Supreme Martial System
25 Humanity“s Struggle Part 1
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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25 Humanity“s Struggle Part 1

West side of Galea continent two forces are fighting out their way for survival!

Piercing Sword Sacred Grounds, Frozen Palace Sacred Ground, Monarch of the East Sacred Grounds are struggling with the fight against the Beast Kins!, the Beast Kin's Dragon race are of one of the highest fighting forces within the beast territory!, Being pushed back by the Beast Kin's advancing momentum, the human race are retreating Steadily,

Although humanity has alot of population, only 20% out of the 100% within the population are Cultivators, but the Beast kin, since birth, has superior strength since birth compared to humans, and some of their races has superior abilities like, Hearing, Sight, Smell, etc.

Even Demon Kin felt inferior towards the Beast clan but they disdain them, as they dont look elegant. by their taste, they are just muscles.

Human Race East war with Beast kin

Beast Kin :

Heavenly establishment Realm more than 8,900

Divine Origin realm more than 3890

Divine Body realm more than 890

Divine Spirit realm only 1

Piercing Sword Sacred Grounds

Frozen Palace Sacred Ground

Monarch of the East Sacred Grounds

Combined force

Human Race :

Heavenly establishment Realm more than 5,600

Divine Origin realm more than 2100

Divine Body realm more than 496

Divine Spirit realm only 3

Sword Monarch Wu Tianwu sighed, the number of enemies almost double their numbers, he sighed and said to the other patriarch :"Ying Mai, Xiao Long, either we get out of this victorious, or die will be determined, come with me, lets find out in this war. if we can still have a human race or not,"

Both Ying Mai and Xiao Long smiled and nodded, Xiao Long spoke "Yes old friend, we've lived our lives already, let us give it our all and let the future generations have a peaceful future "

Ying Mai the frozen fairy of Frozen Palace Sacred Ground smiled, the Queen of Poker face, smiled in public for the first time, then she spoke :"I haven't even gotten a husband, i`m only 158 years old, while you guys are already 300 plus, its unfair for a youth like me to die with you guys" jokingly said.

Wu Tianwu and Xiao long Smiled, Ying Mai, smiling and joking, was a miracle, all the patriarch tried to woo her before, but end up being a failure, they dont know if she's encouraging them or just saying it out of whim, but, they sure like to try to woo this frozen fairy again.

The three patriarchs smiled and roar! "FORWARD! MEN!, FOR HUMANITY!" after roaring, all the men and women in their back, shouted and advanced, fearless, they charged, knowing that everything, their family, friends, and such would die if they failed to stand their ground and forced the enemy out. the fierce fight started as the world was waiting for the outcome.


Outside Black wind county

there are 10 Silhouette a 50 kilometers away, they spoke with each other

Divine Body realm 6

Divine Spirit realm 4

a Female spoke :"Hey! are you guys sure that there is a big fluctuation of Spirit here yesterday?"

then a male spoke :"Ofcourse, why would we even make something up like that. its not like we would benefit from it"

the female voice spoke again :"Hmmp! ok let us go forward" the human continent only have 5 Divine Spirit realm, so im wondering what kind of treasure was that, or if it isn't a treasure, it would be a powerful human,. i just wish it wouldn't be an Old monster from the ancient era that decided to stay in the human continent to protect it, if it is, all of us should scatter, but if it's a treasure, all of us will scatter it ;)"


Meanwhile Black wind county, Zhihao's chamber, it was almost dawn, when Zhihao woke up, he saw Ning'er staring at the window, Zhihao approached Ning'er and hugged her from behind, by both of them talked for sometime before Zhihao withdrew a set of Equipment and scrolls from his inventory,

Frost Queen's Fairy set (8/8)

Frost Queen's Flexible sword

Frost Queen's Sylph Robe

Frost Queen's Sylph Huasheng

Frost Queen's Heels

Frost Queen's Bracelet

Frost Queen's Necklace

Frost Queen's Ring

Frost Queen's Gloves

Combined Emperor's Set effect and attributes :

Item Level : 1st Level

Grade : Divine

Damage : 4850 - 5488

Defense : 7,232

Option Granted : All frost based skills are boosted 100%

Option Granted : Deals additional 100% Water Elemental damage.

Option Granted : Deals additional 200% damage to Fire type Creatures

Option Granted : Reduces water type damages received by 99%

Option Granted : Fire Based damage would be decreased by 50% if it is a high level skill

Completely Nullify the Damage if it is Mid tier, or Low Tier Fire skills.

Strength : 2,800

Agility : 6,580

Stamina : 5,350

Wisdom : 15,890

Intelligence : 31,815

Bonus Option : gives a shield that absorbs 30% of the damage taken.

Bonus Option : In Night, Gives additional 50% damage as bonus

Bonus Option : Has a 2% Chance to nullify any kind of damage

Set's skill : Freezing Field ( Cooldown 3 Days )

Skill Enhancement : Decreases casting time of all Ice type spells but would need some movements

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