Supreme Martial System
17 Tides of nobles, and the start of the Auction
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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17 Tides of nobles, and the start of the Auction

Just after the notice has been delivered, almost all the nobles sent deligates, even lords and kings are going, if you looked closer, there was not even a carriage to be seen, they are riding their horse! with just people chasing after them!, in the birds' eye view, it would've looked like a strange sandstorm is heading into the Valder Trading City.

Zhihao woke up as he heard noises of hammering and he looked outside and saw so many people carrying woods, mixing cement, etc. after looking at them he saw


Permit # 09284903316

Valder Trading City's Auction house

For complaint please proceed to the City Municipal for a report. (Which is the Valder Trading City's Auction house Owner by the way)

Zhihao became mesmerized! isnt this the same thing that was always posted outside buildings that he was working with, in his previous life? then he smiled and started remembering the pleasant past life he had, after just 3 seconds, he frowned, working as a laborer isn't a fun and exciting memory, its full of hardship and struggles! (Well sorry guys, seriously, this MC , is really Stupid)

He took a stroll within the Valder trading company, butler Ma lead the way inside, as they had alot of things for sale, its like a market inside the building. there are swords, blades, bows, scrolls, etc... as he was strolling inside the company, Zhihao found a current even happening, with that he walked towards the event, he haven't experienced much of this world, in other words he is still pure and innocent, as he got closer a guy spoke in the middle.

Shu Mu : "Everyone! this event is to see who owns the greatest sword in the town, this event was started because, alot of noble men had came, and we'd like to hold the event until the Auction house finished its construction. we'll be rewarding a sword cultivation scroll called 'Heavenly sword draw' this is a 'Rare' grade skilll and could withstand a duel with 'Epic' grade skills!, if there is anyone interested, come and let me take a look! i am about to break through to 9th grade weapons craftsman!"

after hearing this, Zhihao smirked as he drew the sword from the inventory.

Nethersbane Sword

Item Level : 9th level

Grade : Unique

Damage : 109 - 124

Options granted : deals 10% additional damage on Demons/Devils or evil Creatures.

Stength : 12

Agility : 19

Bonus Options : gives a shield that absorbs 5% of the damage taken.

Zhihao smiled as he walked forward and handed the sword to Shu Mu. then he said :"I`m Participating, this is a unique 9th level sword".

all the observers and people that want to participate was shocked. this guy, atleast he should wait for others to boast for a bit, why'd he have to take out a treasure!

Shu Mu trembled as he heard this, but there are alot of nobles, so witnessing this is simple, and he thought it was just a joke to test his ability, but as soon as he saw the sword, he sighed and said : "A genuine 9th level sword with unique grade!" is there anyone else there that wants to challenge and bring a more formidable sword for me to check?"

Nobody responded, Shu Mu sighed, this event was meant to stall for a little bit of time until the construction has finished. but this young man seems to want and destroy it, he smiled and handed the reward as promised :"Young master this is the 'Heavenly sword flash' as promised."

Zhihao received it and place it in his spatial ring, then the a noise was herd!


=Congratulations host for acquiring a broken cultivation skill 'Heavenly Sword Flash',

Heavenly Sword Flash

-Heavenly grade (Broken) current grade : Rare

-withdrawing a sword in its sheath will activate this skill effect for 1second,

-Skill's Effect : Increases agility by 4,000 (Broken state :800)

-Fixing the skill will require 250 points.

Zhihao exclaimed, he forgot that he has yet to obtain any type of skills. (Ofcourse we know you forgot, you are in-fact stupid). Zhihao immediately thought and asked the system : 'System, use this skill!, and add all attribute points to strength!'


=Order Confirmed!

a sudden warmth entered Zhihao's body. then he checked his status.

Host's current status :

Name :Zhong Zhihao

Age : 14 Years Old

Host's Level : 12 (10/4990)

Cultivation Level : Elementary Realm 9th stage( 920/5800)

Cultivation Technique : Divine Might cultivation Technique. (Acknowledged)

Cultivation Skills :

Heavenly Sword Flash (Rare)

Strength : 146

Agility : 102

Stamina : 111

Wisdom : 73

Intelligence : 97

Attribute Points : 0

Skill Points : 16

Current Quest points : 20

Zhihao smiled then asked the System, 'i want a sword sheath that can fit perfectly with Nethersbane sword!'


= Can purchase 8 sword sheaths that fits perfectly with Nethersbane

-Crouching tiger sheath - 80 points

-Divine Dragon Scaled Sheath - 959 points

-Heavenly Transcendent Sheath - 753 points

-Normal Sword Sheath - 1 point

-Mystical Void Sheath - 152 points

-Nether Lotus sword sheath - 98 points

-Myriad illusion Sheath - 590 points

-Nethersbane Sword sheath - 20 points MC Has the other part which was a first buy promo

(Yes, MC can actually just ask to purchase Nethersbane sword sheath, but instead he made it harder for me to write and invent all this names, took me 20 mins! GADANGIT!)

Zhihao laughed as he saw nethersbane sword sheath, and purchased it

Nethersbane Sword sheath

Item Level : 9th level

Grade : Unique

Defense : 23 - 44

Attack : 19 - 44

Options granted : deals 10% additional damage on Demons/Devils or evil Creatures

Stength : 8

Agility : 5

Bonus Options : gives a shield that absorbs 5% of the damage taken.

Would host like to equip both Nethersbane sword Sheath and Nethersbane Sword, there will be an additional effect.

but before he could confirm, a ring sounded and a voice called out

Greetings to all! We welcome all the nobles in the place to enter the Auction house! the entrance fee is 10golds each if you have someone else with you can add them in for 5 golds each!! Please fall in line as we checked all of you in, 1 BY 1!." the auction will be starting within 1 hour!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》