Supreme Martial System
8 Newbie Package
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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8 Newbie Package


=Congratulation on host for concocting Yin and Yang Willow pills

-Appraisal: Yin and Yang willow pill are cultivation pills that will help the cultivator's growth 6 times the normal rate. this pill can help a cultivator for the time limit of 3 months. the higher the realm the slow it is.

-Hidden special usage available on this item.

Zhihao became excited, this is the first pill he ever made and it will definitely help him in a long run. 'he is now dreaming of the vast continent of Gailea under his foot as he strides the heaven and all being benea...' His daydreaming immediately stopped as Ning'er woke him up from his daze

Ning'er pinched him as she asked a question: "husband how do we share this?"

Zhihao was dumbfounded and he sighed, he laughed softly as he said: "I`ll take 3 black and 2white, you take the rest" Zhihao sighed inside as he blew a heavy air out of his lungs, then he thought.

'haaaa a life with a wife sure is a hefty price to pay, especially if both are cultivators.'

Ning'er suddenly exclaimed: "AH!, this Black pill is hot!, while the white one is cold!, what kind of pill is this Zhihao. by the way, husband, if you can concoct a pill, why not auction some low-grade ones, I think we can have a lot of money for our future expenditures ." Ning'er spoke explaining

Zhihao laughed a little, as he said: "Dear wife is right, how can we take care of our child if I! the father has no money, I`ll try it later Ning'er my wife"

Ning'er blushed a little and calmed herself down as she spoke: "Zhihao, you should control your teasing by a lot! I`ll tell you on your mother, I`m sure she could help me extract my revenge. Hmmmp!" Ning'er snicked as she pulled out an interspatial ring hidden inside her waistband and hid the pills.

Zhihao became awed, "You seriously have an interspatial ring, but you still hid it and made me spend alone, isn't that cheating me?" Zhihao laughed at the sight of his wife being so manipulative.

Ning'er replied: "Hmmp! if I didn't, I would've had to spend a lot by myself too, so its fair, since I don't have to spend my money if I`m together with my husband in the future, right? hihi, and everything I have would be spent on our future, especially when we are living separately from our family."

After saying those, Ning'er giggled and glanced at Zhihao one more time before going to her mother's side.

Zhihao sighed as he thought

'Why are women always so complicated, are they born to be complicated? even in my previous World, they are like this, so much brain cells are dying just to figure their intentions out... woo,' as he finished sighing, he emptied his mind and consumed the Black pill and focused on cultivating it.


=Host can enter 'Enlightened mode' to increase the phase of time and cultivation by two times. the host can decide the time to wake up from cultivation.

-The host can decide when to wake up within 15mins - 50years, since the host is still weak, he can only enter the 1st stage of cultivation mode and provide the weakest time.

-The host can also decide to wake up on special or normal circumstances only.

=Example for normal and special circumstances are when you are going to be attacked, or being wakened up by someone else.

Zhihao became ecstatic as even cultivation has a helper with this system. then he remembered that he also received some other item after the quest, 'System, give me the item that I received as a reward after I finished the quest'


=Host can open inventory by thinking 'INVENTORY', it will immediately appear in front of the host.

Zhihao thought of the word inventory and then *plop!* an inventory function appeared like one of those games. Zhihao clicked on the only item in inventory and clicked open.


=Congratulations to the host for acquiring :

-9th level Unique grade Nethersbane sword.

-Divine might Cultivation technique ( can be used, not taken out)

-10x Spiritual blessed stones

-5x low-grade cultivation stones

after opening the newbie package.

Zhihao became excited as he saw the items, "that's a very rich reward for something like a newbie reward hahaha." He immediately took out the items and appraised it.

Nethersbane Sword

Item Level: 9th level

Grade: Unique

Damage : 109 - 124

Options granted: deals 10% additional damage on Demons/Devils or evil Creatures.

Strength: 12

Agility: 19

Bonus Option: gives a shield that absorbs 5% of the damage taken.

Divine might Cultivation technique

-a technique that helps the cultivator in the way of strength and divine attributes.

-Maximum level to be achieved: Heavenly Establishment realm

-Can acquire another cultivation method after the cultivator reaches Transcendent mortal realm.

-Special Ability added

Divine Attribute: Deals Additional damage to evil and spiritual creatures.

-10x Spiritual blessed stones

Contains spiritual essence that helps cultivators to cultivate. for the host, it can be directly consumed to gain level and cultivation experience.

-5x low-grade cultivation stones

Contains Spiritual essence that helps cultivators to cultivate.

for the host, it can be directly consumed to gain cultivation experience.

after reading to all the item's description he immediately consumed 8 Spiritual blessed stones and 3 low-grade cultivation stones.

Notification :

-1500 Experience points received

-1500 Experience points received

-1500 Experience po...

-1500 Exper...



Zhihao exclaimed in excitement as he checked his stats.

Host's current status :

Name: Zhong Zhihao

Age: 14 Years Old

Host's Level: 10 (950/2400)

Cultivation Level: Elementary Realm 8th stage( 120/4500)

Cultivation Technique: Nil

Cultivation Skills: Nil

Strength: 78

Agility: 92

Stamina: 102

Wisdom: 65

Intelligence: 89

Attribute Points: 50

Skill Points: 14

Then he decided to cultivate. 'System I`d like to cultivate for 1 day, and open special circumstances to wake me up whenever someone comes for me, and also consume the black part of the pill.


-The host will be entering cultivation mode 'Enlightenment' for 1 day. activating Yang willow pill

-Level exp: 4500

-Cultivation exp: 5980.

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