully comprehends life. her mother died after giving birth to her, and now im dying too. please, just this favor is enough" Azmorath with pleading eyes still looking at the Descendant being stabbed with his sword,

Verushka nodded. and said :"i`ll try my best, but i cant guarantee anything, as you can also see the state I currently am, only one enemy, and we're both like this, so i`ll just do my best in regards to that"

Azmorath smiled then nodded forcefully. the light in his eyes vanished, the last breath was breathed.

Verushka smiled then said, :"Farewell friend, we'd had clashes, and games, but you we're the only one that ever understood me. i`ll seriously do my best regarding your clan and your daughter, rest in peace now "

Verushka immediately went and help the Demon Race, Sacred Grounds, and Beast kin. doing her best before successfully retreating together. they headed north, since the invaders we're coming from the south.

After a while, they noticed a group of people, the normal citizens of the Mountain Kingdom!

The sacred grounds immediately stopped there and told everyone to assist this group of survivors,

Wu Tianwu :"Rest for a while! then form a group of 20 people and search through out all the surrounding kingdoms, villages that we will be passing by, re-organize them and let them come and join this survivors! we shall head north!" Immediately, everyone nodded and surveyed the survivors and asked them where are the cultivators that was with them, the citizens re-told the story with tears and holding wills as strong as steels.

Wu Tianwu and the others nodded then said :" Let us proceed" immediately everyone followed and headed further north.

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