Supreme Martial System
15 Valder Trading Auction house Auctioning Pills
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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15 Valder Trading Auction house Auctioning Pills

morning came, Zhihao prepared to leave the house,

Yanran ran outside to see him off, she said "Young master, Please remember me!"

Zhihao smiled and nodded before heading out with Butler ma, now that there are two of them, Zhihao bought a carriage, although Zhihao might looked rich, but he only has 61 gold coins left. luckily carriage is not as expensive as a car in his previous world. it only costs 100 silvers.

butler Ma drived the carriage in the direction of Valder Trading City.

Zhihao just cultivated in fear of getting left out by Ning'er after returning

When Butler Ma saw Valder Trading City, he immediately called Zhihao, :"Young master, Valder Trading City is on sight"

Zhihao responded with a 'Ok' then continued to cultivate.

Butler Ma got the gist of it since he knew that cultivators need to cultivate, if they don't cultivate, they are not cultivators no?

after 45minutes they arrived at the City gates, the guard saw the Embroidered carriage and immedietely led it to the VIP Gate which has less traffic, before leaving south wind village, Zhihao handed the 61gold to butler ma, for any necessities like food, and inn, he didnt know there was a toll gate even in this world so couldn't really estimate, but since its only 1 gold he wouldnt mind even if he went back in forth 50 more times.

After entering the City, butler ma directly went to the most expensive Hotel in city, and it costs 5gold per night, this type of hotel has a servant's quarters so he could free load there, they even provide food, so its no worries for him, he immediately payed 50 gold for 10 days, the clerk smiled and received the gold then handed him a key, Butler Ma returned to the carriage and spoke : "Young Master, the Inn is already prepared" after butler ma said that.

Zhihao opened his eyes and walked out of the carriage, Butler ma left the carriage to the bell boy to park it in the stables, when the clerk saw Zhihao walked outside the carriage, she was shocked, how handsome can a guy be! she fought the urge of returning the gold coins and talk to Zhihao, although she's a beauty, a Young master wont have any interest in a normal woman like her, so she quickly gave up the thought. pursed her lips, she returned to her desk after leading Butler ma and Zhihao to their rooms.

after Butler ma placed all the things in the room, he noticed that Zhihao didnt put down anything, and just remembered, the first time he saw Zhihao, wasn't carrying anything either, then he spotted the ring in Zhihao's hand with a Sapphire colored Gem in the middle, 'INTERSPATIAL RING!' he only thought about it but didnt dare say it out loud. then just accepted that cultivators are really different from normal people.

Zhihao noticed it and arched his lips slightly, this guy, i know what to gift to him on his first pay. then Zhihao said : Butler Ma lets go to the auction house now,.

Butler Ma : "auction house? Young master are you selling something or buying? "

Zhihao smiled and said "Selling"

Butler Ma quickly replied :"Young master, wait for me, i`ll ask around , since its also my first time coming here." Zhihao nodded. then Butler Ma quickly ran outside and asked around.

after a few minutes, butler Ma came back and said :"Young master Luckily for us behind this Hotel is the biggest auction house in the city, its called Valder Trading Auction house."

Zhihao nodded and said :"Lets go" butler Ma was going to fetch the carriage but Zhihao stopped him : " isn't it just behind the Hotel? lets just walk it would be troublesome for you, lets go." Butler Ma opened his eyes, as this Young Master, who should be arrogant, is a total opposite of all the Young cultivators that he has ever seen, he felt warm in his heart, he's not treating him as a servant, but a butler with feelings, 'i`ll serve him properly, and wont doubt anything ever again!!'

Without knowing zhihao got himself a Braindead fan.. (hohoho our stupid MC has good charms no?)

after a few minutes of walking they reached the entrance of the Auction house, when they tried to enter.

they we're blocked instantly by the guard that said : "Only influencial people can go inside! you dont even have a carriage but wishes to go inside?" after saying that the guard immediately released his aura, Earth Establishment realm! first Stage! in Zhihao's clan Earth Establishment realm was their strongest, but here its merely a guard! how fearsome.

Zhihao knowing that he cant talk muscle brained people he just backed out and asked butler ma :"Where's the 2nd biggest auction house in this city?"

the guard sneered and walked back to his post while saying "Bumpkin!"

