Supreme Martial System
22 Zhihao.....
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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22 Zhihao.....

Author's note :Chapter 21 is updated! read it's full version first before this, dont rush!


Sun Qian Kun stared at his spear that is in the hands of Zhihao who seemed like it caught a fly, he started to sweat immediately, as he rushed in front of Zhihao. the rest of the 17 all rushed together behind Sun Qian Kun, if they cant protect their master, they would be killed by the patriarch of the Eternal Blaze Sacred ground. hiding would be impossible as the patriarch has strong Spirit Sensor. so atleast if they died protecting Sun Qian Kun, their family might be spared, and bought to the mortal realm.

Zhihao was dazed but when he saw Sun Qian kun he immediately stood up! the way Zhihao saw it. Sun Qian Kun casually threw the spear, but still dealth damage. he prepared himself, for the next attack. but then he was shocked.

Sun Qian kun after rushing madly with all of his strength, stopped infront of Zhihao and immediately bowed. then he said : "Young master, forgive this ignorant kid for being too willful! please i beg for mercy! please spare this little life of mine! if you can spare me, we can make all sorts of promise, we'll take care of this town and even nurture them! please, we'll take care of them for thousands of years! please young master be magnanimous just this once and forgive this ant for showing disrespect" (pssh! coward bitch)

Seeing their master begged, all the 17 of them also kneeled and said with unison : "We beg young master's forgiveness"

Zhihao was shocked! his eyes was opened wide as he didnt predict the other side to beg for mercy right after throwing the spear.

Seing Zhihao only opened his eyes, Sun Qian kun sweated! as he was in a perilous position, his image of Zhihao's stare was a glare from the death god!. he immediately spoke again to calm this god of calamity infront of him.

Sun Qian kun : "Young master! as a cultivator, you are always away! this time, you`ve arrived earlier and manage to save them all! but if another incident occured like this and you are in a far away place! what would've happened will not be simple injury!, Young master if you can Pardon this fault of ours, i could protect this place in your stead!."

Zhihao was shocked, and realized that what this guy said is true!, then he spoke. :"Then this spear..."

Sun Qian Kun sweated. then he replied immediately before Zhihao could finish his sentense. : "Young master! that spear was meant as a compensation! it is my most treasured weapon! please accept it!"

Zhihao was shocked again, he was gonna say 'then this spear, you can take it back now' then after that he was gonna ask, how he can protect the town. well free gifts are free gifts. he checked the spear's stats

Appraisal :

Red Steel treasured spear

Item Level : 4th level

Grade : Epic

Damage : 659 - 1,180

Options granted : When Piercing gives additional 35% Damage

Strength : 318

Agility : 112

Stamina : 215

Bonus Option : Fire skill increases damage dealt by 5%.

Zhihao exclaimed he was holding Divine grade items of 2nd level, so its a first he some a 4th level one. then he said in a low voice :"ohh, as a trash its fairly good"

Sun Qian Kun and the rest trembled, although its sound is pretty low, as a cultivator, they had a pretty sensetive hearing, after hearing that their master's treasured weapon was a trash to someone else', they shook, but then, they looked at the young man infront of them, Robe, Bracer, Belt, Shoes, Sheat, even the sword's hilt, necklace and rings,... all of them looked sacred, they we're even thinking that its grade must be exponentially good(they we're correct), and so they lowered they head and sighed again.

then Zhihao Said, : "So how can we contact you if i`m leaving?"

Sun Qian Kun immediately took something out of his spatial ring then said : " Young master, this are my blood stones, if you crush this, i`ll immediately know that you need me, i`ll immediately come here and leave 4 Heavenly Establishment realm warriors. if there are problem they can contact me and i can bring more reinforcement faster that way!" he immediate followed up because Zhihao might misunderstood that he is only passing his responsibility to his subordinates.

Zhihao nodded then said :" ok, leave 4 of your warriors, i`ll leave after 2months" then he went to his father and handed the spear and 2000pcs of low level stones, 5pieces of mid level stones, then he asked :" Father why are Ling and Shen clan here?"

Zhong Ru Feng smiled as the kid he had doted upon, became a powerful warrior, but as he can see, he is only at elementary realm, how can he become so strong? he just smiled as if he's wondering nothing, because it is his son, what does it have to do with him, the more powerful his son is, the better! then he spoke :" When they heard we're in a peril, they immediately rushed here, it was only a single heavenly establishment realm cultivator before, the old man you had killed. so we could atleast delay him a bit, when Ling and Shen clan heard that we're fighting with some invaders, they immediately rushed forward, we had forced him out little by little, but then 19 warriors descended from the sky, and laughed at the old man because he was getting pushed by 3 Earth realm establishment and alot of Transcended mortal realms small fry. we felt despair then, Ning'er came forward and wanted to give all the Yin and Yang willow pill to the old man, but the old man was humiliated by us, he stared at Ning'er, then afterwards Ning'er fell down!, Shen Xiao tried to help her, but when she was close, Xiao'er was blown away, alot of her bones are damaged, being crippled at an early age, it would be hard."

Zhihao looked at the Shen and Ling patriarch, he handed 500 low level stones, and 2 mid level stones, and said :"Thank to the both of you two, that delayed the progress here, I've avoided a calamity that i wont be able to forget."

Ling Wentian sighed then smiled, :"Just take care of my daughter for me and take this things back" he returned the stones together with Shen Ming.

Zhihao smiled and said :"Dont worry i still got thousands more of those mid level stones, for the low level ones, it occupies alot of space in my spatial ring so take it " Zhihao smiled as he said it, then he noticed Shen Ming smiling sadly as he took a quick glance at his daughter, who would even marry a crippled woman, only having beautiful face, and body, yet cant move and can only speak. he cant bring out the words to say that Zhihao could take care of Shen Xiao, she'll only be a burden.

Zhihao noticed it, then smiled, he went to Shen Xiao, Shen Xiao was in tears as she smiled towards Zhihao, then said. :"thank you, for taking care of our clan! This one thanks you, young master Zhong" Shen Xiao's eyes we're moist as she kept her feelings sealed within her, she understood that loving someone as a cripple would only drag down the progress of the other one.

Then Ning'er approached as she said :"then i also like thank you, if you didnt intervene that time, i would've died already, thank you so much, would you like to be my family little sister? Ning'er looked at zhihao afterwards waiting for his response, zhihao nodded while smiling (because he is stupid) then looked at Shen Xiao.

Shen xiao blushed then nodded her head, even if its only a title she coult be with the one he fell inlove with when they we're 8years old... Then she smile and called out ;"Zhihao...."

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