Supreme Martial System
19 Rich, Richer, and Power up!
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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19 Rich, Richer, and Power up!

After hearing that it was a one time use medical Pill, they all got shocked, as if it wasn't good at all, but then they immediately realized something.

What if they are in a brink of death, their most powerful warriors are in the deaths door, what would happen if all their pills for medication are in-effective against the illness or a close to death states they would be in the future if it ever happened, wouldn't having a final trump card be able to solve that problem? as easy as if nothing happened? although its a one time use pill,

Its like getting a second life! with cultivation intact!

With that thinking they waited for Zhao Yan to finish speaking, and start the bidding war. all the rich cultivators trembled with excitement as they waited for the signal to start a war, every second feels like a day passing by!

Zhao Yan noticed everyone's excitement and thrill, he purposely delayed the announcement of the bid so to bring this tension within the auction hall, he sighed as if, 'well if its a treasure anyone would surely rush madly with it' then he spoke.

Zhao Yan : the bidding will start! and the starting price is NONE! start!

Immediately after Zhao Yan's words, the expected uproar came !

Cultivator 1 : "10 Low level cultivation stones" (i`ll shorten this words to Low level stones)

Cultivator 9 : "15 Low level stones!"

Random 1 : "40 Low level stones!"

Random 3 : "50!"

then galantly looking guy with crown in his head said : "3 Mid level stones!"

another galantly looking dude said : "i hope you guys can give me face, as i would welcome all of you here in my kingdom as a special guest and we can have a celebration for 1 whole week without stopping! 5 mid level stones!"

then a third one spoke : "fuck your face, i`d rather go to war than lose this pill to you! 6 Mid level Stones!*

The first Auction finished with a wooping 9Mid level stones and 80pieces Low level stones!

the second one finished with 7 Mid level stones and 43 pcs of Low level stones!




180th with 1 Mid level stone and 99pcs of low level stone...

they got sucked dried, wealth accumulated for hundreds of years gone, but they didnt feel that they missed anything, all of the people that got a couple more than what they needed was excited as well!, if you think about it, its only three kingdoms here gathered! there would be more! and definitely! they can earn more if they sold the extra pills they had, thinking about this, everyone got excited and immediately left, without even thinking of saying goodbye to friends they havent met for more than 30 years, the closest ones only smiled at each other as they parted ways.

95% of the people that left only had enough money for a meal in their journey back, specially the kings of the three kingdom, they dried their pockets to get as much cards as possible if a war broke out with their kingdom, they wont sell it and just keep it for themselves. money can be earned back, but lives of the guardians of the empire wont, it takes 60years to nourish and train cultivators to sky realm, becoming a kingdom's pillars. if their guardian beasts can take one in critical moments, it can turn the tides! a 10 star graded pill can change outcomes of war!.

Zhihao had his eyes wide opened the whole time, blinking occasionally, Xiyu handed to Butler Ma a Spatial ring as both of them are facing Zhihao's back, they couldn't see his reaction, and only think that Zhihao is so used to earning this kinds of money thats why he didnt have any reaction at all, they didnt expect that Zhihao as someone that havent even received a single Mid level cultivation stones before, after 5 hours, Butler Ma was getting tired standing behind Zhihao, and cough silently, that silent cough, woke Zhihao's daydreaming yet again, as Zhihao calmed down, he looked at Butler Ma, then Butler Ma handed the Interspatial Ring, Containing 1294 Mid level stones, and 4599 Low level Stones,


=Host has completed the quest

-Due to Hosts' excessive gains the quest initiated a self distribution.

Half of the Quest's reward will be placed into host's Level.

1 low level spirit stone = 10 experience points.

Automatically Repaired : Heavenly Flash sword

Automatically Upgraded : Divine Might Cultivation Technique (Grand Master)

Fighting against Evil/Dark Creatures gives 100% additional Boost in damage!

Fighting against Evil/Dark Creature gives 100% additional Boost in defense!

Strength : +10%

Agility : +10%

Stamina : +10%

Wisdom : +10%

Intelligence : +10%

Due to being a grand master in Divine Might cultivation Technique host is awarded with new attribute : Virtue

Virtue : +10%

Level up!

Level up!

Level up!

Level u..





Host's current status :

Name :Zhong Zhihao

Age : 14 Years Old

Host's Level : 182 (19840/54990)

Cultivation Level : Elementary Realm 9th stage( 920/5800)

Cultivation Technique : Divine Might cultivation Technique. (Grand Master)

Cultivation Skills :

Heavenly Sword Flash (Heavenly)

Strength : 3396

Agility : 3800

Stamina : 4590

Wisdom : 2980

Intelligence : 2497

Virtue : 980

Attribute Points : 850

Skill Points : 193

Current Quest points : 66999

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