Supreme Martial System
11 After the Great Wedding Nigh
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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11 After the Great Wedding Nigh

Zhihao, was dreaming, of being a supreme sovereign soaring the heavens, mountain splits as he wields his sword, heavens shook as he flies in the sky, and earth rumbles as he descends from the sky. a great dream, having all kinds of wealth and power in his possession establishing his own sect, and unblocked by any paths, he, Zhihao was the greatest, but the greatest guy got slapped awake by his wife on their first Wedding Night!.

Zhihao woke up extremely fast, well who wont right? being slapped in the face while you were dreaming of being so damn great. then Zhihao looked at Ning'er with eyes of bewilderment and asked calmly : " Dear wife, uhh.. WHY? did i do some..." but before he can finish, another "PLAK!" smacked with a hand of his wife,

Zhihao's mind went blank and asked again, "Why?" this time he held his hands up to guard against another slap. yet the only thing he saw was a beautiful face, glaring at him, while tears are running down his wife's beautiful eyes.

Ning'er with a red face because as she cant really say it out loud, that what? she was waiting for something to happen to them? wasn't that like being a pervert? waiting to be r*p*d... the only thing she could do was tear up and silently cry,

Holding her voice and not letting any crying sound. then she planned to go back to bed, but before she could do it, Zhihao, the stupid guy, finally understood something after so many hours had passed.

Zhihao hugged Ning'er from behind, Ning'er was shocked, but immediately calmed down as she had been preparing for this for 2hours already, then she nodded slightly to affirm her resolution.

Right after that, Zhihao's voice came : "if you want it, i am so sorry that i couldn't give it to you earlier, and i know that you cant talk about it, since you were sleeping, so i`m going to go in the couch, you can keep the whole bed..."

After finishing that, another hand approached his face, now its not a palm, its seriously a fist now! (Author's Question 1 : OHHHH you thought something will happened right? HAHAHAHA well this author is really wicked),

Ning'er glared at her, but can't blame him too,(sooooo our little heroine just goes punch punch and slap slap) because he really didnt know what happened. Ning'er said loudly : "OUR FATHERS WANTS A GRANDSON!"

After that Zhihao sweated a lot as if he just came out of a bath!, then Zhihao stared at her for like 1hour stoned like some random statue in a temple. Ning'er didnt know what to do either as she lowered her head ashamed of what she just said. she kept glancing at Zhihao, then she noticed, Zhihao has been stunned! Ning'er felt warm as this kind of reaction would be from someone that is pure and also haven't had any malicious intention to her.

She hugged Zhihao and said, :"Zhihao, you know, uhh since we're both innocent and don't know a thing why dot we take thing slower?" she giggled and continued to hug Zhihao, Zhihao got shocked by the hug, but calmly, thought, i am almost turning 40 mentally, but I'm still stupid like this.

Zhihao hugged Ning'er back and slowly tilted his head towards her, when Ning'er saw this, she got shocked and wanted to pforce herself out, but remembered that this is how she pictured it and was just shocked, she looked at zhihao then closed her eyes, Zhihao could feel that she's trembling but hell, he's shaking madly, then just as the atmosphere became warm, he just let instinct lead the way, he went to kiss her,

After a few moments, both of them parted, panting catching some air as they hugged each other, then Zhihao's hand slid from her neck following the spine, after reaching behind the stomach area, he easily removed the robe thats wrapping around Ning'er.

Ning'er noticed what he was planning to do and just followed the lead, after the robe was removed she wrapped her arms around Zhihao's neck and kissed him again, the night was beautiful and moans can be heard every now and then, but there was a defensive formation outside and also a bonus noise control formation.

(well there you go! Hahaha!! This author is great Author's question #2 you guys thought nothing would happen after my first question? Hahahaha guess again, but im too tired to narrate all the events that occured, maybe in a 100+ chapters)

___ ___

After a night of passion, the both of them woke up almost in the afternoon, they stared at their butt naked self after that night, and bith shyly smiled, Ning'er leaned to Zhihao's chest as she said : we should go and greet our parents..." before finishing all that she could say,

Zhihao kissed her lips and said : "ok let us go get take a bath first then dressed and then go to the great hall". After almost an hour of preparations, Ning'er and Zhihao took their leave,

Ning'er kept looking at him wanting to say something but couldn't, she just placed her arm around Zhihao's arm and walked together.

Then some random citizens of the town spoke.

"Hahaha, i guess the first night didnt go to well"

"Hahaha that's for sure, though its good too if they are willful like that hahaha"

Then someone cheered it's a member of the Zhong clan :"young master! You can do it! there is always a next time!"

Then all the surrounding villagers laughed as they pointed at the zhong clan member.

Zhihao was bewildered 'were they talking about me?' And asked Ning'er : "Ning'er, we're they talking about us?" Then he noticed that Ning'er was actually looking he didn't bother to continue asking anymore.

They continued to walk, after 3 more minutes, they arrived at the great hall then as he walked to greet the elderly, he saw something shocking, the two fathers sighed heavily, the two mothers smiled sadly. what the heck is wrong with this, i got married, then they are sad, isn't this very wrong ?. then he greeted them together

Zhihao / Ning'er : "Greetings father and mother." then Zhihao added, as he was getting annoyed with the atmosphere after leaving his chamber.

Zhihao continued :"Father, why are you all sighing? i think its time for us to celebrate my married. why are you guys acting like that"

Hearing Zhihao, all of them sighed heavily again. his father suddenly said : "Dont worry, you dont have to rush anything, you both are still young so you`ll have lots of opportunity. dont force yourself the both of you" just after Ru Feng finished speaking, Zhihao immediately butted in.

Zhihao : "Father what are you even talking about, we're even going to announce something good. so why are you guys so gloomy, first off, maybe in nine months you`ll have a grandson or grand daughter then you both can decide on my child's name ....." before he finished speaking.

Both the fathers, ran forward and asked right away: "Son/Daughter are you guys serious?" the brightness in their eyes can be seen as tears are falling in their eyes, two great lords of clans, that didn't tear up even after getting deeply wounded, cried after knowing their grandchild is in the making, they almost wept, they went back to their own wife and hugged them while crying tears of joy.

Ning'er smiled bashfully as she said : "we dont know yet but we tried yesterday, ummn i think there would be a high chance, as it took us a long time....." after saying that much, she seemingly noticed that she had said too much and blushed from her head to her neck.

then Ruo Mei asked : "Then son, what happened to your face? why is there a slap mark on both of your cheeks, and a punch mark in the middle of your brows? "

After hearing what his mother said, Zhihao widened her eyes in bewildered manner and looked at Ning'er, Seemingly asking if what are they talking about, and if what they are talking about is true? why didn't you say anything? my wife, dear wife, atleast... atleast save some face for your husband when he's walking in the street, i cant even think of walking outside to return to my court now....
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    《Supreme Martial System》