Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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Shen Xiao and Ning'er felt something happened. but they kept closing their eyes, then Zhihao called them and said :"Hey wake up! the court's in alot of dusts! we should let the maids clean this place up!."

When Ning'er and Shen Xiao heard it, they opened their eyes, then noticed that they had their realms reached a new height! Ning'er entered Earth Establishment realm and is at 7th stage! Shen Xiao was amazed too as she was now in Earth Establishment realm as well! 4th stage!

when they saw Zhihao, they we're Surprised! he was in Earth Establishment realm as well and on the 3rd stage!.

Shen Xiao and Ning'er was both exclaimed at the same time. "Zhihao how'd we, how come we're, what had happened!" they we're both opening their Eyes as wide as they can waiting for Zhihao's explanation.

Zhihao smiled and nodded, as he dont know how to answer aswell and just said : "The chant i thought you guys worked right? i think its called 'Entering the Enlightenment!' isnt that so?"

Xiao'er and Ning'er nodded, then they all went out. Zhihao checked his stats before following up.

Status information :

Name : Zhong Zhihao

Age : 14 Years Old

Host's Level : 182 (19840/54990)

Cultivation Level : Earth Establishment realm 3rd stage( 6920/145800)

Cultivation Power : +320 (Damage of Cultivation type skills like Frost arrow, flame scourge, and such)

Cultivation Spirit : 34,060 ( Like mana, Needed for casting skills)

Cultivation Technique :

Divine Might cultivation Technique. (Grand Master)

Ephemeral Cultivation Formation (Grand Master)

Cultivation Skills :

Heavenly Sword Flash (Heavenly) Lv : 10

Heavenly Gale Steps -Movement Technique- (Heavenly) Lv : 10

Thunder Iron Body -Defensive skill- (Heavenly) Lv : 10

Demonic Life Leech -Life Preserving skill- (Epic) Lv : 5

Strength : 5489 (+7870)

Agility : 4988 (+7155)

Stamina : 7715(+12,444)

Wisdom : 3870(+10,416)

Intelligence : 4150 (+12,880)

Virtue : 980 (+98)

Attribute Points : 850

Skill Points : 153

Current Quest points : 129

Zhihao was planning to gift a set of armor to Shen Xiao but seeing the state of the courtyard, they couldnt change because there are dirts everywhere so Zhihao decided to hold these thoughts until the courtyard is cleared.

They immediately went to the chamber, and took a bath "Together" and "Did" "Something" you guys like, but i wont narrate cus its just some words increaser! . and i have alot to say in this chapter, and it would atleast be 1000 words, just to make it shorter, they took a bath in the chamber and made some POW POW POW! and PUF PUF PUF Sounds, because the water in the the courtyard haven't been replaced for 60days straight! and there are already worms wriggling inside!, so just the chamber will do for now, its wide enough that they can move in it, so thats good enough for some actions.

after taking a bath and getting themselves dressed, Zhihao and the babes went straight to to the great hall, after arriving they Greeted Zhihao's father Zhong Ru feng, the others already went back 59 days ago, After Shen Ming was punished for a night. :"Greetings father" all three of them greeted in the same time.

Ru Feng Smiled and said, "i have an important message to tell you three. the Sacred grounds is recruiting talents started when you guys went to cultivate" Ru Feng smiled and continued "The legendary sacred grounds can give you better treatment than the 'Celestial Palace academy' 100 folds. i know that we had a clash with Eternal Flames Sacred Ground, but i hope you guys can leave that be as there are still 4 of them"

Zhihao and the two nodded, past is past, though if something really happened, one of the sacred grounds would've been erased already. and the demon and beast kin's invasion would've succeeded.

Ru Feng continued again and said, :"we didnt know it, but something happened when we we're thrashed by that old man, the Demon Race and Beast Kin. and almost won!, they unexpectedly retreated, and the human race survived, but the damage done to the sacred grounds are immeasurable the original power they had was decreased into 2/5 from their power before, so they are searching for new talents to fight for the human race and give their resources in a basis of Monthly. Performances, mission, etc."

Zhihao was shocked! how come his father knew all of this, so he asked :"Father, how'd you know alot of this informations?"

Ru Feng Laughed and then said :"Actually your father really is capab..." before he can finish Ruo Mei coughed a little and continued :"Because the sacred grounds are announcing it to the whole continent, that the human race had suffered a humiliating defeat against the demons and beast kin, so you wouldn't find anyone in our continent that doesn't know. every villages was sent 2 men of each sacred grounds, and every county has 10 people each sacred ground, 100 people each for the Region lords, while 500 people each on every kingdom, they are searching rapidly incase another invasion happens. our county has 10 people each sacred ground doing some interview. they wont leave and will be stationed in all their locations until they are given notice to return. so you guys should go and try."

Zhihao and the babes nodded and replied "Yes Mother,"

then left, after coming back to the chamber, Zhihao asked for Xiao'er opinion of what kind of power she would like.(Well MC didnt ask Ning'er a choice because he thought Ning'er would've looked good with Frost Queen's Fairy Set! Selfish as fck)

Shen Xiao was confused as she didnt know how to answer, but then she thought about it for 15minutes then she spoke : "wind is good right? i can move faster and... and... " Xiao'er paused then continued :"I can come to you as fast as i can when you, you, you need me " Xiao'er blushed and buried her head on her chest (D Cup).

Zhihao Blushed, and said : "Ok wait, let me check"

Then he found some ass kicking costume!

Zenith's shadow wind battle gear set (10/10)

Zenith's battle Spear

Zenith's battle Gown

Zenith's Push up Bra

Zenith's Battle Boots

Zenith's Armguard

Zenith's Helm

Zenith's Shoulder Guard

Zenith's Back wing

Ring of the Wind God

Zenith's battle necklace

Combined Zenith's Shadow wind battle gear Set effect and attributes :

Item Level : 1st Level

Grade : Divine

Damage : 4980 - 15,940

Defense : 9,480

Option Granted : Critical Damage dealth will increased by 400%

Option Granted : Increases Critical Rate by 80%

Option Granted :Additional 20% Critical Rate when fighting Water Attributed Creatures

Option Granted : Has a chance to evade enemie's attack by 30%

Option Granted : Gives a wind based Air shield around the User whenever a damage of 30% of the user's HP was received from the enemies, (Shield Absorption 15,000 damage)

Completely Nullify the Damage if it is Mid tier, or Low Tier water skills.

Strength : 2,800

Agility : 48,917

Stamina : 6,969

Wisdom : 5,450

Intelligence : 7,320

Bonus Option : gives a shield that absorbs 30% of the damage taken.

Bonus Option : In Night, Gives additional 50% damage as bonus

Bonus Option : Has a 2% Chance to nullify any kind of damage

Set's skill : Wind Walk ( Cooldown 1 hour )

Set's skill : Ghost walk ( Cooldown 1 day )

Set's skill : Shadow Dance (Cooldown 30seconds )

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