Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Drak Seituro the world our host currently lives in.

Zhihao Lv : 340

HP : (2624/429,088)

SP : (3650/129,912)

Zhihao foresaw his death! then a notification suddenly popped up.


-Activating Time Steal (Quest points consumed 100,000)

Immediately all things paused, even Zhihao, but he can clearly see everything. the foresight he saw was now blurred. but was still there


=Host, I can help you like this only three times. now you used one. I know it would be hard for you, they are an invading Species, also one of the strongest in the Universe, and the guy holding you is one of their captains, you know? captains? after the soldiers? there are still 10 more grades above them, in my calculation they would also invade your previous world in about 18,921 years, well Humans that time would've evolved and aren't the ones you would know, combining genes, and etc. well that was for the future, what you have to worry now is the present you.


Zhihao nodded in his head, although he cant move and talk in his mind, he can still move. this type of power is deliberately overpowered.

=I halted the process of my upgrade so as to help you for this time, i know you think this as a joke, but i was seriously upgrading the system. now the current agenda. you owe me 99,874 quest points, so i cant really have you die here. these creatures are called Lokratiz Soaran, and they have this instinct to dominate everything, even the system world, but we are on neutral stand. they tried to invade us but failed after just seeing our planets, you know, our great system lord, controlled their strongest one, then annihilated that feel, they surrendered and went back 100,000 planets away from us. soo hey Host, i`d like to remind you and wish you a happy future, you should be able to deal with it,

The system Summoned the Sacred Origin Pill inside Zhihao's mouth. Zhihao nodded, as he now understood, that the system really is one hell of a kind guy, but a lazy and foul mouthed one.


=Host, the time is about to return to normal, do your best, i needed time until you have reached Divine Spirit realm to return, do your best to survive, this 3 time help comes with a 5 year cooldown, so you cant rely on it for the time being, See you again after Reaching Divine Spirit realm! Bzzzzt!






After the countdown, Zhihao immediately swallowed the pills, and used all the skills and passives that he has. the descendent Alien noticed that something happened. then smirked. Seeing the smirk, Zhihao knew that it had noticed something.

Zhihao immediately kicked the Alien's abdomen to escape, it was effective. Zhihao immediately unleashed his power! [Heavenly Flash Sword] 1,000 times. noticing it the alien opened its palm unleashing a barrier to protect itself. alot of its comrades died behind him as Zhihao unleashed his skills.

The Descendent said :"^#@$G #[email protected]#$ GO ,@#[email protected]#[email protected]#^$O [email protected]#NE [email protected]#ONE

[email protected]%$#^%[email protected]!#[email protected]#[email protected]# [email protected]#*!" the Alien said, then turned back, then all the aliens looked at Zhihao then went back.

Zhihao knew that it meant mercy, as they can easily crush him, he immediately rushed out and followed Ning'er and Xiao'er's path of retreat, when he came to the camp, it was already ruined, A lot of Dead cultivators! even Meng Luo is dead, then he immediately run to Black Wind county.

after 2 minutes, Zhihao saw the Black wind County in ruins! and alot of those dead was their clanmen!. even the 5 heavenly established realm experts are dead, then he checked everyone in the county, he scanned with his spirit sense. he checked all the corpse one after the other, he sighed in relief but felt hatred coming out from his heart. this was his clansmen!.

After that he went to check the surroundings. he saw buildings being build, stones floating and flying around the buildings too. Zhihao evaded them while going to the other clan's, Ling Clan was in ruined Wentian is not within the corpses, then he went further East. Shen clans is in ruins too. he noticed that all the family elders, and higher ups are not the ones that died, he also saw footsteps going north! Zhihao followed the traces left behind, in a Tree there was something written,

"Zhihao, if you are reading this that means you are safe, we are currently escaped the enemies that you have fought. they dont follow us if we escape, but strangely they kept building things as if constructing an empire. Husband, Me and Xiao'er misses you already, please be safe, please read this, please i beg of you. return to us in one piece, we're heading north. we dont know when will we stop, but the invasion came from south. so north is our only option, Husband, we both will wait for you."

Zhihao was happy, he smiled knowing that Ning'er and Xiao'er are safe. then he noticed something. "They dont chase"? Then he remembered something "MERCY?"

Zhihao gritted his teeth, he needed to take them out this world, if it was the last thing he would do. he headed further north, but left and right, he only saw kingdoms in ruin, alien buildings being built, he started to madly rush to north lesser and lesser Zhihao found less and less of these building,

Zhihao continued to move forward, then he saw a place it was still intact! Zhihao became happy, as it would be good if all their members are still alive. after he arrived, he searched with his Spirit sense, there were no one here, he stretched his reach and finally found someone, he went there immediately.

Zhihao saw a woman there, zhihao immediately called out, "Hey! Where are the others?"
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    《Supreme Martial System》