Supreme Martial System
26 Humanity“s struggle Part 2
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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26 Humanity“s struggle Part 2

He also handed Ning'er some scrolls for cultivation and skills.

Scrolls :

Supreme Yin Heavenly frost Cultivation (Cultivation Technique)

-All killed Beings' cultivation would be absorb

Glacial storm (Attack Skill)

Frost Arrow (Attack Skill)

Frost Nova (Attack Skill)

Frost Ball (Attack Skill)

Ice Wall (Defense skill)

Ice Phoenix's Myriad Light (Movement skill)

Ice Phoenix's Rebirth Cage (Life Preserving Skill)

Zhihao gave the set and let Ning'er equipped it, then instructed Ning'er on how to absorb the skills.

Ning'er tried the method Zhihao thought her, and immediately, she got shocked!, all the movements to how to use the skill directly flooded her mind, then she looked at Zhihao in bewilderment, this husband has been getting more and more mysterious as time passes.

after that Zhihao Dragged Ning'er out, and Into the mountain, he wanted to see how powerful it was so Zhihao asked :"Ning'er try targeting that mountain far away! use all your skills!" Ning'er saw Zhihao's Excitement, but she was reluctant to use it, because, she has to do certain movements to use them fast enough. she blushed while thinking it then nodded.

seeing Ning'er Nodded he was excited!, then he saw Ning'er was so red! blood might ran out of her face anytime!, then Ning'er moved her hand stretched out with the sword, then shakily draw something in Thin air! it was a character "Bing" , then Followed up by Nova, then She spoke [Frost Nova]! the mountain instantly was splashed by ice, the mountain instantly turned into mount fuji! snow was falling down continuously, After Ning'er saw it, she smiled and got excited, immediately casting Freezing field! then the snowy mountain peak, turned into ice! all the snow turned into Ice and fall from the sky like charm needles dropping, she was having so much fun, but then remembered something, she blushed immediately, as she looked back to Zhihao,

seeing this Zhihao laughed, and kissed Ning'er's forehead, but then, a sudden feeling soar within Ning'er, Her cultivation level is increasing! and so much fast at that!

Elementary Realm!

Nascent Sprite realm!

Body Formation Realm!

Spirit Condensation Realm!

Transcendent Mortal Realm!

and finally it stopped at Earth Establishment realm! 10th stage!

Ning'er and Zhihao was shocked and just laughed it out, maybe heaven was being kind to them that night, yes two innocent souls walked out without confirming anything.


In the mountain the 10 silhouette stopped walking and saw a town, the female one immediately charged her hand with magic power, preparing to use her AoE skill to kill the villagers in the town [Nether void Shattering point]!, but then a powerful aura appeared and was slamming at her and the 9 others, the 4 Divine Spirit realm scattered out but still caught!, they cough out blood then ran farther away, the other 6 then was caught by the first attack, they are now at death's door, but then another powerful aura appeared it was 10x stronger, the 4 divine spirit realm ran away again as she saw the 6 escorts they bought with them turned into statues, a powerful skill like that would only belong to someone powerful, a Divine Might realm! OR EVEN HIGHER! this thoughts ran straight into the four of them.

then the Female spoke out loud :"Senior, thank you for showing mercy on four of us, we shall not move in closer to the human continent, please spare our men." the female looked at the other 3 then nodded, they both separated, the female was going to the Demon Race army, while the other two was going to the beast Kin."

in about an hour, the Demon and Beast Kin retreated fast enough, the report they heard could shatter their homes like stepping in on an ant, if they continued to provoke this existence, they would be the one suffering instead. both Race retreated,

The human Race, which was on the verge of losing, was shocked!, they we're down to 1/5 of the current number they had before, while the enemy still got 2/5 of theirs left! even if its both 1/5 the beast kin far outnumbered them by double, which means 2/5 is 4/5 of the human race's survivor.

After Seeing the Beast kin and Demon race retreating with sweats behind their back, the human's of the sacred ground shouted in celebration for the victory. only Wu Tianwu was pondering, what had happen to them that they would retreat like that. the 5 patriarch looked at each other, then nodded, they wouldn't chase a retreating enemy, and even if they did, they would only be seeking their own deaths, it has already been 300 years since the last coalition of Demon race and Beast kins attacked together the human race.

but still, they all sighed in relief, a victory is a victory, no matter what happened, its none of their business, every day the human race, demon beast, and Beast kin are fighting on the borders of Gailea continent, the Sacred grounds are suffering damage from damage, as it was really an unfavorable condition. Demon Race was born with high magic power, while Beast Kin are born with superior strength, But what do humans have when they we're born? none, it was a sure conclusion that after a few thousands of years, or even hundred of years. humanity will suffer, they would lack cultivators to fight the demon beast, and Beast kin

Humanity's survival hangs by a thread! Wu Tianwu thought things through then he sighed, after a while the other 2 patriarch of Heavenly Sovereign, Eternal Blaze sacred grounds arrived, wounded heavily, they smiled at the other three then nodded,

Tianwu asked them :"Mengkou?" the other two smiled then nodded, Tianwu looked at them with tears, then he said :"Thank you, for being alive!" Tianwu, Xiao Ming, and Xiao Long fought with Mengkou before, three of them couldn't get the upper hand with Mengkou, and now the weakest of 2 of from the 5 of them fought mengkou, and survived, Tianwu was a compassionate person, as he knew how hard it was for the two of them to have survived for humanity' purpose, he wept tears for them.

then Sun Xiong spoke, "my Son, he died. i`m proud of him for being in the front line and holding the ground against the demons, even though it was just a pastime for the demons, he still held the pride of the human Clan" Sun Xiong smiled then said :"I didnt birth a trash son, he was the best"

All patriarch nodded, after a few minutes of silence between them, Wu Tianwu spoke and changed the topic :" We need to open the sacred grounds to all the people in the continent! we need to recruit more warriors or else! we'll face the calamity of extinction!"

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