Supreme Martial System
9 Wedding day
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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9 Wedding day

Zhihao remembered something as he went outside to check on Yi Yan, then called out

"Yi Yan, I'm going to cultivate for one day, don't bother to bring me meals, and stop preparing for the bath, if its nothing important, do not disturb me" as Zhihao said this, he immediately went inside.

Yi Yan: "Yes, Young Master."

Yi Yan immediately went to the patriarch and re-told the order from young master's to the patriarch.

Ru Feng felt pleased yet again, his son is going to be married the day after tomorrow, but still choose to cultivate.

Ru Feng calmly said: "Haha, the younger generation will surpass the old ones indeed.

Pausing for a bit, Ru Feng smiled as he became glad at how passionate his son is towards cultivation, he then continued.

"Pass my orders that no one is allowed to go 5 meters close to Hao'er for a day, and notify me once he finished cultivation."

Yi Yan and the other servants immediately answered: "Yes, Patriarch"


Ning'er entered the guest estate of the Zhong Clan where her family is saying and went to his Father and Mother resting room. after seeing them, she smiled gracefully and spoke: "Mother, Father, this Daughter of yours is back."

Lin and Wentian smiled as Ruo Lin spoke: "How is he? Did you enjoy the tour of your husband in the town?" Wentian only smiled as this is a Mother-Daughter thingy that he isn't good at.

Ning'er replied like she had been to somewhere like a paradise: " Mother, this husband that you found for me isn't bad, he has a good nature, and a very caring personality, he even bought me a pill cultivation bottle, and even concocted me some pills that give 6 times the yield but half the effort, this type of pill I was wondering if it is rare? please enlighten me father" as Ning'er noticed that his father also wants to ask but is too afraid of her Mother's nagging, she initiated it herself.

But to Ning'er's surprise both his Father and Mother are getting cold sweats, then Wentian shakily asked Ning'er.

"Ning'er, do you want to know? that kind of single pill, ca.. ca... ca... can" Ruo Lin tapped at his shoulder, then smiled beautifully.

Wentian smiled as he sighed and calmed down. then he continued: "Can help you achieve cultivation higher than mine in a span of a year, and the value of that pill... if you both include Zhong clan and our Ling clan's wealth, we can't even afford a quarter of it. That kind of pill comes from the legend, the only existing ones even in the Imperial capital are only able to help a cultivator 4 times the yield, with half the effort. For little Zhihao to gift you a single pill like that is a fortune to..." But before finishing, Wentian saw his daughter pulled out 5 pieces of pill 2 black and 3 white ones.

Wentian staggered, as he shockingly asked: "da... da... Daughter.... is that? That, you know that pill? The one you're talking about?"

Wentian couldn't even describe how he is feeling right now, a single pill that could cause wars between many nations, a single one can make good friends, alliance, even family fight over it, but now, his daughter is holding five of them.

Ning'er smiled as she sighed and spoke: "Father, I think I need to return this pills to Zhihao, it is too valuable to gift one to me, he even gave me 5 of them."

Wentian smiled as he looked at his Wife, Ruo Lin and nodded, he then continued.

"Go on daughter, it is good having a daughter like you, Your Mother and I take pride in you."

Ning'er nodded and spoke: "Yes Father, I`ll be going now."


Ning'er walked to Zhihao's courtyard, she then was blocked by someone, it is Yi Yan

Ning'er looked at Yi Yan as she spoke: "I'd like to talk to my husband, why are you blocking my way?"

Yi Yan smiled as she bowed and replied: "Replying to Young Miss, Young master started cultivating a few hours ago and reminded us that he would be cultivating for a day, the Patriarch had commanded us that no one is to disturb the Young Master as he cultivates his realm, but Young Miss, you are the wife of Young Master I'd advise you go to the Patriarch so you could discuss it first before going to Young Master."

Ning'er smiled and as she replied: "Ok, thank you, I'll be going now, please continue your work."

Ning'er paused then she looked back at Yi Yan then continued: "Thanks for informing me" after speaking, Ning'er immediately walked towards the great hall.

Yi Yan smiled as she bowed and replied: "It is my duty Young Miss, Don't worry about it."

Ning'er went to see the Patriarch in the Zhong Clan's great hall, and as expected Ru Feng is there reviewing some scrolls from the Zhong clan's finances and affairs.

