Supreme Martial System
16 Grade 10 pills! Attracting attention in all 3 kingdoms!
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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16 Grade 10 pills! Attracting attention in all 3 kingdoms!

the old man, stuttered, seeing such pills, he could even die satisfied right now, then the look he gave Zhihao changed, and immediately, he apologized : "Young Master! forgive this old bone, showing rude behavior in front of you, i deserve death! " When Xiyu heard it, she was shocked, this guy a Sky establishment realm, apologizing to a young man, that they dont even know their cultivation, she looked at the young man and the fat guy besides him,. they are both still calm, then Zhihao said :"Just appraise it, i need to get back to my clan after selling this pills."

the old man appraised the items then got shocked even more, he thought that it was only 5th grade or 6th grade pills! but the extremely good state of the pills, after a closer look he can see a few incribe marks, that only in legends exists, then the man's eyes almost turned all white! These are grade 10 Pills! genuine grade 10 pills! there haven't been a grade 10 pills for a thousands of years! and in his life he thought he wouldn't see any grade 6 and above pills, but now, he is witnessing the birth of grade 10 pills. tried to calm himself and said. : "Young master, these pills are genuine grade 10 pills!, our auction house is honored to have this pill young master" Zhihao then nodded then looked at Zhao Xiyu and asked :"Miss Xiyu can we go to the room now, and i wish for the auction to start as soon as possible" Zhao Xiyu was still shocked with the grade 10 pill, but started to calm down when she heard Zhihao spoke, then she nodded to zhihao, and said :"Young master, please lead the way, as i`ll guide you to your room"

When the old man saw that Zhihao is walking away, he sent sound transmission to Xiyu then said :"Young miss, whatever happens, do not provoke them, i suspect they might be from the sacred grounds! the sacred grounds from the myths! we havent seen a sight of them for hundreds of years, but they are the figures that are guarding our Gailea continent, preventing the Demon beasts, and devil races from entering the humanity's last continent, if we provoke them, we, no, not even the 3 kingdoms will survive, did you see the guy following that young man, i couldn't even notice his realm, i thought he was a normal human at first, but his reaction after seeing the 10th grade pill, was still calm as if he has already seen it so many times, i think that butler is a Heavenly Establishment cultivator. the 5 great sacred grounds are not to be trifled with please be caution Young Miss" then as he was still speaking, Zhihao looked at him 'I Think i forgot some, nevermind after i remember it, i`ll tell miss Xiyu about it' then he smiled at the old man followed by Butler Ma's look, he looked at the old man as if he dont know what happened, but he smiled at the old man, a smile coming from a good person is charming as it dont have any other intentions but just to smile. then both Zhihao and Butler Ma walked to the VIP lounge.

this made the Old man made his back covered with sweat, to normal person those smiles we're meant nothing, but to a cultivator(Specially cultivator that has wild imaginations) it was likely the same as a death god is smiling at him, wrong move and you die. he sent a last Sound transmission to Xiyu : "Miss, they have detected my sound transmission, this would be my last message for today" Old man trembled after saying it, then his knee's went numb, he stumbled on the floor with tears in his eyes, and a wet underwear. (Seriously, why even make your imaginations run wild).

Miss Xiyu was shocked as she looked back and saw that the Old man was on the floor, and there was a puddle on the floor under the old man, the old man was in a kowtowing position, while Xiyu can clearly see the wetness behind his back. although Xiyu is a cheerful type woman, she is also intelligent, 'she figured out, that these people are not to be messed with, our Valders Trading City's fate is in my hands now!' (i dont know why, but i found them all weird.. seriously.)

after Arriving at the VIP lounge, Xiyu stared at the auctioneer to start the auction, the auctioneer was shocked, only 1/2 of the stadium was filled, why start already. but he could only think it, as it was an order from the Young miss, then Zhihao noticed that it was about to start, with only half the auction hall filled, would he even sell his pills to good price if there were only this few people, then he quickly glanced at Xiyu, this made xiyu nervous, but still kept her calm,

Zhihao said : "should we wait for more people? you can also invite all the VIP's you know i can wait until tomorrow. oh and also contact alchemy guilds and such, this would be a rare occassion, so i`d like more people to come, just set the deadline tomorrow before evening, he got up then said :"Butler Ma, Lets go, we should rest for now".

Butler Ma immediately replied :"Yes young master" after that, they both walked down,

then Zhihao said :"Ahh yes i still have alot more of this pills, so just tell me if you need more."

after saying those words, Zhihao left, Zhao Xuyi stared dumbfounded at the vanishing silhouettes of the two, then she immediately went to his father's office, to tell the events that happened.

After Xiyu went to the office, he saw the old man and her father talking, she already knew what happened, the old man told her father the story on the appraisal.

After Xiyu had entered, the Old man noticed it, he smiled sadly at the young miss then said, :"Young miss, what happen? did we somehow offended them?"

Xiyu immediately replied saying : "No old man Xue, they left me some words, he is willing to delay the auction, and we're free to invite all influential people that we know of, i think, although he doesn't show it, he wants to earn big with this pills, and with this we can gain a wide range of popularity."

Zhao Yan (Father of Xiyu) said : "Yes, i also noticed that, we should send all the invitation we can muster, write the invitation now old man xue!, tell them they would miss the opportunity of a grade 10 Alchemist pills if they cant arrive fast! and also write, that only cultivation stones are able to buy this pills!, no matter how much gold, it would be invalid! or they can trade with our auction house half the price! 2000gold for 1 low cultivation stone! they should exchange all the assets they need, before coming tomorrow. the deadline of arriving is before evening comes! it will start immediately with or without them!"

Old man Xue immediately replied : "Yes Patriarch, i shall go now"

Zhao Yan nodded then looked at Xiyu and said :"Xiyu! hire as many possible builders!, say that we're going to make our auction house 10times bigger! they will be paid 3 golds for a day, but they needed to finish rebuilding the auction house before tomorrow evening!."

Xiyu immediately replied :"Yes father"


After the Old man Xue received his order, he immediately hard 1000 writers to write 10 letters each,

in just 25 minutes, 10,000 letters was produced instantly. after paying the writers 30silvers each, he ordered 5000 riders to deliver the message as fast as possible, they would be paid 1 gold each!, this type of investment was huge, but the profit of selling the pills are more. if they could get atleast one of this, they would instantly recover everything they had spent specially if they receive a pill from him, it would be auctioned after 6 months, the profit would be unmeasurable by then.

after 3 hours only the borders was left unnoticed with this, like his home town, that took 2 day's journey(When calmly riding a horse,( but takes 12hrs if rushed by horse ).

in just 6 hours the almost all the inhabitants of the three kingdom was notified, all prepared Cultivation stones, and set out immediately to Valder's trading City! (hey special mention : ContesaRubia your Valder's city is popular now).

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