Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Zhihao was bored, out of his wits, he kept seeing that lolita thingy, walking around playing with some energy ball, just throwing it up and down. Zhihao thought, yeah she's bored.

Since Zhihao can't ask, he spoke, :"you are doing this because you like boring stuffs, now that it is boring its a wonderful feeling" Zhihao smiled to Verushka.

Verushka tilted her head then said :"What the heck are you talking about? did something hit your head? you are not making any sense at all. have your brain gone bad after doing nothing? of all the type of people that could come, the stupid one came." Verushka looked at Zhihao weirdly like looking at a dog that started speaking.

Verushka sighed then said :"Just do your own thing, i`ll do my own, im waiting for invaders, or other human survivors, then after alot of you guys are here. you guys can go together. its better that all of you die on the way, rather than you dying one by one, If you guys die one by one, the enemies would just follow your steps and come here to destroy my serendipity, well so long as i stay here, it will be safe, unless two of those things come together.

Zhihao cant help but sigh, then he just had the urge to talk, and keep talking.

Zhihao : Have you eating anything?

Verushka continued playing with the ball.

Zhihao : Have you ever thought of human lives?

Verushka still kept continuing the game she's playing with.

Zhihao :"Have you fallen inlove with me?" Zhihao smiled as he said this but still, Verushka kept playing with the balls.

Zhihao :"Are you a virgi..." before finishing the word, Zhihao already had a red mark on his forehead. but dafuq? Verushka is still playing with the ball. then Zhihao continued :"are you still a...." PLAK! A crisp sound echoed in his ears as his forehead bled.

Zhihao looked at Vershka then, she's still playing with the ball! Then who threw the fcking ball?!.

Zhihao scanned around,. but still found nobody, he was gonna ask again, this time his two hands are already on his forehead, then he was gonna continue, but as soon as he opened his mouth, something white flew in his face! hitting his nose, now both his nose and forehead is bleeding,.

As Zhihao was just doing this, so that Verushka could get annoyed and let him go to the place she had mentioned, but it is not working. so Zhihao silently sat down 100 meters away from Verushka and tried to think of some way.

After a few moments, Zhihao and Verushka felt something, Verushka looked at Zhihao, as he had the same reaction at the same time! Verushka thought 'This guy is not ordinary', then she looked at the the place where she felt the weird feeling.

Zhihao first exclaimed :"Enemies, 10,000 maybe?, damn it, but there are atleast 900 vanguards, but why are they so weak, mostly at?Nascent Sprite realm,heading here. what the hell, are they scouts? damn it, did they follow me here?."

Verushka said calmly, :"Idiot, those 900 vanguards you are talking about are your people, stupid, they are of the human race, but why are they together, and why are they bringing an army of the enemies here."

Zhihao :"My people? then they arent bringing the army, they are being chased." after knowing this, Zhihao immediately prepared to fight, but before that, he gave Verushka one Sacred Origin pill and said :"You can only use it once. Save it until your last breathe". after saying it, Zhihao immediately prepared to encounter them.

Zhihao equipped instantly his Emperor's flame sovereign set, and withdrew his sword. instantly flames emerged with the sword and robe, Zhihao breathed heavily, if he encountered one of those Descendent beings, Zhihao wouldn't be able to handle them together. Then he ran forward, ready to encounter the enemy and save the survivors. Verushka looked at him then exclaimed. :"He is using close combat skills even though he has a high grade fire elemental equipment? what kind of stupidity is this?" Verushka pondered a bit as he looked at Zhihao's silhouette getting farther and farther away, then said :"So, he really is an idiot " Verushka Giggled slight before, turning her eyes on the ball again.

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