Supreme Martial System
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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after testing out the skills and items, they both went back to the chamber, when they got back, they saw Shen Xiao, sitting infront of the door, waiting for them, when she saw the both of them, she smiled and bowed to the both, while blushing and said :"I`ve already remade the bed and changed the cover, uhh there was a stain so i had to change it!" after talking like that, Zhihao and Ning'er nodded and smiled at here,

Ning'er said :"why be polite to your sister and husband, you should act "more naturally", and Zhihao actually "like it" too, so dont be worried to show your "True self". after Ning'er finished speaking. Shen Xiao immediately blushed again!, fully red from neck to head!,

As usual, Zhihao didnt get anything at malicious at all! and only smiled and nodded, then Shen Xiao smiled and nodded.

the three of them went inside to sleep, (Nothing Happened)


when the three of them woke up, the maids entered the chamber as usual to help them get dressed.

Zhihao looked around but havent found Yi Yan at all! Zhihao just thought that she got assigned to a new working place. ;)

after a few minutes, the three of them walked to the Great hall, with Zhong Ru Feng, Ling Wentian, and with a new addition! Shen Ming has joined the fray!. after a few minutes when they arrived, Ru Feng and Wentian didnt speak, as they only looked at the Young generations nervously, Since shen Ming was not able to wait for them to respond he asked away!

Shen Ming : "So how's the night Xiao`er? did it hurt? would i be having a grandson soon? hahaha it would be great if you get a s...." but before he can finish speaking, he saw Ru Feng and Wentian looked to the right! then he also looked there but found nothing, but when he returned his vision to the youngsters, he saw something in the the left side of his, three silhouettes entered the great hall.

Shen Xiao blushed pinkishly as she got shy all of a sudden.

Shen Ming got nervous too as he looked at the two brothers to his right, but they are still looking at their RIGHT!. then Shen Ming gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

then a woman suddenly said :"Dear husband we shall have a little chat after this meeting!" it was Shen Ming's wife Bai Suoyan.

Shen Ming looked at Ru Feng and Wentian in a begging manner, when both of them was about to talk, they saw that Ruo Mei, and Ruo Lin we're smiling at them charmingly!.

They froze and at the same time, the both of them made a sound "UHUM!"

Ru Feng and Wentian experienced what just happened days ago, so they just exclaimed in their hearts ; 'they planned it before! they must have planned it before! i didnt know, but luckily we scanned the halls and found them lurking in the entrance!, we avoided a calamity befalling us!, we're so sorry brother shen, it is just a single night bare with it"

The three ladies sat next to their husband's. Ruo Lin and Ruo Mei, let Bai Suoyan spoke, since they had already did it 8days ago. she said :"Xiao'er i`d like a grand daughter, dont listen to your dad."

after saying that the patriarch's expression was filled with black lines on their foreheads. the both of 'you are the same, why even get angry at Shen Ming' both the Patriarch and their waves said in their thoughts.

Xiao'er replied with :"Yes mother," then blushed.

after that they spoke about the the celestial palace academy that they would be going in within 2 months and a half.


Returning to Zhihao's courtyard, he pulled out a cultivation method.

and then appraised it again since i didnt explained it and didnt notice anyone that he bought it on chapter 20.

[Ephemeral Cultivation Formation] ( Divine )

Allows shared cultivation with groups of people suffering/gaining Cultivation Spirits at the same time.

-Maximum allowed people 6. the Contributor must be in the middle and the others are in a Minxing formation.

-Putting Cultivation stones around the Cultivator will increase its effect.

After Appraising Zhihao immediately learned the technique and maxed its level

[Ephemeral Cultivation Formation] ( Divine )

Allows shared cultivation with groups of people suffering/gaining Cultivation Spirits at the same time.

-Maximum allowed people 6. the Contributor must be in the middle and the others are in a Minxing formation.

-Putting Cultivation stones around the Cultivator will increase its effect.

-Effect : Increases cultivation by 6 folds.

Zhihao gave Shen Xiao a Yin Willow pill, and made her consume it. then Zhihao withdraw 1500 pieces of Mid level stones and gave 500 to Shen xiao and Ning'er, Ning'er was already used in this behavior, her husband pulling random shits around, so she was only shocked for like 3 seconds and came back to reality,

Shen Xiao was different, the only item she saw that Zhihao had used was the Shattered Medicinal pill. but now, Zhihao placed 500 Mid level stones in front of her! 5 pieces of this! can already buy their Entire Shen clan's assets. if her father ever had this thing, he would even treasure it like a heirloom! but now Zhihao is throwing it around her.

Shen Xiao was the strongest of them three before, but after yesterday, Ning'er for some unknown reason became the strongest in the widest margin. Shen Xiao was already proud of her cultivation, a 15 year old genius in Body formation realm! but infront of Ning'er who's in Transcendent Mortal realm, she was nothing.

then Zhihao said, "both of you close your eyes! we will be starting cultivation! properly meditate and kept saying this words, I want to be as rich as ball gits! and i want to own alot of Restaurant like Chef Rosy!" (In English) Zhihao poke a chant and repeated it two times so that both of them could remember it

then Zhihao said activated the Cultivation System then ordered the system : 'System activate cultivation mode!'


=Host, i Am currently in a vaca.... Upgrading mode and cant help you! you can use it manually just think of 'Cultivation mode' and it will start"

Zhihao was stunned, oh right! System left me! and i needed to be on Heavenly Establishment Realm before he appeared, then he was shocked and said in his mind : ' then how come you can reply ?'


=I need time to upgrade so i left voice messages in the system, calculating all your questions and only 1 question can be replied to, the system wont help you afterwards. you can use all the system's mechanics manually, but the "ME" , Quest, and Quest shop is inactive as host is stupid but lucky'

Zhihao was stunned again! then he asked, 'isn't the answer you`ve given me a 2nd one? how come you can still reply after saying the 2nd one?'


=Bzzzt! Bzzzt! Bzzzt! system. Bzzzt!. corrupted. Bzzzt. by. Bzzzzt! host Bzzzt! stupidity! Bzzzt!

The system will shut down and will awaken after the host has reached Heavenly Establishment realm.. AH! Bzzzzt!.

Zhihao was stunned and exclaimed 'WTF! FUDGE YOU!!!!' then he opened the Cultivation Mode and press cultivate!

and placed all necessary preparation.

Time of Cultivation : 55Days

When a Special Occasion occurs, host will wake up .
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    《Supreme Martial System》