Zhihao glared and withdrew a Bone shattering pill and threw it to the guard, the guard with keen sense felt it and blocked with his arm, focused all his cultivation there, but suddenly it went limp! all the bones in his right arm shattered instantly,

Zhihao Exclaimed :"Arrogant, you just cant offend anyone you like, think before you act, or do you want me to make you a vegetable Earth Establishment Realm cultivator!" although lack of killing intent, the guard was scared as he already knew for a fact that its not a threat, its the real deal, but before he could say anything a figure descended from the balcony of the auction house

The figure spoke : "Dear young master,i apologize for the rudeness of our guards, we shall punish him afterwards, though i doubt it that the punishment young master has given would already be enough." yet again its another beauty, and with great figure, slightly above Ning'er (ok guys, just tell me if you`d like to add harem in this novel, this young master of yours will do it), "I am Zhao Xiyi." the woman said (she's 15 years old btw).

Zhihao was only mesmerized for a second before calmly talked to Butler Ma :"Butler Ma, lets go,"

but before they could step back, Zhao Xiyi blocked their path with a smile then said :"Young master, please dont rush, I am the daughter of Valder Trading City's patriarch, please be kind as to show me some face, i`d like to ask, if young master is here to purchase? i`ll give you a free VIP lounge as a gift for the trouble that my guards has inconvenienced you, i know that 1000gold would be too little as a compensation but, nothing harmed you right? please please? give me a little bit of face, wouldn't hurt right?" Xiyi Acted so cute.

Zhihao already calmed down then said, : "Ok, but i am here to sell some pills, not purchase, but it will depend on the items." then he threw another pill to the guard.

The guard wanted to dodge but he saw Xiyi's ( death glare!! WOOO! ) glare, and didnt dare dodge, as he tried to catch it with the other hand, if it hit any other part, he would be dead for sure, he'd rather have two disabled arm than a arm and leg disabled. after catching it, he was prepared for his arm to go numb, but then it didnt. he looked at Zhihao in bewilderment.

Zhihao immediately said :"Swallow it stupid" before walking forward", the guard was hesitating again, but he saw the cute miss Xiyi (Death Glaring him to death) staring at him, then he swallowed it. after a few second, he was shocked, because, the arm that has shattered bones, immediately connected as if everything was a dream.

The immediately stood up and ran in front of Zhihao then he kowtowed three times and said :"Thank you for showing kindness young master! this one showed enmity, but young master repaid it with kind! this lowly one apologize sincerely and thanked young master for this magnanimity that you showed"

Seeing this Xiyu was shocked, pills that can shatter then pills that can restore what was shattered! amazing! Xiyu then Said : "Young master, if you are gonna sell something, we should go to the Appraiser" Zhihao nodded then followed Xiyu,

a few seconds of walking, Zhihao saw a booth, there was an old man, and that old man slowly said :"Young Miss Xiyu, are you finally willing to introduce a husband? looks fine to me, seeing you get married would be a blessing in my life"

After hearing that Xiyu blushed a little then coughed :"cough, this is a client, our guard mistreated, so i am only compensating him with free VIP lounge, but he is here to sell, so i took him straight to you first before i lead him to the room," the old man sighed and said : "so its like that then, Young master please hand to me what you would like to appraise" after saying she waited.

Zhihao immediately took out 3 bottles with 3 different pills inside 10 pieces each. Zhihao said : "that's 10 pills per bottle, 3 different sets, the black one is Bone Shattering Pill, the yellow one is Shattered medicine pill, while the white one is Sacred origin pill. the yellow and black ones, Miss Xiyu here already had seen its effects, but the white one she hadn't seen it, its a type of pill that can heal any types of wound, so long as there is still a breathe remaining in a person."

the Old man was shocked then he snorted, this brat is too arrogant! hmmp! such weird names for pill i havent even heard of, and even claiming one is a sacred medicine, who'd believe that!, but after he opened the cap on the bottles the aroma immediately assaulted his nose! he was shocked and got really nervous, this type of smell is a first time for him, its too fragrant not too strong but you can still smell it, as he check the pill he trembled extremely! he exclaimed :"Thi! D! d! diz, THIS!" only the word D was heard from him!

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