Ning'er bowed towards Ru Feng as she greeted: "Patriarch, Ning'er greets and wishes to talk about something"

Ru Feng stopped what he is doing as he looked at Ning'er and smiled at her as he spoke

"Go on Ning'er, no need to be polite, you can just call me Father."

Ning'er blushed as she smiled then nodded: "Yes father, this Daughter of yours wishes to return something that was given to me by Zhihao, its a valuable cultivation pill for cultivators that even with all of the Ling clan's wealth was spent it wouldn't be enough to buy something of similar quality."

Ru Feng pondered for a bit as he smiled yet again, the fortune of my Son is definitely good, This Lady is definitely good.

Ru Feng looked at Ning'er then continued: "Little Ning'er, you should use that already, if I know my own son, after he gave you something, he wouldn't take it back, even if he dies. So you should cultivate now and focus on it or you can also prepare for your wedding with our Hao'er, it is within the day after tomorrow, you should rest now."

Ning'er hesitated for a bit before nodding and replied: "Then I will be going now, Father, thank you for your time"

Ru Feng laughed heartily and nodded as he spoke:"Hahah, go on, do your business, your wedding is getting closer, and it would be best if you prepare yourself for now. hohoho"

Ning'er blushed and nooded before bidding her farewell: "Good night Father"

After speaking, Ning'er bowed and walked out of the Grand hall returning to the Guest room.

Ru Feng smiled as he nodded and got back with the scrolls.


Zhihao's Courtyard

A Day has passed rather quickly in the system meditation mode, Zhihao felt like he had just blinked, and then 24 hours have passed, isn't that like doing nothing but benefiting a lot? as Zhihao opened his eyes as he suddenly heard a notification.


- Level up!

- Cultivation up!

Host's current status :

Name: Zhong Zhihao

Age: 14 Years Old

Host's Level: 12 (10/4990)

Cultivation Level: Elementary Realm 9th stage( 920/5800)

Cultivation Technique: Nil

Cultivation Skills: Nil

Strength: 86

Agility: 102

Stamina: 111

Wisdom: 73

Intelligence: 97

Attribute Points: 60

Skill Points: 16

Zhihao checked his stats and was amazed, in a blink of his eye, he already became much stronger than before! Then he smelled something, it stinks! he then checked himself, he was full of sweat and dust, Zhihao smiled as he realized that it's been a whole day and he hasn't taken a bath for a full day adding to the fact that he bathed early morning yesterday, that's 39hrs in total! he called Yi Yan and ordered to prepare the bath for him.

After a few minutes, Yi Yan called him and tell him that the bath is already prepared.

Zhihao took a bath and changed to some new fresh clothes, its already 11 PM and he needs to sleep because tomorrow is his wedding day, after laying in the bed for a few minutes, he fell asleep.


Waking up, Zhihao stretched his arm wide, then looked outside, Yi Yan is there with a couple of new faces, they are gonna prepare him for the wedding, he took a bath, and was helped to be dressed by the clan's Maids.

Zhihao sets out from his Courtyard and went to the grand hall to visit his old man.

Arriving, Zhihao saw 2 men and 2 women, he then proceeded to greet the four of them: "Father, Mother, second Mother, and second Father, Zhihao greets the three.

Zhihao bowed slightly as he walked towards them. after a few minutes, Ling Ning'er also arrived.

Ning'er wore a very lovely white wedding dress with a little bluish colors mixed in them, making the dress suitable for her as her lovely light blue hair and mesmerizing blue eyes that can even the hottest stones turn cold, her slender figure, and jade white skin added to the glamour of Ning'er's beauty.

Zhihao was mesmerized at the sight in front of him, this beautiful fairy is gonna be his wife after today.

Pausing for a bit, Zhihao asked the System again.

'System, I need a gifting box, elegant, and presentable, a chest that can be bought by the points I have left.'


=Host can purchase 'Jade preserving chest' the size is 8x4 inches, it has the effect of preserving anything that is inside for 100 years without deteriorating.

Needed quest points : 20

=proceed to purchase?

Zhihao immediately confirmed, then added, 'Put all the remaining stones inside'

Hearing Zhihao's request, the system immediately replied.


=Order has been completed.

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