Supreme Martial System
14 Lin Family
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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14 Lin Family

Dong'er, no sorry(pfft!),. Butler Ma lead Zhihao to the house, as soon as the family saw Zhihao, they smiled gently and thanked Dong'er ARGG! no butler Ma : "Master Dong, thank you for letting us use this great house of yours for more days than possible, my family and I would keep this great favor unto our grave, whenever you see us Lin family member, you can ask anything of us, even if its dying, i dont know what more i could do for you but i`ll do anything even if i die"

Butler Ma's eyes became filled with guilt, he came to kick them out because of young master, he's regretting his decision already, Zhihao yet again confirmed his assumption, Butler Ma is definitely good, not too good, neither evil, just a person trying to live his life,

Zhihao then said : "state your names"

the Lin family we're shocked and looked at Butler Ma, seeing that Butler Ma is bowing his head and with downed shoulders, the Lin Family head sighed, this guy must be very powerful,

The Lin family head(husband) spoke : "Yes young master, I am Lin Huotian 39, this is my eldest daughter Lin Miho age 19, this is my 2nd daughter Lin Yanran 14, this is my son Lin Hong 12, and this is my wife Lin Meixing 39." Lin Huatian immediately looked at Zhihao. then he noticed, that no expression was in his face. completely like a poker face.

Zhihao sighed internally, they had the same statue as him before he died, poor and living at the end of a thread. he looked at Huotian then said : "i`d like to buy your daughter Lin Yanran, here is 500gold" after hearing what Zhihao said.

Huotian glared at Zhihao and immedietely shouted at his family : "RUN!"

all of the family members we're stunned and couldn't move. preparing to charge at Zhihao, Lin Huotian picked up the spoon that was close to him, he held it as he charge towards Zhihao's location. but to his surprise Zhihao didnt move and received the spoon with the power of hatred.

Lin Huotian immediately understood, this guy is a cultivator, but then he grabbed Zhihao's feet and screamed : "Meixing! PLEASE RUN!"

then meixing pushed the kids outside the door and said :"Miho take your siblings to safety, we would hold on for as long as we can! GO NOW GO!"

but then a shout sounded, It was Lin Yanran:" PLEASE STOP! i'm begging you, you only want me, please take me with you and let my family live~!."

Zhihao smiled and then said : "A good father and mother would definitely raise a good child, i'm sorry for the words i said earlier, i was just checking things, though this gold is definitely something i`ll give you, please use this as a means to raise them even better, make them study and become a cultivator, then pay me the gold after that, is that ok with you Lin Huotian?"

after saying that Butler Ma and the Lin Family was shocked this young master was only testing their resolution, but its just extreme, as this guy said something harsh. but after thinking, harsher means more realistic to others,

they sighed of relief and said : " Young master, we still cant accept the gold, it would be troublesome for us if people noticed we got gold coins"

Zhihao smiled then said,:" don't worry i`ll instruct Butler Ma to hire a few guards, you would be able to pay for them right?, your son and daughter still has a future, and its not giving, its lending" Zhihao used the word lending so that it would be easier to swallow.

Huotian kowtowed and said :"Young master, this favor, i would never ever forget, even to the future generation of my Lin family"

Zhihao smiled, the sincerity of this kowtow made his heart felt warm, then he ordered butler Ma : "find an Inn for the both of us"

then Yanran exclaimed :"Young master! why not live here? we're only borrowing this place from butler ma" then after a while she blushed.

Zhihao really was a toy boy type of guy, what kind of normal girl wouldn't fall for him he has all the qualities all ladies would like to have as a husband, strong, capable, and with a bonus of Handsomeness,

then Huotian said : "Yes young master, i`ll let my two daughters sleep with us."

Zhihao sighed and then nodded, : "ok" then turned to Butler ma and continued :"Find some security, tell them a cultivator found his lost relative and wish for them safety in this city."

Butler Ma immediately heeded the order and went out.

Zhihao then said : "I`ll be going to valder trading city tomorrow, i`ll be leaving shortly after i wake up together with butler ma, be sure to take care of this house, Butler Ma will be using this house as his retirement home in the future."

as he said that Huotian answer then followed by Yanran, : " Yes young master, we'll act as the owner of this house and protect it"

then Yanran said :"Young master, if, if, if ever, umm, please visit us again!" then Yanran ran to her room,

Zhihao smiled and nodded to Huotian. he asked which room to go and he stayed there then fell asleep.

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