Supreme Martial System
34 AUTHOR“S NOTE not part of chapter
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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34 AUTHOR“S NOTE not part of chapter

Some people want to split wives from mc, then upgrade cultivation how? Y u remove triple cultivation! Then want mc realm upgrade i speaking noob english cus im using my phone i am sleepy. So how increase cultivatio? Enemies! Enemies enemies everywhereee...

Some people want challenges (oh come on! How would you place challenges to an OP mc?) well there is 1! Fight the loli! Or the beast king! But they are in alliance so how?

Its fight 1 take 1! But mc is op so he can handle that but wait there is more!

Then some people want loli! But how if he challenged the beast and demon race, they will be enemies! So fighting lolies is out of question! Now where would author go get dis challenges? Of course out of the novel! We get new enemies! From outer space!

Some people want OP MC, but also challenges and longer fights! But how? Op mc deals massive damage! No op villains to match. So we drag the shits of one of the strongest invaders out there!

Now if that is not enough we go drag god's realm immediately from chapters 980 to chapters 40 mwahahahahaha

You know the mc has dua... Triple cultivation, split = longer cultivation together fast realm upgrade, but you guys want to split them up and upgrade realm, now that is tricky no? So i have to put loli up! But how? They became friends! With common enemies. But which common enemies? The invaders! Now tell me if i havent made your requests..

Just a stressed mind wanting to say everything in 1 go!

Well check if there are more request not fulfilled, i seriously think of the whole plot before going loco on the keyboard!

Well guys i need to sleep... Goodnight

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