Supreme Martial System
21 Returning home and getting some night action!
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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21 Returning home and getting some night action!

After hearing the notification, Zhihao was stunned, "NO SYSTEM?! WHY!! YOU MADE ME RELY ON YOU SO MUCH THEN LEAVE ME ALONE! Heavenly Establishment realm! thats still too far! WHY!! WHY'D YOU LEAVE WITHOUT WARNING! NOOOO"

Zhihao became dazed and couldn't even cultivate

after 2days in a daze at the carriage, Zhihao finally saw the Black wind county, his mood gradually calmed down and brightened, as he can finally see his wife and parents again.

after entering the clan gate he witnessed something. all clan members are on their arms and feet in the ground! he even saw Ling Wentian and his clan members within the same position as his clan mates, and even Shen Ming! 'What happened HERE!' he thought it immediately and saw a man flying in the sky!! Heavenly Establishment Realm! it was staring at them, then Zhihao saw Ning'er on the floor with lots of blood flowing out!

There we're atleast 20 people in the sky, looking down like they are looking at ants, although Ning'er is beautiful, she's not in a level where they'd go crazy over her, more over, in their sect, they dont lack faces like this, even more outstanding ones are present. Just as Zhihao Arrived, they already noticed it, then just looked at the Old man. the Old man Snickered.

The old man in the sky said : "Hoo, a new one, are you the one that gave that black and white pill to this lady? if i didnt noti..." just before the old man was about to finish, Zhihao who was in the gate vanished before his eyes, and found him near the dying girl. just when he was about to talk, he saw Zhihao pull out a white colored pill and directly inserted it in Ning'er's lips, the Old man saw, all the wounds in Ning'er's body, vanishing. he extended his spirit sense to check the internet organs, but was shocked beyond belief! all the crumbling organs healed in a way that visible eyes can see! not even a single scar was left on her body, the old man thought of two words and a single sect!

the Old man said : " hahaha Sacred Pill! look at you from the Alchemist guild, being so stingy to the sacred grounds, but raining your pills on this mortal world, have you know no shame kid? your pat..." (YEah! Sentence smacking MC! he always cut people half way!) as he was about to finish speaking Ning'er woke up, then Zhihao smiled as he asked :"Who did this to you?"

Ning'er Spoke : "No! you cant! they are too powerful!. there are 19 Heavenly establishment realm warriors and 1 Divine Origin realm with them, that old man only looked at me and i immediately turned li...." (Yeah even the wife wasn't spared) Zhihao withdrawn his sword and said : "Heavenly Flash draw!"

the 19 people smiled and sneered, this elementary realm kid is trying to start something with them? who are they? even Heaven Establishment realm experts dont dare to attack them, yet this kid dared. but as this thought was done, they saw two falling silhouettes from the sky, it was the Heavenly Establishment Old man.

Zhihao immediately shouted : "Who did it! who gave you the right to bully Zhong, Ling and Shen clan!" These words echoed in their ears, but they were still calm. they also could do what when the old man is unprepared,

Ning'er was shocked, tears went down her eyes as she hugged back Zhihao, Zhihao calmed down a bit as he looked at the 19 people in the sky left.

one of the 19 smiled and said, "I Am Sun Qian kun, 11th Young Master of Eternal Blaze Sacred ground!" then continued "how dare you kill one of my men? do you think you can go against me? dare to go against our sacred ground? hahaha, even if your whole alchemist guild joins, they wont be enough, and now you are being arrogant in front of this young lord of yours, if only you bunch of crafting people aren't useful to us, we would've already dispersed your grounds!"

Zhihao was dazed, since when did he became an alchemist member?, then he shook his head as he said :"Are you the one that did this to my wife? why?"

Sun Qian Kun : "Yes, i did? what about it?"

Zhihao sighed in relief, atleast he didnt need to search 1 by 1, then he calmly said : "You can either cripple your cultivation or leave your useless life as a fertilizer in this land"

After saying that Zhihao held his hand in his sword hilt then drew, but the 18 other heavenly established realm men quickly reacted just when Zhihao was only placing his hand in the hilt.

The 18 of them immediately roared :"Iron Tortoise Defensive Formation!" after shouting, a shell like formation appeared out of nowhere that shocked Zhihao, but still, he drew his sword, and 10 flashes appeared within 1 second!

when the 8th Flash hit the defensive formation, the formation crumbled and sharps we're thrown everywhere, after witnessing the power of Zhihao, all of them even Sun Qian Kun was shocked and immediately gathered all the profound spirits in their body to defend the last two. after the 10th flash, 1 of them 10 fell down from the sky. yes, he died.

Zhihao said :"18 left!, cripple yourself, or leave your lives in this land!" he was calm, but killing intent are slowly forming within Zhihao, slowly molding within his body, the dear, pure and innocent MC finally changed, evolving from a boy into a man of this world!.

Sun Qian Kun sighed, but then attacked : [Dragon's Descending Tail]! the spear in his hand immediately received a powerful boost, Sun Qian Kun Threw the spear to Zhihao, Directly targeting his heart.

Zhihao Smiled as he Activated his defensive skill [Thunder Iron body] He reached his palm in a defending position (Do you know Iron man?) to block the spear, but when the spear appeared, it felt like he was being pierced in his hand by a needle, like the one he felt when selling one bag of blood on the hispital in his previous left.

Then he noticed a number in the upper right corner of his eye. there was a number!


Zhihao Lv :182

HP : 72624

SP : 32850
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    《Supreme Martial System》