Supreme Martial System
7 Yin and Yang willow pill
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Supreme Martial System
Author :OmnipotentDad
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7 Yin and Yang willow pill

After the Dark willow sacred branch was bought from the auction, no more good items were revealed next, as such, both Zhihao and Ning'er finally left the Heavenly Treasured Pavilion together,

After stepping outside of the hall, a man with a group of old people block his path of way. Yes, its the Poor young master that you guys know of, Shen Rong.

With a harrumph Shen Rong spoke to them: "Young Master Zhong, it's nice to see you again, its kind of like a fa..." yet again he was cut in the middle of his long speech by Zhihao.

Zhihao smirked then said: "First of all Young Master Shen, if you blocked my way it is not a coincidence nor is it fate, and second, seeing your face again is not something I could say as "NICE"."

Shen Rong got enraged, but he calmed down in an instant, as he spoke: "Young master Zhong, with that tone of yours, people would think that we have a blood enmity bet..." sadly the poor young master Shen got cut out again.

Yes, it was his wife this time, Ning'er: "Young master Shen, if my husband wouldn't be mad at you for taking a chance at wooing me, his wife earlier, that would be degrading my husband don't you think? I, as such, think it's time for our paths to end here since there is really no benefits to us continuing our talk." Ning'er with a hmmped looked at Shen Rong in disdain.

After saying everything that needs to be said Ning'er pulled Zhihao by the sleeves as she drags him away.

Zhihao glanced as he smirked at Shen Rong in a provoking manner before leaving him standing there.

Seeing the mocking face that Zhihao had shown him, Shen Rong was enraged, he wanted to take action but this is the territory of the Zhong clan, what's worst is that the Zhong clan is stronger than the Shen clan by a bit, and with the help of Ling clan, the Shen clan would definitely be destroyed because of his foolishness if he ever have any conflict with Zhihao. although he is already in the Elementary Realm lower stage, he was surely not stupid enough to fight the son and daughter of two Earth Establishment realm cultivators, The Zhong, Ling, and Sheng Clan all three of this Clan only have one Earth Establishment realm cultivator what's worst is that the Zhong and Ling clan has higher cultivation level than their Shen clans', 2nd stage of earth Establishment Shen Ming.

The Zhong, Ling, and Shen Family actually have a good friendship between them, as Shen Ming, Zhong Ru Feng, and Ling Wentian were friends within the same academy.

Shen Rong snorted and said to his followers: "Let's go, I cant add more humiliation to this day, I need revenge but as the old saying goes, ten years is a little time for a gentleman's revenge" he grinned as he envisions himself stepping on Zhihao's face when he became the second Earth establishment realm of the Shen clan, but as soon as he started daydreaming, The follower besides him spoke.

"Young master isn't it 'When a nobleman takes revenge, ten years is not too late; one should bide one's time and wait for the right opportunity to seek vengeance' the right saying?"

Shen Rong got enraged as he punched the follower and madly walked out and exited the town.


Zhong Clan family estate.

Ning'er and Zhihao returned to the clan and concoct a pill, but suddenly Zhihao got tightly pulled by Ning'er that he slammed to the floor outside the Zhong Clan family estate entrance gate. Zhihao didn't know what he did, to deserve for his face to be slammed in the floor by his fiance isn't that too sad, he can only cry tears with that.

the Guards wanted to laugh, but as soon as they noticed that Zhihao was looking at them, they quieted down and contained their inner demons to laugh, their lives are important than a minute of entertainment.

After standing up, Zhihao asked Ning'er: "Why?" he calmly stared at Ning'er then asked. raged pounce at his wife filled his heart but kept forcing himself not do it to Ning'er, with the dirts still in his face, and clothes he still tried to act noble.

The Guards made a 'PUH!' sound as they struggled to not open their mouths to prevent it from laughing out loud and getting fired from their work, but right at this moment, a laughter as loud as a blown horn sounded.

"HAHAHAHA HAHAHA HA HAHAHAHAHA" it was none other than the one and only wife, Ling Ning'er.

"Ahh, ahh, wait wait, lets come inside let me wash your face first, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Zhihao immediately walked to his courtyard and strode fast to clean himself, while Ning'er the one that promoted the scene was still holding her stomach, and laughing.

Guard #1: "Luckily the lady is still there if we laughed while the young miss is gone, we're really doomed.

Guard #2: "Don't even mention it and forget it, it would be better to keep our lives for all I care.


