Supreme Martial System
13 Bone Shattering Pill, Shattered Medicinal Pill, Sacred Origin pill.
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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13 Bone Shattering Pill, Shattered Medicinal Pill, Sacred Origin pill.

after hearing Zhihao, Ning'er glared at him and said : "get rich but dont die trying, aren't you stupid. if you are still alive, you can do anything you can to get rich, but if you died, who would make me and our child live happily i might even come with you."

Zhihao touched his nose as he felt warmth in his heart, 'ahh, i should've married from my last life too!, ahh no no, atleast this woman is my wife, nothing can be more better than this, unless i got 10 Ning'er HAHAHAHA' Zhihao grinned weirdly as he imagined it,

but then a sudden pinched by Ning'er woke him up : "stop thinking of weird thoughts, you looked stupid just now..."

Zhihao : "Yes yes my lady, ahh i forgot, you cultivate for 3days, im going to concoct some pills and sell them to the auction."

Ning'er nodded and said : " i`ll go with you once you set out to sell the items in the auction"

Hearing what Ning'er said, Zhihao pondered for a bit then shook his head, : " I'm not gonna sell in this town, i think i`ll go to the border of our kingdom it's a city called Valder Tradings City, it was a trading company that settled between our kingdom, Divine Monarch Imperial Kingdom, and Azure Feather Imperial kingdom, its a seized the opportunity to be in the middle of the three kingdom to flourish, if i just auctioned pills here, i`ll only get gold coins, low cultivation pills are what i need to get, and if you come with me, i wouldn't know how to avoid trouble, since bringing a beauty with me would attract more annoyance, and i might not be able to protect you, we might both die so, you should listen to me now, and stay here to cultivate, Okay?"

Ning'er nodded her head, remember the time with Shen Rong, if its a powerful clan that approached her that day, Zhihao and she might've been seperated forever, thinking to this point, she nodded again reluctantly.


Zhihao's courtyard

Ning'er started cultivation while Zhihao asked the system again, 'system, which pills could i concoct now, and help me get lots of benefits, also check for the most basic ingredients that i can acquire here in the town, cheap but can sell highly outside'

*Ding!* (oh yeah i love this ding)

=Calculating based on host's conditions... Loading.... Loading.. Loading... (yeah keep loading)


=Calculation complete three pills found

-Bone Shattering Pill

-Shattered Medicinal Pill

-Sacred Origin pill

Zhihao smiled and thought 'Appraisal!'

Bone Shattering Pill

Shatters the bones of a Sky Establishment realm or lower. effects will happen if eaten by a person.

Ingredients :

Fragrant grass

Lotus Blade leaf

Lava dust

Essence of Fire

Zhihao got shocked as this pill is for torturing... damn, or it might even kill a person...

Shattered Medicinal pill

recovers all kind of bone fractures, even if the bone is shattered,.

Ingredients :

Fragrant grass

Lotus blade flower

Ice Wine

Essense of Water

Zhihao damn, definitely a torture combination!

Sacred Origin pill

-Recovers all type of wounds, internal and external injuries returning the state of the body to normal.

-Can only be used once. (host can use it only 50 times.)

Ingredients :

Heavenly dew Wine

Marbled Daffodil leaf

Essence of Light

Purple Tracing grass

100 year old Ginseng

Zhihao ahh definitely, this system loves me.. but, the ingredients of Sacred Origin Pill are alot, after seeing all the ingredients, Zhihao immediately went to the market and purchased everything, he spent a total of 1992(my birth year)golds to purchase for a few batches of ingredients.

Zhihao asked the system again ' System, lets begin concocting!'

immediately, a Cauldron suddenly showed infront of him, then he immediately placed all ingredients inside. then the system rang


=stupid host, I have an automatic concocting pill, not a magical ingredients divider that can divide all the ingredients inside and concoct it separately. you are being too lazy, the cauldron can only concoct one at a time. STUPID!

Zhihao was shocked, This system actually stopped talking calm and actually cursed at him. after that he took out all of the ingredients and placed it a batch of ingredients, one by one after 18 hrs of automatic concocting, Zhihao finally stopped, he had 18bottles of Bone Shattering Pill 34 bottles of Shattered Medicinal Pill and 80 bottles of Sacred Origin pill. after storing half into the inventory and half to the spatial ring, Zhihao handed 1 bone shattering pill to Ning'er and 4 bottles of shattered medicinal pill, then 5 Sacred Origin pill. since its already evening, they both went to bed.


When morning came, Zhihao bid farewell to Ning'er and his father and mother. retelling the story, he bought a horse, stored a few meats to eat in the road then continued to travel.

Zhihao stopped once in a while in other villages he passed by to eat a proper meal in an inn.

after one day on the road its already evening, he came across South Winds village the last stop before Valder trading City.

Just when he entered South Wind Village a fat guy welcomed him, then said "Young traveller, would you like to buy a house here? its really cheap and close to valder trading city. would you like to buy? its really cheap look over there that house only costs 150 gold"

when Zhihao heard it, he took a peak at the house, and there are still people living there,

when the fat guy noticed this concern : "ahh those family are free loaders, i am the owner of that house, but they havent paid for the rent for a month, I loaned them money first but now, they got bankrupt and can't afford to pay me back, out of good will i let them stay there, but good will can't last forever, they owe me 20 golds, and i don't have other income than renting that house, but if they cant pay, i wont have anything to eat, so what say you young traveller?"

Zhihao although new to society, he knew that this guy is not good nor evil, its just business and people need money to survive, then he said, "I`m a cultivator, do you want to serve under me? i`ll let you become my butler, since you are the first one i`ve invited."

Being invited by a cultivator, the fat guy was excited and immeditely agreed : " Yes young master!, i would even beg to follow you if given chance, but now that you`ve invited me, i would do everything i can! my name is Ma Dong, you could call me Little Dong or Dong'er young master as you like" although he knew that cultivators travelling alone would be a solitary one, this young one must not be one of them, and only doing an errand for others or for himself.

Zhihao almost burst out laughing thinking 'this guy, seriously Dong'er? HAHAHAHAHA definitely weird naming sense HAHAHAHAHA Dong'er LOL! i should call you balls then HAHAHAHA.'

Zhihao nodded and ordered "Lets go to that house first, and don't call yourself dong'er anymore, just butler ma would do."

Dong'er nodded (HAHAHAHAHA), Yes, Young master" Butler ma Pondered for a bit, maybe he`ll kick them out, i think he invited me as a butler to get the house for free and leave me behind afterwards. i should've been careful, but, i have this Balls(HAHAHAHAHA) feeling that this man wont do it, and following him would be a fortune of a life time ( A. N : its actually Gut Feeling, but i just had to call him Donger and balls, HAHAHA).

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