Supreme Martial System
29 SACRED GROUND! : Appearance of three SUPERSTARS!
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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29 SACRED GROUND! : Appearance of three SUPERSTARS!

after pulling out Zenith's set, Zhihao immediately made Xiao'er equipped it, 'better late than regret it' are his current thoughts, after equipping the item Zhihao, immediately pulled out some spear techniques from his inventory.

Heavenly Pierce (Attack Skill)

Full Swing (Attack Skill)

Heart Seeker(Attack Skill)

Thousand Spear illusion (Attack Skill)

Bleeding Heaven (Attack skill)

Wind Wall (Defense skill)

Sylph's Myriad Movements(Movement skill)

Wind Escape (Life Preserving Skill)

Zhihao Handed this skills to Xiao'er and thought her how to learn them.

Zhihao dragged Xiao'er out of the courtyard and bought here to the place where Ning'er practiced her skills. Ning'er noticed Xiao'er's new equipped clothes, and followed them.

Ning'er caught up with them then asked, :"Testing skills?"

Zhihao Nodded, then replied :"Testing skills."

Xiao'er blushed then nodded her head, she looked at the snowy mountain then pointed her spear, gathering energy in her whole body, and directing it in the spear's tip, she said :"[Heavenly Pierce]!!"

the big Snowy mountain became a big snowy volcano! Ning'er, Xiao'er and Zhihao's eyes and mouth opened! these scene is EPIC!

After a while, they closed their mouths and sighed, Shen Xiao, looked at Zhihao in bewilderment, what kind of skills did Zhihao gave her?. but why does she even need to know, so long as he gave it to her, why bother thinking about it,

Shen Xiao said after sighing :"Thank you Young master "

Zhihao nodded and smiled, then Ning'er said, :"until when are you gonna call him young master? just call him Husband or Hao'er, be more sweet!" Ning'er said and laughed

Zhihao just sighed and said :"Lets go to the interview, after that we can eat."

after saying that, Zhihao and the babes went out to the interview booth.


The interview booth.

Su Gong sighed and said :"I wonder if there is really any benefits in doing this, we've done this for like almost two months, and we only received 500 people within the whole continent, all below average ones at that, and in this county, there aren't even one, atleast the Ma Tong got one from the Lei Clan... ahh, when will we even be able to get back to the sacred ground."

Three people appeared in the booth, Zhihao, Ning'er and Xiao'er, they looked at the booth and checked, there were flags in each of the five booths with writen words.

Heavenly Sovereign sacred ground

Eternal Blaze Sacred ground

Monarch of the East Sacred Grounds

Piercing Sword Sacred grounds

Frozen Palace Sacred Ground

the Interviewers were shocked! three children at Earth Establishment realm! and they looked to be around the age of 20s!

Zhihao just glared at the Eternal Blaze sacred ground for a bit, before turning his head to the Piercing Sword booth, he went there together with Ning'er and Xiao'er.

Noticing the Zhihao's glare, Su Gong Hmmped and turned his attention to the beauties. and became dazed, there were beauties within their sacred ground and even greater than these two but, they cant be reached by normal disciples like them.

Su Gong said :"Beauties, join our sacred ground, I`ll help you get more resources if you joined us!"

Ning'er and Xiao'er didn't even turn their gaze as both of them ignored him and looked at Zhihao's action and followed him.

Noticing it, Su Gong exclaimed in agitation :"Hmmmp! not knowing what's good for you! following a bumpkin toy boy around"

Although Zhihao didnt kill Sun Qian Kun, but there was a reason within it, his anger subsided because, what Sun Qian Kun said that time was reasonable, he knew he cant protect the Zhong clan was while he is out, getting protection out of forgiveness was something Zhihao didnt regret, but still, hurting his Wife, and 2nd wife, Zhihao is burning with anger. if Sun Qian Kun was the one who harmed his wives, he would've died on the spot. but since the perpetrator was already killed by his hands its a matter of the past, until he can leave the clean without worrying for their protection.

he calmed himself up, because he has no power to protect his clan while he was gone, or a sect behind him that can help him protect his clan. he can only make it out on his own, he'll immediately make a powerful sect to protect his family, or just making a kingdom would do, so long as there are powerful people that can protect his family its good, then he can kill Sun Qian Kun or the types of people that would harm his family.

Zhihao glared at Su Gong and spoke calmly :"One more word out of you and you`ll die!"

Su Gong Laughed he was already an Earth Establishment realm expert at stage 10, being threatened by someone at the 3rd stage, he couldn't stop laughing then said :"if you can that is, and would you even offend the people of the sacred ground? we're at the top of the food chain! you? your family? we can kill all of you without even blinking! HAHAHAHA"

Everyone has a reverse scale, and Zhihao even though he is currently stupid, once touched, you`ll die!

Zhihao looked at the guy next to Su Gong then said :" You should find a new interviewer in this booth, you`ll need it." then Zhihao placed his hand in his sword sheath then used [Heavenly flash sword]!

Su Gong prepared to intercept the move, but after gathering the spiritual energy within his body, he felt numb, then his vision was moving downwards, then like automatically rolling he saw his body! WITHOUT A HEAD! his vision went dark immediately.

Zhihao made his resolution, so long as you dont harm those close to me, i wont even budge if you make jokes about me, if you treat me with kindness, i`ll return it with interest!, but if you ever threaten my family in front of me, or even harmed a strand of hair, i`ll return it 100folds!

Zhihao looked at the head that rolled around the ground, then looked at the man that sat next to Su Gong. he sighed then proceeded to the Piercing sword sacred ground.

Zhihao said :"We'd like to enter(Not be interviewed but enter) your Sacred ground, we need to check what kind of things your sacred ground can provide us"

Meng Luo sighed and said, :"We only accept sword masters, you can be accepted, but are the both of them sword experts? which Cultivation are they using?"

Zhihao was shocked. then said :" This is Ling Ning'er she's a Ice type Cultivator using sword, and this is Shen Xiao, a Wind type cultivator using spears "

Meng Luo replied :" if Ling Ning'er is an Ice type cultivator, she can head to the Frozen Palace Sacred Ground that sacred ground is suitable for Ice Type cultivators, and as for Shen Xiao, she should go to the Heavenly Sovereign sacred ground, that place is at a Mountain Peak and is very suitable for Wind Based Cultivators."

after finishing saying everything, Meng Luo looked at Zhihao waiting for his answer.

Zhihao said :"I`ll think about it for now, we`ll need to eat first" then looked at Ning'er and Xiao'er before going outside. to Eat.

Meng Luo sighed then nodded.

After Going out Zhihao was shocked! there are three stars falling from the sky! then he scanned it with his Spirit sense! Cultivation stones!

Three big meteorites are falling! and are actually spiritual stones!

Zhihao exclaimed said quickly to Ning'er and Xiao'er :"Wives, look! the appearance of three SUPERSTARS!"..
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    《Supreme Martial System》