Supreme Martial System
12 Getting Rich or Die Trying!
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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12 Getting Rich or Die Trying!

After the uproar between the family members, they calmed down and talked some topics, between them, and as such came the enrollment within three months in Celestial Palace academy. the academy is one of the great three academies within the Eternal Blood Imperial Kingdom and it is ranked 2nd among the 3 academies. they only spend 4 years in academy and can go make their own paths after graduation, there would be great Sects, Production guilds ( Alchemist guild, Weapon smith guild, Inscriptions guild, and so on), establishing their own clan, and whatever Dao they choose to pursue. as such Academies are the starting points by alot of legends.

Ru Feng started the discussion with asking the two of them : "Ning'er, Hao'er, do you guys want to continue staying here, Hao'er would be a patriarch and can still lead you a good life, or do you want to pursue higher things?"

the 4 parents looked at their child wondering, they wouldn't want to obstruct the path of the two genius youngling, since all cultivators should choose what what they want to do.

Ning'er answered immediately : "no matter what my husband has decided, i`ll comply"

When Zhihao heard this, he smiled and said : "Ahh! i forgot! Ning'er give me the pills, its better if we both use it together, the benefits of that pill will be doubled if we double cultivated it, as i have consumed one already, you should consume one too, consume the white one."

Ning'er handed the pill without hesitation, then smiled, as this originally belonged to Zhihao, she didnt mind if he dont share it with her.

Then Zhihao took something from the spatial ring, It's the jade chest that he bought from the quest store, he handed it to his father and said : "Father, this is my parting gift to you guys, after I become more powerful and returned, i`ll give you all a secured life, and more treasures like this. ones," then he handed 4 pills 2 for each of clan patriarch. it is the Yin and Yang willow pill. then he continued "This pill will help you guys for 1 month, 3 months if consumed separately, its called Yin and Yang willow pill, this pill will help you cultivate 6 folds with the effort of half, and 15 folds if you use dual cultivation"

both the Patriarch and their wives, were shocked, this thing can definitely be their own ruin if words got out, Ru Feng immediately declined saying : "The both of you would need it more, this treasures should be for the younger generations to use, not us dying people HAHAHAHA!"

they are still at the age of mid 30s but still, who would like to steal their offspring's blessing specially if its a rare treasure.

then Zhihao looked at them and said, :"we only need three sets, for 3 months before going to the academy. if we bring more and got noticed by unwanted attention, we might bring trouble to the clan and ourselves, so its better to have stronger fathers and mothers. and we both would like to have siblings too, since this pill would help, father, i`d like a little sister ok? don't stop until you get one! hahahaha" Zhihao laughed while Ning'er smiled embarrassingly.

then Ru Feng, and Wentian laughed heartily and said, "HAHAHAHAHA just one? i`ll try to even have two, maybe three, it would be lonely without our child beside us" then suddenly both became quiet as they got pinched by the side of their wife. Ruo Mei and Ruo Lin definitely treat each other like sisters as they both grew up, they reacted at the same time, and same features.

the hall became cheery as the families laughed and talked about topics,. after a few more hours it went dark outside, its already evening, and since its like this, Ling Wentian and Ruo Lin bid their farewells, they need to go back to the Ling Clan to settle all the matters that they had left un-attended, its almost been a week, so problems might occur if they stayed for a few more days.

Zhihao and Ning'er also bid their farewells, as they walked back to Zhihao's courtyard, Zhihao Prompted the system while walking, since Ning'er is clinging to him, and is silent. he checked the system, 'System, i`d like to learn the Divine Might Cultivation technique '

*Ding!* (oh deim i missed this Ding!, you guys?)

=Accepted order... order completed!

=host can check the cultivation within the status box. Beep! (im wondering if i should add this Beep every after the System talked, what do you guys think?)

Host's current status :

Name :Zhong Zhihao

Age : 14 Years Old

Host's Level : 12 (10/4990)

Cultivation Level : Elementary Realm 9th stage( 920/5800)

Cultivation Technique : Divine Might cultivation Technique. (Acknowledged)

Cultivation Skills : Nil

SStrength : 86

Agility : 102

Stamina : 111

Wisdom : 73

Intelligence : 97

Attribute Points : 60

Skill Points : 16

Zhihao was satisfied but still asked, 'system, i`d like to purchase a cultivation technique for my wife, recommend me some, something like this Divine Might cultivation technique.'


=Host can choose from any amongs the cultivation techniques but host only has 25 quest points remaining, the lowest price for a cultivation technique that can reach heavenly establishment realm is 150 quest points. would host like to have a sub quest?. Beep!

Zhihao laughed as he said " YES!" who wouldn't want to get free things doing quests.


=Host has accepted. Quest being filtered based on host's current abilities.

Filtering completed.

= Sub-Quest.

Concoct pills and sell it to the auction house, earn atleast 10 pieces of low level cultivation stones

-Time Limit = 30 Days.

Reward : Varies on how much Low Level cultivation stones the hosts get. host will get 10 quest points per 1 piece of low level cultivation acquired.

Zhihao got so excited, but remained calm, he just uttered softly "I`ll be getting rich! or die trying!"
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    《Supreme Martial System》