Supreme Martial System
18 The Start of the Auction, REAL Sorry LOL
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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18 The Start of the Auction, REAL Sorry LOL

Zhihao nodded, and sighed, with that much people it would be a wonder if they would be able to enter within an hour, Zhihao waved at Butler Mu, and said : "Go tell them, that they can have another hour to increase the entrance's time."

Butler Mu nodded and replied : "Yes young master", Mu Dong pondered for a bit as he still dont know the name of this young master of his. then he shook his head as he went inside, Butler mu was greeted by the Guard that they first met as he let him in, many took envy but nobody said a word, everyone here's a noble, some are even kings and lords, but they still need to line up, if that guy went inside, that just means he has higher rank than even those of the king.

after Zhihao saw that butler Mu has entered, he continued what he was doing before.

he asked the system 'equipped both items and let the effect activate too'


=Responding to host's orders... Loading... Loading... Loading..

after 10minutes of loading.



-host has activated a hidden function of the system. Character equipment slot.

( ) something like this, its just a reference for people to know. if someone files a copy right violation, i`ll immediately removed this. thanks!. )

All items equipped cant leave the Host's body , unless it was disabled through a clash,

Nethersbane weapon set effect :

-Strength and agility has been increased.

-the item's effect has all been doubled!.

Nethersbane Sword (Equipped Set)

Item Level : 9th level

Grade : Unique

Damage : 109 - 124

Options granted : deals 20% additional damage on Demons/Devils or evil Creatures.

Stength : 32

Agility : 49

Bonus Options : gives a shield that absorbs 10% of the damage taken.

Nethersbane Sword sheath (Equipped Set)

Item Level : 9th level

Grade : Unique

Defense : 46 - 88

Attack : 38 - 44

Options granted : deals 20% additional damage on Demons/Devils or evil Creatures

Stength : 24

Agility : 16

Bonus Options : gives a shield that absorbs 10% of the damage taken.

Zhihao smiled, then proceeded to enter the auction house. as he walked in the guard immediately smiled and led the way. Zhao Xiyu was on the hall, when he saw Zhihao, she immediately approached and said : "Young master, there is a special quarters just for you and will only be used by you for the rest of this Auction is alive! i specially requested for it, and father immediately approved."

Zhao Xiyu was cheerful as she actually benefitted alot by stopping Zhihao from leaving yesterday!

Zhihao smiled and followed Xiyu from behind. the place Xiyu took Zhihao was in the middle of the auction hall! not just middle in the ground! its sticking out! there is a bridge connecting that room and the main body of the auction hell, Zhihao was speechless, : 'they seriously took their time with this'

when Zhihao arrived at the entrance of the bridge, Butler Ma was already waiting, then Butler Ma gave way and followed behind Zhihao and Xuyi, for all Butler Ma knows Xuyi can be one of his master's Maid, Concubine, Mistress, or even the wife, as such he didnt dare give any disrespect as he followed the both of them silently.

After entering the Room, he was shocked as the room was a 1 way mirror room! he can see everything happening outside, but others cant see him! a special way to mystify the occupant of the room! before he can seat, zhihao exclaimed softly : "Ahh! Young Master! i`d like to inform you that we wont be getting anything from the items that you wish to auction, as such all the cultivation stones would be given to you without any decrease!, we would only like it if you make our auction hall as one of the auctions you would be willing to sell your items too, we only hope for this cooperation! please!" Xuyi bowed as she sincerely asked, just the fame of the items Zhihao is selling would bring huge wealth to the auction house, and might even turn the Valders Trading City, into a Valders Imperial King! though it would only happen after atleast 50 years. minimum..

Zhihao smiled then handed a 5 bottles of each pills he had, to Xiyu, then gave Xiyu 1 bottle of each pills he had, then said, " you can keep the 3 bottles, then auction the 15 bottles and the 3 bottles that was appraised by the Appraiser,"

Then a man entered the stage and looked at the Room that was made with mirror and nodded, it was Zhao Yan, Xiyu's father and patriarch of the Valder Trading City. after that Zhao yan looked at the crowd as he really cant see anything inside the mirrored room, then said : we'll only, only Auction! 3 types of pill today, then Zhao yan stopped, Xiyu contacted Zhao yan with sound transmission stone, informing Zhao Yan that 18 bottles of pill will be sold, and that Zhihao gave her 3 pill bottle, containing 30pcs of pills." Zhao Yan became shocked, and happy at the same time, his daughter received 3 pills, which means Zhihao placed Xiyu somewhere in his mind, Zhao Yan smiled as he said :" Ladies and Gentlemen, the auction is about to begin!, we will be selling pills by a set of 3 pieces of pill for the first round! they are the three most treasured products our Valder Trading Auction has held for all of its life!"

"This Black pill! is a 10 star pill! Shattering Bone Pill! as the name sounds, it will shatter any bones of the person who drank it, or! if thrown will shatter the part where it hits! the area of effect is measured as 12 inch from the spot that was hit! Cultivation of Sky Establishment and below would immediately shatter within 2 seconds! NO LIMITS 1st realm or 10th realm of Sky Establishment will have their bones immediately shattered!"

"This yellow pill is Shattered Medicinal pill, It can heal any cultivator's bones! no matter their injuries within the bones will heal instantly!, both this pills had been seen first hand by my daughter and the guard that was rude to the one that is selling this pill!" (LOL! did they have to narrate it fully? HAHAHAHA thats weird, seriously this Valder Trading Company people,)

"And lastly this lustrous white pill!, is a sacred medicine! it can heal anything so long as a person has a breath left within his life!, sadly, this Sacred medicinal pill can only be consumed once!, the second time will yield no effect!"

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