Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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The battle continued. for atleast 15 minutes, the mountain people was down half in numbers pretty quickly. then one of the Sacred ground members quickly said :" You Mountain people! Retreat fast! go support your citizens! we can handle this, there are enemies out there, protect your people as you retreat!" that guy didn't really know if there was actually more enemies out there, but atleast he want the Mountain people make it out alive.

The Mountain King was shocked then thought 'this isn't the only army the enemies have? then how many and how power are they actually?' the mountain King immediately replied :"Yes, thank you for helping this King realize this, i would go immediately" after saying this The Mountain King immediately dragged his subordinates to follow up their Citizens and give additional support, its only been a few minutes and they can still see the Silhouettes of their citizens, and immediately give chase.

The Sacred Grounds are holding it out quite well together with Demon race and Beast kin, then Wu Tianwu immediately shouted in shock :" OH NO!" he exclaimed as he saw alot of buildings rebuilt, from west and east of the citizens the bladed aliens are charging from both sides, it will be a massacre. he wanted to rush out but the power they had are just enough for them to hold out.

Verushka laughed then said :"you pitiful humans, showing compassion even in a dire situation you guys are suffering. seriously cant deal with this minor trouble" but still, there are two Descendant being they are fighting together with, she cant have trouble now.


The Mountain King saw this after a few minutes later, sweat poured out of his back. :"NO!!!!!! ALL MEN RUSH NOW!" after seeing this scene, all he could do was madly rush out.


The cultivators in the Citizen's side saw this and immediately sweated alot.

A Transcendent mortal realm shouted and ordered :" ALL CITIZENS KEEP MOVING FORWARD! NASCENT SPRITE STAGE GO WITH THE CITIZENS!, ABOVE NASCENT SPRITE STAGE HEED MY COMMAND! WE SPLIT AND DIVERT THE ATTENTION OF THE ENEMIES! BROTHERS WE SHALL MEET AGAIN!." after that, the cultivators was split in half, and charged from east and west. but they didn't fight they went straight to the enemy's bases, to pull back the charging foes.

Alot of the cultivators shouted in passion to the citizens and the nascent sprite realm and below cultivators.

something like :

"Please take care of my family!"

"My friends, we shall celebrate again once your child is born!"

"Let us meet again my friend"

"My brother and sister, we shall see each other again"

"My family, please take care of your own for now, we shall meet again"


All types of farewells we're heard from the cultivators. the citizens continued running and tearing up, the weak cultivators saw the them afar. the strong cultivators of their Mountain Kingdom splits in half, and went to the sides of the enemy army. they immediately smiled after witnessing it! the power of their cultivators are not to be messed with!. but these thought was only held for a moment, before they saw that the enemies are catching up already.

The cultivator's that was diverting the enemies attention was smiled with tears as they continued running with all their might, some we're even laughing and talking to each other.

:"Friend! WE SHALL MEET AGAIN IN Heav,,."

:"Dad! Protect them too, please..."

:"Friend! Let us sha...."

Alot of half finished words were heard, as alot of Sword slashes was echoing in their ears, they are all smiling while tears were flowing out of their eyes.

when the mountain king saw this, he knew that all of them will die, tears immediately poured out of his eyes, all those people, they always shared stories within evening, they dance around the fire to entertain themselves, the mountain people just wanted to live in peace, as they stayed neutral for all the years. now all this peace they had was shattered, only memories will remain.

The mountain king smiled with tears, :"My friends, shall we?"

all the cultivators under him, smiled, and nodded, :"Yes Du Songki, hahaha, i haven't called you this since you ascended your throne old friend,"

:"Hahaha yeah, we've been friends for all this time you know"

:"You should've left us and treat us as garbage before, so atleast we can have good conscientious while abandoning you. hahahAHAHA"

:"Yeah, we can even think about it. but you just had to treat us like friends all these years, and have use us as your comedians everyday,"

:"Now we can't really abandon you after all those things HAHAHAHAHA"

:"But now you seriously drag us to death? HAHAHA well death sounds good friend"

:"Well what can we do men? the king wants us to die together with him too"

:"HAHAHAHAHA well what else can we do, but die together with him, sounds good to me"

:"Worst comes to worst, we go to heaven or hell, but we can finally drink ale if we went down no? HAHAHAHAHA"

After hearing this Mountain King smiled, and tears poured down his eyes. the friends he trusted all these years are genuine, and no one is abandoning him even in the end.

Mountain king :"Friends, let us drink after this! heaven or hell, i`ll still treat you guys!" after saying that, he smiled again and roared :"SPLIT IN HALF! SUPPORT THEM ALL!" immediately, the remaining less 500 people divided and went to help the diversion team.

All of them shouted after parting :"WE SHALL SEE EACH OTHER! IN HEAVEN OR HELL!"

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