Supreme Martial System
23 Calamity
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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23 Calamity

After calling out to Zhihao, she blushed, but still she couldn't move, then Zhihao looked at her and drew a Shattered Medicinal Pill, he gave directly placed it inside Shen Xiao's mouth, Shen Xiao smiled and swallowed the pill, then some irritations formed inside her, she felt ants crawling inside her body!, then after a few seconds, she couldn't feel pain anymore, she slowly stretched her arm, then stood up slowly, she teared up after seeing that all the bones on her body is fixed!

After witnessing this, Shen Ming immediately ran and hugged her!, the excitement in his heart was understandable because having a daughter that was crippled a moment ago cured in just a few seconds, was a joy only a loving father can know.

Shen Ming looked at Zhihao then calmly said :"Please take care of my daughter for me "

Zhihao smiled and said :"yes ," but then he suddenly realized something, 'take care of her daughter? uhh why me?' he wanted to ask but Ning'er nodded and said :"Leave it to us, i`ll take care of her like a real sister" (Family's sister means an additional wife, but Zhihao knew nothing)

Zhihao was bewildered. how come they are talking about something he couldnt grasped about?, then he looked at Ning'er in puzzlement. but he dont want to ruin this atmosphere and walked to Sun Qian kun.

Zhihao said :"Take care of this town for me, i`ll be leaving within 2months,"

Sun Qian kun immediately nodded, then ordered 5 of his men to stay behind, while they walked back to the sacred ground.

Zhihao heard Ning'er talk again.

Ning'er : "Would today be fine for you?" She was talking to Shen Xiao

Shen Xiao nodded and confirmed :"Yes" she blushed and looked at Zhihao,

Shen Ming, and the other patriarch smiled and talked to each other as they left the 3 alone, seeing that the event is already finished, they didnt seem to want the mood of the town and clans men to be down, so they also wanted to celebrate so as to lift this mood up.

Zhong Ru Feng ordered everyone to prepare for this afternoon then went back to his quarters to tend to the affairs of the clan.


Ning'er spoke to Shen Xiao : "let's go to Hao'er's chamber, i`ll fix you up for the afternoon"

Shen Xiao blushed and nodded like a good little sister then said :"Yes, sister."

Ning'er walked away with Shen Xiao, and all the clan's people left too, leaving all genius Zhihao alone in the middle. he was shocked, as the hero of the day, why was he left alone, he sighed and went to his courtyard to relax for a bit.

Ling clan, Shen clan, and Zhong clan's clansmen are talking while drinking ale, alot of people we're discussing about today's event. while the servants of the clan prepared the banquet and etc.

the three patriarch are talking with each other, as shen ming sent a clan's man of his to fetch his wife, Her daughter is going to be married, so Shen Ming thought that if she weren't here, Shen Ming will suffer alot of torment after coming back.

Ruo Lin and Ruo Mei was speaking to each other lively. talking about things related to their son and daughter, and etc.


After an hour, maids arrived at Zhihao's courtyard and started to fix him, dressing him elegantly, Zhihao sighed as, just having a banquet, would require him to dress fully. he cant disobey since its his fathers orders, if not, why would the maids even reject the rejection of Zhihao.

Zhihao came to the greathall again, and this time it was Shen Xiao fully dressed like, how Ning'er was before, Zhihao was shocked then he looked at Ning'er Besides him then ask :"why is this happening, who's getting married? "

Ning'er Laughed : "aren't you playing too much innocence if you say that?" Ning'er laughed as she kissed Zhihao's cheeks.

the Wedding ceremony played like what happened between Ning'er and Zhihao, but now its a bit different, as Ning'er was there to help Shen Xiao,

The night went beautiful as the full moon showered the ground with its dim light.


Sun Qian near the Sacred grounds 1km away

While Sun Qian was returning to Eternal Blaze Sacred ground, alot of men blocked his path

After Seeing this, Sun Qian sweated, these are not humans! DEMONS!!

Sun Qian Gritted his teeth, as he said to a subordinate :"CALL FOR REINFORCEMENT NOW!"

1 Subordinate immediately flew so fast, while stretching his sound transmission device, then when he saw that 3 divine Origin realm warriors are following him, and slowly closing the gap between them. he sighed then shouted : "FOR THE HUMAN RACE!"

when the subordinates and Sun Qian Kun heard, they all smiled at each other saying :" let's survive this and drink, brothers!, your family will be taken care of,! in my WORD!"

the 11 subordinates smiled, and nodded, their young master is not bad, he's just too much willful, when the old man contacted the young master, but he only came there to assist, and asked what happen, he wasn't planning on killing anyone, but just know where the Yin an Yang pill.

They all smiled and smiled : "Yes young master!, FOR THE HUMAN RACE!"

Sun Qian Smiled and shouted too following his subordinates to war :"FOR THE HUMAN RACE!" (he may be a coward, but that cowardice is only for other humans to see, what benefits would a human fight a human gain, while they are surrounded by Beast kin, and Evil Race)

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