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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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30 Hello?

Zhihao dragged Ning'er and Xiao'er to the spot where one of the Fallen Star had landed, he wanted to crack the stones, and get alot of wealth, by the size of it, Zhihao could get atleast 10,000 pieces out of it!

after 15 mins of running Zhihao finally saw a big crater in the middle was the Star!, but after he looked carefully, it has been smashed in 10 similarly pieces, like a flower that bloomed, then he checked, there we're things that are coming out! he cant see how many there are, if calculated in a specific method, it would be more or less 100,000! after a few moments, those things noticed Zhihao's probing, they immediately turned into human sized things!

Zhihao was shocked,he thought 'these things? are? Aliens? WTF?' it looked like a humanoid, some had four feet with no arm, but has a big mouth in the middle! the humanoid has light behind them forming into wings, with blades on their knuckles, while others looked the same but can fly, and has no blades, the ones with four legs, opened their mouths and Shoot some kind of energy to Zhihao's location and BOOOM! the power was like the same as an Atomic bomb! Zhihao blocked with his body, then Notifications popped up in the corner of his eyes.

-240 HP!

-840 HP!

-840 HP!


-840 HP!

-240 H....


Zhihao was dumb founded, what the heck are these things? he checked his stats then was yet again shocked!

Zhihao Lv : 182

HP : (45,380/94,000)

SP : (32850/32850)

Zhihao cant sense any cultivation level, but he can feel some kind of energy coming from them, especially the flying Humanoids. he was worried because it is near his clan's area. Zhihao looked at Ning'er and Xiao'er then said, :"RUN! INFORM THE CLANS TO EVACUATE!! NOW!" after saying that, Zhihao immediately rushed forward.

Ning'er and Xiao'er was shocked, three of these things fell from the sky!, where are the other two!

Ning'er and Xiao'er was hestitating now, Zhihao is strong, but they dont know how far he can go fighting that lots of enemies. after Ning'er and Xiao'er calmed down, they smiled at each then retreated. after a few seconds they both looked back at the same time, then aimed at the most populated area of the UIB(Un Identified Beings) then casted.

Ning'er :" [Glacial Storm!]!

Xiao'er :" [Bleeding Heaven]!

After both had casted the skills an, Glacial Storm created a Icy hailstorm while Bleeding heaven summoned thousands of Energy spears down to the enemies. the enemies made a defensive formation, but only a few hundred was dead, and less than thousand was injured. Blue blood flowed out, glowing from these aliens,. Seeing this, the both wanted to go back and help Zhihao, but are worried, what if the other two hits their Clan? and Zhihao only has two things he wanted to protect, his wives, and his clans,

Ning'er and Xiao'er looked at each other, they've spent half of their spiritual energy, just from that, they knew that it will turn into a crisis if they got into the town.

Zhihao smiled when he saw they finally retreated. He immediately acted and used his skills.

Zhihao :"[Heavenly Flash sword]!" Zhihao heard some weird noises, Woom woom wooom... a barrier appeared in front of him, and blocked 10 flashes of his skill, not even being able to penetrate. then he saw 3 weird boxes floating behind the bladed humanoids. casting the shield, the bladed humanoids unleashed their energy and focused it on their blades. they charged at Zhihao immediately.

Humanoid Alien :" [email protected]#&[email protected]#&% [email protected]#&&%*@#$*& @#$(((!

Zhihao was shocked, They are talking to each other! then he prepared to engage them in the Fight! he was worried because he only had one skill for attack, he casts [Heavenly Gale steps], then used [Heavenly Flash Sword] together.

Humanoid Alien : "^#$%** @#$((!* !!! " the aliens formed a into a wedge formation then charged at Zhihao, the one incharge hold his hands in the middle then blocked the Heavenly flash sword, but he underestimated the attack and was killed with 8 others behind him. after they were killed another 8 immediately filled in the gap and continued to charge!


-85,450 Experience received

-85,450 Experience received

-85,450 Experience received

-85,450 Experi....


Zhihao couldn't be bothered to look at the notification as he focused his attention on the enemies. Zhihao saw that they looked at each other then charged at him, they formed into a triangular formation, the one that was always talking was in front. he died, but was already replaced by some other one.

Zhihao was thinking that 'They have no leader! but they got good team work all of them are soldiers! the leaders are not present!' after figuring that out Zhihao got sweats, soldiers that are brave, and followed orders to death, are very dangerous he thought 'I HAVE TO HOLD OUT!, I HAVE TO HOLD OUT!' he kept using [Heavenly Flash Sword]'

Zhihao pulled out a skill in his inventory then learned and maxed the skills out.

[Sword Master] (Passive) (Lv 10)

-Increases Sword mastery in minimum Margin

-Drains 20 mana per minute if used

[Eagle Eye] (Passive) (Lv 10)

-Can See angles of the enemies in front and sides lasts 30minutes (Cooldown 5Days)

-Drains 150 mana per minute

[Foresight] (Passive) (Lv 15)

-Has a 5% chance of seeing the enemy's movement per second

-Drains 55 mana per minute

[Moment's Delayed] (Active) (Lv 20)

-Slows Down time for 15 seconds when used

-Drains 100 mana per second for 15seconds (Cooldown 5 hours)

[Swordsmanship Mastery] (Passive) (Lv 10)

-Increases Sword mastery in Medium Margin

-Drains 80 mana per second when used

[Sword Wielding Technique] (Passive) (Lv 10)

-When equipping swords, increases damage done by 25%

[Ancient Sword Techinique] (Passive) (Lv 10)

-Increases Sword mastery in Large margin

-Drains 190 Mana per second

Zhihao after learning everything had a mild headache. learning the techniques instantly and alot of them at a time Wacks the head strongly. Zhihao focused again then activated everything.

Everything happened like this.


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After 4 hours of fighting, Zhihao had already killed a atleast 10,000 enemies, but Zhihao had already consumed 9 Sacred Origin pills. he saw his enemies we're still charging at him. he was already exhausted, but the enemies are still charging and numbered atleast at 120,000!, then he looked at the crater, he saw that some weird shaped boxes with thorns behind them are making a Civilization!

Zhihao saw that there we're already tens of buildings established! 4 hours it took them to make this happened, what will happen in a year?!, after seeing this, A pyramid thingy appeared in the sky! floating with 4 orbs surrounding it. He saw a black humanoid descending together with it, it has blue energies floating around it too,

After Zhihao had looked at it, that humanoid being noticed, and looked back at Zhihao's location. Immediately. that humanoid blinked infront of Zhihao.

Zhihao prepared to launch a counter attack, but was grabbed in the neck instantly. a strange thing occured.

Descendent Alient : " *[email protected]#%$& H.. [email protected]#!& [email protected]#&%[email protected]## Hel&[email protected]# [email protected]#*%& Hello?" that being Smiled. while looking at Zhihao, Zhihao sweated as he foresaw his death! [Foresight] (Passive) (Lv 15) Activated!

Zhihao Lv : 340

HP : (2624/429,088)

SP : (3650/129,912)
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    《Supreme Martial System》