Inside Zhihao's courtyard, Yi yan walked in with a bucket of water, bringing it to the young miss. after handing the bucket of water to Ning'er, Ning'er spoke:

"you are Dismissed"

Yi Yan nodded then walked backward and replied "Yes Young miss."

After noticing Yi Yan is gone, she laughed softly while holding her stomach wanting to keep it as low as possible "Pfft, huhu, hu, hihi hi",

Zhihao after growing tired of it, spoke: "So when will you get over it? it was you in the first place, if you kept laughing like that, I wont share the pill I`ll make with you..." but before he finishes, laughter was still roaring inside his courtyard.

After 30mins more, Ning'er finally calmed down, then Zhihao asked: "Done?"

Ning'er finally calmed down as she slowly spoke "Yes dear husband, i'm done"

Zhihao nodded and asked: "Ok so, why'd you pull me to the ground?"

Ning'er: "Are you an alchemist? how come you can concoct a pill?"

Zhihao pondered for a bit, then realized it himself, then he thought 'how would i even concoct a pill? I don't even know how to cook an egg, I only know how to boil water for my instant noodles, but earlier I claimed to concoct some pills? what the...'

After pondering for a while Zhihao then he remembered something and asked: 'system, how would i concoct a pill if I'm not even an alchemist, what should I do?'


=Responding to host, we have a Alchemist Automated cauldron that can help you concoct pills automatically, you just need to be beside the cauldron for it to continue concocting the pill.

Zhihao was enlightened, as he smiled then looked at Ning'er and said, "I am an alchemist don't worry, as i will concoct our future pills."

Ning'er replied: "Okay" as she rolled her eyes. then she continued.

"Stop with your bravado, and why don't you start then?"

The Zhihao contacted the system the system again 'System ready, let's do this!'


=Host, are you sure you want to concoct the 'sealed' Dark willow sacred branch?

Zhihao was dazed, then he facepalmed and slap himself in the face. after the idiotic display Zhihao immediately withdrew the dagger and poked his finger. 10 drops of blood flowed into the Dark Willow Sacred Branch, then, a sudden change happened to the dead looking willow, as half of the black part turned into white, making it look like a white branch burned by a half. then immediately the system notified.

Quest Completed

-Rewards had been transferred to the personal space inside the system inventor the host can check it afterward.

-new function has been acquired, Supreme Martial System shop opened.

-Host receives 50 quest points

-Host receives 1000 experience points

Zhihao Level up!

-Host Receives Newbie package

-Host's current status :

Name :Zhong Zhihao

Age : 14 Years Old

Host's Level : 6 (255/1050)

Cultivation Level : Final Foundation

Cultivation Technique : Nil

Cultivation Skills : Nil

Strength : 29

Agility : 37

Stamina : 41

Wisdom : 22

Intelligence : 29

Attribute Points : 30

Skill Points : 9

Zhihao laughed at his heart but remained calmly, as he needed to concoct some pills and also don't want to let his future wife creep out by his weird reaction. then he sat and asked the system to begin 'system lets start'


=Host needs the following to concoct the pill

-Dark willow sacred branch

-Ashed lotus stem

-Iced Lotus flower

-Dire Vine

Zhihao checked his interspatial ring and found that there is Ashed lotus stem and Iced lotus flower inside, but Zhihao has one missing ingredients, he asked as he remembered the shop in the system, 'system, do you have any dire vine in the shop?'


= 5 points need are needed to purchase the Dire Vine. Continue?

Zhihao immediately nodded and confirmed, then immediately said to the system ' start alchemist system, after a few seconds, a big cauldron appeared in front of Zhihao,

Ning'er was shocked as this cauldron looked totally badass! so her husband really is an alchemist, Ning'er pondered for a while, thinking that 'if Zhihao fully focused on cultivation, he would've had already been in the Elementary Realm, or higher!'

Ning'er looked at Zhihao with confusion and amazement, before silently staring at him.

Zhihao placed all the ingredients inside the cauldron, then after closing the lid it automatically produced golden flames beneath the cauldron as it started concocting the pills.

After 15 mins, the cauldron automatically stopped shaking and the flame vanished. the lid automatically popped out, and smoke came out.


Congratulations on the host for concocting Yin and Yang willow Pill!

-Yin and Yang willow pill

Has the effect of multiplying the cultivation by 6 times within 3 months the higher the cultivation, the lesser its effects.

Hidden Features available.

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